The Best Day of My Life Essay

September 8, 2017 General Studies

Nine hebdomads into my gestation I was acquiring ready for bed one dark and I became sick. I called my ma. shouting that I was giddy. light- headed. and swoon. My mom rapidly came over and hotfoot me to Sierra View. I hate that topographic point. When I got there I was escorted to the parturition unit and was rapidly admitted. After I was told by physicians why I was admitted I was told in existent words by my ma that I had high blood force per unit area and I wouldn’t be go forthing until I had the babe. After the surgery I woke up throwing up. My organic structure was in daze and I couldn’t move. On Saturday forenoon at about 1:30 am Valley Children’s brought my incubated girl to see me before they took her to Valley Children’s where she stayed in the NICU. My babe miss was so little she looked like a babe rat. her tegument was so thin.

On Sunday I eventually was released to travel place. I still could hardly walk but I made it up to the 2nd floor at Valley Children’s to see my babe. I was lucky and I was able to remain at the Ronald McDonald House. a topographic point where parents with kids in the infirmary stayed while there child wad a patient at V. C. H. After six long hebdomads Aliya eventually weighed four lbs. and I was able to convey her place. Here she is at 18 months and boy I’ll Tell you she is a smattering. I love her to decease I couldn’t image myself without her!

The physicians were right. she is 100 % attitude. and precisely like me. We give daddy a difficult clip. It is so astonishing that something so small can last. I thank God everyday for the fantastic nurses at Valley Children’s. When people see Aliya they can’t aid but smiling. and are amazed how good she is making. sing she weighed less than a lb. My household thinks she is a miracle. born at seven months gestation. and non holding one job. or set back. The lone job she has is a rigorous ma! I thank God for her she is my ground for completing college and making something in life.

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