The Bits and Pieces International Corporation

February 8, 2019 Management

The Bits and Pieces International Corporation is one company that is succeeding and is very fast growing in four years since the Securities and Exchange Commission approved its Certificate of Incorporation. The company maintains its office located at Makati Avenue and a plant in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The company is producing various injection molded plastic products classified as consumer and industrial. Growth has been part of its agenda for the next few years. The company classified as a manufacturing corporation, operates on two activities: 1) production of stocks to be sold at the local market and 2) production as a subcontractor. The company does not maintain a sales force. The General Managers directly transacts business with the customers.
At current output levels, the company was declared profitable. An analysis of the company’s market outlook convinced the management to consider expansion. Additional product was considered on top of its existing line of products. The company had made provisions also for the improvement of its facilities including the Land, Building, machinery and equipments benefiting the company. The hiring of the additional manpower was also considered. The company still have less of outlook business plan in order to achieve such sustained growth in the company. With that, the President ordered the General manager to prepare an organisation chart. Key officers were directed to review the proposed set up and present on the executive meeting. Engr. Lagayan is thinking of credible points to raise in the meeting.


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