The Book Thief: Theme Essay

July 23, 2017 General Studies

Larceny is a cardinal subject for the novel The Book Thief. by Markus Zusak. because of the clip in which it is set. War is a power battle. and a conflict for laterality over people and district. Hitler was stronger than the German people. and convinced them through his powerful words to handle those who did non run into his thought of flawlessness as inferior. Liesel’s slightly fiddling larceny Acts of the Apostless in apposition with the larger larceny of artlessness and pureness that Hitler causes. Hitler stole the lives of the German people throughout the war. and besides the lives of all those who did non suit the Aryan stereotype. This larceny helped to show that he was in control of their lives. and that he was unbeatable. Liesel is merely a little miss. the image of naivete. As the narrative begins we see that Liesel will unluckily non be able to maintain her pureness for long. Death introduces us to Liesel ; “there was one female parent and her girl. One Corpse. ” ( Zusak. 4 ) . The reader is foremost brought to the image of the female parent and girl which seems peaceable and appropriate.

It is so contrasted with the cadaver. The word “corpse” is rough and helps to demo that the image foremost painted is non guiltless. it is contaminated by decease. Liesel’s personal pureness is stolen. when decease steals her brother’s life. There is a ambiance of stolen ownerships throughout the novel. be it people or objects. assisting to accomplish the ambiance of war. This was a clip when kids stole for amusement and the authorities stole for domination. As Liesel learns the power of words. she recognizes what the Fuhrer is making. Her larceny is what leads her to recognize the power which the Fuhrer holds. Hitler was a powerful leader because he was able to pull strings the heads of his people. Max helps to exemplify the influential power which the Fuhrer had in his narrative The Word Shaker.

He writes. “the Fuhrer decided that he would govern the universe with words. ” ( Zusak. 445 ) . Through the cognition which Hitler had. he was able to steal the heads of his people and misdirect them. Liesel is exposed to utilizing this power as she reads to the households in the bomb shelter. They are all charmed and calmed by the words which she utters and even the sound of the bombs is placed in the dorsums of heads as they listen to a little miss state a simple narrative. The same words which gave Hitler power to take over Germany and steal the lives of people. Liesel utilizations to quiet and deflect the people. This would non hold been possible except for the fact that she stole the books.

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Through her larceny of the books. she is able to get away parts of what Hitler is stealing from her household. Larceny helps to demo non merely the strain put on those who did non suit the perfect race. but besides the force per unit area which was portion of being the perfect race. This thought is made most clear when Liesel exclaims that she “ [ hatreds ] the Fuhrer. ” ( Zusak. 115 ) for that is when Hans. who belongs to “the 10 per centum who didn’t” show “unflinching support for Adolf Hitler. ” ( Zusak. 63 ) “slapped [ her ] forthrightly on the face. . . and. . . [ contemplated ] one of the most unsafe quandary a German citizen could confront. ” ( Zusak. 116 ) .

Even though he excessively hates Hitler. one must ne’er do that hatred public. for Hitler has the ability to steal a German citizen’s life. Theft is a immense portion of the novel. The Book Thief. in more than merely assisting to specify what it is. The sum of larceny in this book was at points overpowering as the reader holds his breath once more and once more as Liesel puts herself in injuries manner for one point or another. The stealing throughout the book helps to demo how this attitude seeped even into even the most guiltless of the people. Everyone was a victim and everyone was a culprit.


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