The Business Plan Of Plastic Recycles Marketing Essay

The turning use of plastics in industrial and consumer applications, combined with increased consumer consciousness environing solid waste recycling, has led to an increased demand for recycled plastic rosins and merchandises. One of the fastest turning types of collected plastic stuffs for recycling is polyethylene terephthalate ( “ PET ” ) from post-consumer drink and H2O bottles. Replay Plastics will capitalise on the chances in the recycled rosin and packaging markets through two chief divisions: a Recycling Division and a Packaging Division.

The Company will make a PET cleansing and refinement works located in the western United States ( all 16 major North American PET recycling workss are presently located in the eastern United States or Canada ) . Its initial capacity will be 46 million lbs, and it will use post-consumer bottle feed stock soon collected in California, Oregon and Washington States, which collect over 200 million lbs per twelvemonth. The Company will be vertically integrated, and utilize about all of its recycled stuff in its Packaging Division. Any excess stuffs ( clean flake ) produced will be sold to outside companies. The extruded sheet may so be sold to makers, who will thermoform it into high-visibility packaging or utilize it in other high value added fabrication operations. The strapping will be sold to companies who ship big bundles or palettes, such as the timber milling industry. The Company presently has committednesss available from clients to buy all of the merchandise produced.

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Ben Braddock, President, has a 30-year history of experience embracing all facets of Polymer Raw Material, Plastic Conversion Methods, and Venture Development. He has founded successful ventures in the plastic converting industry, and assisted in the launch of five fictile change overing fabrication workss. Sam McGuire, Executive VP and COO, is a alumnus Engineer with over 20 old ages experience in the post-consumer plastics recycling industry and is the discoverer of the primary cleansing & A ; polishing engineering used in the procedure for this undertaking. He has received a patent for his engineering and has been straight involved in over 25 major station consumer plastics recycling undertakings. Carl R. Smith, CFO, has over 30 old ages investing and merchandiser banking and direction experience. He has assisted in raising over $ 500 million and served as board member and/or officer in over 40 public and private companies.


After a four month start-up period to construct the recycling and packaging installations, purchase equipment, and integrate the concern, Replay Plastics will get down a speedy turnaround of merchandise. Gross saless will get down in May, and with over $ 15 Million in gross revenues the first twelvemonth, we will see a first twelvemonth net net income of $ 2.3 Million. The proprietors are puting $ 500,000 each, for a sum of $ 1.5 Million, and are procuring an $ 800K long-run loan.

The Company is besides seeking an investing of $ 2,700,000 in order to get down operations. These financess will be used for the purchase of one recycling line and one fabrication line, for the set up of the works installations and for working capital. An outside investor supplying this sum would have 48 % equity in Replay, and receive an IRR of 69 % from simple dividends entirely over the following 5 old ages. At the terminal of that period, we will see a public offering of stock or a buy-out by a related concern. Recent information on private gross revenues of similar industry companies has indicated that minutess under $ 25 million have averaged 5.3 times EBITDA, while minutess in the scope of $ 25-250 million have averaged over 7 times EBITDA. Further inside informations can be found in the Financial Plan, below.


1.1 Aims

Gross saless go throughing $ 15 million in first twelvemonth, $ 31 million in twelvemonth 2, turning to $ 43 million.

Gross border of 35 % or more in first twelvemonth, 45 % in 2nd twelvemonth so 50 % or more.

Net net income of 13 % in twelvemonth one, so transcending 20 % yearly get downing in twelvemonth two.

1.2 Mission

Replay Plastics is a fabricating company dedicated to change overing waste fictile stuffs into commercially feasible merchandises, using environmentally friendly recycling and fabricating methods. We intend to do adequate net income to bring forth a important return for our investors and to finance continued growing and continued development in quality merchandises. We will besides keep a friendly, just, and originative work environment, which respects diverseness, new thoughts and difficult work.

1.3 Keys to Success

The chief keys to the success of the Company are:

Secure Supply- Contract for supply of post-consumer bottles and post-industrial fabrication waste for PET natural stuff provender stock.

Marketing – Contractual agreements for the sale of virtually all initial production.

Management – Strong senior direction with extended, broad-based, industry-specific experience.

1.4 Potential Hazards

Unavailable or scarce natural stuff provender stock for production

Replay is confident that it has secured good handiness of low cost post-consumer PET bottles ( feed stock ) derived from post-consumer drink bottles from California based recycling aggregators, and has back up beginnings identified.

Technology employed may be undependable or unproved

Replay will utilize a proven, patented engineering that was developed by one of its principals for the cleansing and recycling stage. The bulge division will use commercially proved engineering – the industry is using alone recycled PET engineering which is used by outstanding eastern U.S. makers of PET bulges.

There may non be a market for the Company ‘s merchandises

The Industry-wide experience of the Management Team has allowed them to place markets for the Company ‘s merchandises. Their expertness and reputes have allowed them to obtain committednesss for virtually all of the planned initial production.

The location may non be nigh adequate to markets

The markets that have been identified are chiefly in the western U.S. , which will supply a distinguishable advantage to the Company because of cargo costs and bringing timing.

The Company may non be able to pull top direction

The Company has assembled a universe category direction squad with proved ability and direct experience in the Company ‘s market sections.

Company may non run into environmental criterions

This environmentally-favorable venture provides for the development of technically executable and economically feasible solutions to PET fictile drink bottle recycling, every bit good as environmentally cognizant in-house re-use patterns which filter and return about all of the procedure H2O to the production lines.

The Company may non be able to sell all of its production capableness

Through the Senior Management ‘s industry-wide contacts, the Company has identified possible clients and received committednesss for all of the production potency of the initial installation.

Company Summary

The Company will capitalise on the chances in the recycled rosin and packaging markets through two chief divisions: a Recycling Division and a Packaging Division.

Recycling Division

Using a patented procedure, the Company will make a PET cleansing and refinement works located in the western United States ; we have chosen this part because all 16 major North American PET recycling workss are presently located in the eastern United States or Canada, despite western provinces ‘ favourable recycling attitudes among consumers. Its initial one-year capacity will be 46 million lbs and it will use bottle feed stock from California, Oregon and Washington States, which collect over 200,000,000 lbs per twelvemonth. The Company will go wholly vertically integrated, and utilize all or about all of its recycled stuff in its Packaging Division. Any excess stuff produced will be sold to outside companies.

Boxing Division

We will make a works ( existent installations to be shared with the Recycling Division ) to fabricate extruded plastic axial rotation stock sheet or high-strength strapping, using state-of-the-art engineering developed to use recycled PET rosin.

The extruded sheet will be chiefly sold to thermoformers who will change over it into high visibleness packaging, every bit good as laminators and storytellers. The strapping will be sold to commercial users for usage as bundle or palette strapping.

The Company presently has committednesss from clients to buy all of the initial production capacity. Excess flake will be sold to outside clients.

2.1 Company Ownership

Replay Plastics is owned by the initial laminitiss, B. Braddock, S. McGuire and C. Smith, who are the proposed three executives of the operating entity. The program was conceived and developed by these persons, with the purpose to use their extended experience and contacts in the industry to constructing a successful profitable corporation.

2.1.1 Potential Conflict

Our COO, Mr. Sam McGuire, the discoverer and patent holder of the recycling procedure to be used by the Company, is a principal in Company A of Chicago, IL. For many old ages, Company has designed, manufactured and assembled plastic recycling equipment, and has given us quotes on run intoing our demands in this country.

After a thorough probe, Replay has found that Company A is able to beginning or provide the needed equipment at well lower cost than any other company from which a quotation mark was available. Mr. McGuire has disclosed that Company A has included a smaller than normal border in their quotation mark on goods they will fabricate, to cover operating expense, eventuality and net income which might ensue in a little benefit to him. They have agreed to beginning all of the equipment possible with no added border.

Replay has concluded that the nest eggs available outweigh any other consideration and that we will buy the cleansing and refinement equipment from Company A.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Our start-up disbursals are budgeted at $ 210,000, which is largely for on-site contractor services during installation readying. $ 50,000 has been set aside for legal and accounting, $ 25,000 for particular consulting that may be required during get down up and $ 50,000 each for local technology and lab equipment and supplies. $ 30,000 has been set aside as a eventuality for the start up period.

Our largest Start-up Requirement is the edifice of the recycling and bulge installation. Its concluding value at completion is listed below as a long-run plus of $ 3,620,000 ( excepting expensed points like advisers and technology listed above ) . Aside from the edifice itself, we need $ 25,000 in machinery and fixtures, $ 500,000 of stock list ( fictile bottle provender stock ) and hard currency to cover us through the initial twelvemonth.


Start-up Support

Start-up Expenses to Fund $ 210,000

Start-up Assetss to Fund $ 4,790,000

Entire Funding Required $ 5,000,000


Non-cash Assetss from Start-up $ 4,145,000

Cash Requirements from Start-up $ 645,000

Extra Cash Raised $ 0

Cash Balance on Get downing Date $ 645,000

Entire Assets $ 4,790,000

Liabilitiess and Capital


Current Borrowing $ 0

Long-run Liabilities $ 800,000

Histories Collectible ( Outstanding Bills ) $ 0

Other Current Liabilities ( interest-free ) $ 0

Entire Liabilities $ 800,000


Planned Investing

Laminitiss $ 1,500,000

Investor $ 2,700,000

Extra Investment Requirement $ 0

Entire Planned Investment $ 4,200,000

Loss at Start-up ( Start-up Expenses ) ( $ 210,000 )

Entire Capital $ 3,990,000

Entire Capital and Liabilities $ 4,790,000

Entire Funding $ 5,000,000



Start-up Expenses

Legal & A ; Accounting $ 50,000

Stationery etc. $ 5,000

Advisers $ 25,000

Lab Equipment $ 50,000

Local Engineering $ 50,000

Misc Start up $ 30,000

Other $ 0

Entire Start-up Expenses $ 210,000

Start-up Assetss

Cash Required $ 645,000

Start-up Inventory $ 500,000

Other Current Assets $ 25,000

Long-run Assets $ 3,620,000

Entire Assets $ 4,790,000

Entire Requirements $ 5,000,000


Replay Plastics will use two procedures in the same installation to bring forth:

Cleaned and recycled plastic PET flake ( RPET ) , recovered from post-consumer drink bottles and fabricating waste produced by its sheet clients

Extruded axial rotation stock sheet PET.

Extruded PET high-strength strapping for procuring big bundles or palette tonss ; each utilizing 100 % RPET produced in-house

3.1 Product Description

Roll stock sheet will be sold to custom thermoformers chiefly to be used to bring forth high-visibility packaging. It will besides be sold to makers of laminates and fabricated plastic merchandises.

High strength PET packaging strapping is used to procure bundles or palettes in such industries as timber milling and corrugated and other paper production.

Both merchandises will be extruded from post-consumer polythene terephthalate ( PET ) bottles. The recycling plans in California, Washington and Oregon collect in surplus of 200,000,000 lbs of PET bottles per annum. Replay ‘ initial capacity will be 46,000,000 lbs.

Using a patented procedure, Replay will clean and polish the PET stuff from the post-consumer bottle stock and post-industrial fabrication waste. The PET flake rosin produced will be extruded into axial rotation stock sheet or high-strength strapping.

Although the Company expects to change over all of its bottle provender stock into extruded merchandises, any excess flake will be sold to outside makers.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

While quality and bringing are of import factors to our possible clients, monetary value is most frequently the finding factor in a purchasing determination. Good-quality packaging merchandises manufactured from recycled ( less expensive ) resins, every bit near as practical to the terminal client ‘s operations, will be most competitory and accomplish a important market portion. These factors have helped to find the concern parametric quantities of Replay Plastics.

3.3 Sourcing

In surplus of 200,000,000 lbs of post-consumer PET drink bottles are collected and available as provender stock for makers who can re-process this stuff into commercial merchandises. The Company has first-class dealingss with the houses and associations that collect and distribute these stuffs and has been assured that its demands will be available for the foreseeable hereafter.

The Company has entered dialogues with a California based beginning of post-consumer bottles and is confident that sufficient volumes are available on a contract footing from this beginning to fulfill its demands. In add-on, the Company intends to buy production waste from its sheet clients and intermix it into its provender stock.

Presently, the bulk of the post-consumer PET bottles collected in California, Oregon and Washington are exported to China. The Chinese have absorbed the sums excess to the usage in North America. Their involvement has kept the industry in the place of being able to keep a steady monetary value scope for this bottle stock. A important per centum of all gross revenues of such bottle stock are managed by Plastics Recycling Corporation of California ( PRCC ) , an industry funded selling bureau which operates likewise to a co-operative. They accept commands from possible purchasers on behalf of the houses which act as “ consolidators, ” which accumulate stocks from the smaller, single bottle-recycling terminals. Some sum of the available stocks are on a regular basis bought by recyclers in eastern North America who focus on the rug makers who use RPET rosin in their procedure, but the high cost of conveyance from the western U.S. makes eastern beginnings more desirable.

Replay has a good relationship with Company B, one of the larger consolidators in California. Company B has indicated a desire to contract to provide Replay with all of its natural stuff demands. They prefer to cover with a local consumer such as Replay, instead than the uncertainness and excess readying demands of the export market.

There are other beginnings of post-consumer provender stock known to Replay, and we are confident that we will hold sufficient stuffs available for our production demands.

3.4 Technology

Sam McGuire, a cardinal member of our Management squad, is one of the original pioneers of cleansing and refinement engineering for post-consumer PET, and we will be using his patented procedure in our recycling installation. Sam has worked in the constitution and operation of installations using similar engineerings over the last several old ages.

On the fabrication side, Management has been an built-in portion of the promotion of industry patterns over the last 20 old ages or so, and includes in their cognition base most, if non all, of the state-of-the-art available equipment and fabrication techniques.

Market Analysis Summary

Strong demand for recycled plastics is working in the industry ‘s favour. Major users of plastic packaging, seemingly reacting to consumer desires, have begun integrating at least some recycled plastic content in their merchandises as portion of the turning involvement in recycling. Recycled resin demand is on the rise as monetary values for the two major recycled rosins, PET and HDPE, continue to keep value or appreciate against their virgin opposite numbers.

In volume, PET is presently the figure one recycled rosin. Supply of recycled PET is in surplus of 800 million lbs per twelvemonth. This figure is expected to turn, making over 1 billion lbs during the following few old ages. The plastics industry has developed new markets and applications for recycled rosins from both post-consumer and post-industrial beginnings.

PET leads the recycled cured rosins as the most seeable and valuable, and its usage is increasing. Of the entire 3.7 billion lbs of PET consumed in 1997, merely 16 % was from recycled beginnings. Of the more than 90 billion lbs of plastics produced yearly in the United States, less than 5 % is from recycled beginnings. Plastics, after aluminum, represent the 2nd highest value stuff in the waste watercourse and have the highest jutting growing rate.

Markets and uses for recycled plastics are quickly spread outing. Fictile containers are being collected at the kerb for recycling in about 500 communities, stand foring more than 4 million families. U.S. demand for recycled plastic will go on to spread out and new markets will develop as engineerings permit the efficient segregation and reprocessing of high-purity rosins. Improved quality of rosins, environmental issues and higher monetary values for virgin rosin will lend to growing.

Packaging is expected to be the largest market section for recycled plastics, with sheet and timber following. Surveies indicate that Americans are progressively willing to roll up and divide discarded bundles, predating a grade of convenience to do merchandises more disposable, and even paying a premium for a recycled point.

Increasingly, communities are declining to see incineration until every attempt is made foremost to recycle ; public sentiment is strongly in favour of merchandises that can be recycled or are made of recycled stuffs. In recent old ages, the family recycling rate of PET bottles has more than doubled to 30 % of all PET soft drink bottles sold. In fact, PET ‘s recycling rate is the fastest turning among all drink containers. The hereafter of PET recycling is even brighter than it has been in the yesteryear. PET intrinsic bit value is 2nd merely to aluminium among container stuffs. The plastics industry has launched a research and development plan aimed at increasing PET recycling. Harmonizing to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) , fictile soft drink bottles account for about 2 % of the solid waste discarded in America. The EPA has set a national end to recycle 25 % of the municipal solid waste watercourse and the industry is committed to accomplishing its portion of that of import end.

The recycling industry intends to speed up the rate of plastic recycling as portion of its committedness to develop solutions to the solid waste job. Industry analysts have projected that 50 % of all PET containers will be recycled by the twelvemonth 2007. More plastics will be recycled yearly than any other reclaimable stuff. Replay believes a important reply to America ‘s waste job lies in making high value, recycled thermoformable sheet and other extruded merchandises for the packaging market.

Although more than 200 million lbs of PET post-consumer stuffs are collected in the western United States each twelvemonth, there is soon no local cleansing and refinement installation change overing the bottles into rosins suited for re-manufacturing. Originally, recycled PET ( RPET ) was used chiefly in the rug fibre industry, which is located along the eastern seaside. The early development of the RPET industry was hence focused in the eastern USA, with eastern provinces following the first bottle sedimentation Torahs that resulted in aggregation of post-consumer bottles that can be recycled. Recently, California, Oregon and Washington have adopted bottle sedimentation plans, and accretion of reclaimable stuffs in those provinces has begun. With all of the cleansing and recycling workss and the bulk of consumers traditionally located in the eastern portion of the state, development of consumers of recycled flake and down-line merchandises, such as movie and sheet, has been slow to develop in the West. A strong demand for post-consumer bottles from Asia has prevented the buildup of stock lists and reduced the force per unit area for the aggregation industry to happen or develop western markets.

There is presently no independent bulge works of recycled polyterephthalate ( PET ) sheet in the western United States or Canada that services the axial rotation stock demands of major usage and proprietary formers. With the development of the recycling industry for PET get downing in the eastern portion of the state, and the preponderance of consumers of sheet at that place every bit good, development of independent bulge installations utilizing RPET has been slow to develop. It appears that in order to pull such companies, local beginnings of RPET would hold to available. While there are clients in the West for the merchandises, undertaking a supply and transporting it from the East makes the venture unattractive.

Our laminitiss recognize that an chance exists and suggest a vertically incorporate transition installation that will use state-of-the-art engineerings to bring forth extruded sheet and high strength strapping from 100 % recycled PET post-consumer bottle stock, cleaned and refined in our ain installation.

4.1 Target Market Segment Strategy

The Company has chosen its mark markets because recycled PET ( RPET ) is in high demand as flake rosin by convertors, as axial rotation stock sheet used to bring forth high visibleness packaging and every bit high strength strapping for the timber industry. Gross saless are price-sensitive, so that propinquity to markets and provender stock beginning provide a competitory border. Replay Plastics identified an chance to take advantage of both fortunes in the western United States.

RPET Flake

Entire market demand is reported as 1.2 billion lbs per twelvemonth. Since merely 800 million lbs are processed in the USA, consumers are forced to look at broad spec virgin PET ( virgin rosin that is outside of spec but still useable ) which is usually sold at a price reduction to virgin monetary values, but still higher than recycled ( RPET ) pricing. Some makers are besides forced to import stuffs from Mexico, India and South America. Some convertors are being forced to utilize more expensive virgin rosin.

The current pricing for virgin rosin is $ 0.65-0.73 per pound. and $ 0.42-.53 for RPET flake. The spread between the two has traditionally been maintained at about $ 0.20 per pound.

PET Film & A ; Sheet

The entire reported market of extruded movie and sheet is 872 million lbs, of which identified industry use of RPET is 160 million lbs.

The reported market demand ( to replace virgin PS, PVC and PET ) if RPET was available is estimated at 1 billion lbs.

Current pricing for RPET sheet is $ 0.70-0.79 per pound.

RPET Straping

The sum reported domestic plastic strapping market is 240 million lbs. Of this market, industry use of virgin polypropene is 132 million lbs and of PET is 108 million lbs.

It is by and large accepted in the industry that less expensive strapping made from RPET could non merely take over the polypropene strapping market, but convert as much of the much larger and more expensive steel strapping market as RPET strapping was available.

Current pricing for RPET strapping is $ 0.90 -1.08 per pound.

4.2 Market Segmentation

The primary market can be broken down as follows.

Consumers of PET in:

California: 62

Beaver state: 8

Washington: 9

Consumers of HDPE in:

California: 73

Beaver state: 10

Washington: 12

All information is based on industry research, and informations provided by the American Plastics Council.

Market Analysis

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

Potential Customers Growth CAGR

Western PET Buyers 1 % 79 80 81 82 83 1.24 %

Western HDPE Buyers 1 % 95 95 95 95 95 0.00 %

Entire 0.57 % 174 175 176 177 178 0.57 %

4.3 Industry Analysis

Presently there is no direct competition in the western United States for either of the two divisions of the Company. Any production in the trading country remains confined and non available to our mark market.

The ability of the Company to obtain a beginning of post-consumer bottle stock is an built-in constituent of the scheme to vertically incorporate operations and industry merchandises in demand by western devouring industries. Without the cleansing and refinement division, it would be hard to beginning sufficient RPET flake rosin at costs that would let the Company to be competitory.

4.3.1 Barriers to Entry

Limited Supply of natural stuff

Recycled PET ( RPET ) rosins are in high demand, and demand is presently under-supplied. Many makers are detaining enlargement because of uncertainness of supply. Entrants would hold to see sourcing post-consumer or post-industrial waste and clean and polish it instead than trying to buy flake on the unfastened market. Even at that, there is non an over-abundance of post-consumer or station industrial stuff in the market place.

Equipment costs are high and industry particular, ensuing in a high issue cost.

Because of the scarceness of RPET flake, entrants may be forced to set up cleansing and refinement installations for post-consumer bottles. The equipment required is dearly-won and really industry particular. It would non easy be re-sold as a system.

There is a market for used bulge equipment, which usually sees 60-70 % of new value being realized.

Vertical integrating is an of import consideration and hard to carry through successfully.

Because of the scarceness of RPET rosin, and to maximise net income potency, entrants must see a two-stage production installation. Cleaning and polishing post-consumer bottles and squeeze outing the ensuing flake into commercial merchandises requires a direction squad such as Replay has, with a wide scope of expertness, experience, industry contacts and cognition in both countries.

Firm contracts for supply and gross revenues.

Replay Management ‘s industry contacts will let us to procure contracts for both supply of provender stock and sale of finished goods.

Freight is a major cost of operations ; propinquity to beginning of supply and markets is important.

Hauling plastic stuffs is expensive so entrants will hold to see set uping installations near to stuffs and markets. Entrants with bing operations would hold to see new separate installations in many instances, cut downing economic systems of graduated table and doing direction more hard.

4.3.2 Competition and Buying Patterns

There has been a strong demand ( Sellerss ‘ market ) for our merchandises for several old ages. Traditional purchasing forms in this industry are based on quality, monetary value, repute of maker, cargo costs, bringing times and propinquity to markets. During such a Sellerss ‘ market, purchasing forms are frequently more influenced by handiness.

4.3.3 Main Rivals

Presently in the western United States, there is no direct competition for cleansing and polishing post-consumer or post-industrial PET. Nor is at that place any non-captive bulge of axial rotation stock sheet.

The extruded sheet required by thermoformers is presently supplied by:

Advance Extrusion, Becker, MN

Kama, Pittsburgh, PA

Plasti-Shell Packaging, Gonzales, LA

Petco, Montreal, Canada

Klockner, VA

In a intelligence release dated September 10, 2004, Itec Environmental Group, Inc. announced their purpose to open a PET and High Density Polyethelene ( HDPE ) recycling operation in Riverbank, CA ( E of San Francisco ) . The intelligence release states that the Company ‘s new and yet unproved engineering lets it work with bottle watercourses that others have to reject as excessively soiled. This Company is familiar to our Management, and is non considered a important factor in any of our markets.

Scheme and Implementation Summary

Replay Plastics will use its strong industry-wide relationships to obtain important contracts for its production. Some concern will be obtained straight by Management, while some sum of merchandise will be sold by gross revenues agents good known to the Company who have proven their effectivity.

These industry-wide relationships will besides supply the Company the ability to procure contracts for the supply of its natural stuff at competitory pricing.

5.1 Value Proposition

In a vertically incorporate environment, Replay will use state-of-the-art recycling and bulge engineering managed by decennaries of industry specific expertness to make a competitory advantage for its clients. These procedures will bring forth clean, cost-effective, recycled natural stuff for makers of thermoform, laminate and other high value-added merchandises, and high strength packaging strapping for shippers of big merchandises and palettes, thereby cut downing costs and making a clear pricing border among their rivals.

5.2 Competitive Edge

Replay Plastics ‘ competitory border rests with its propinquity to its mark markets, every bit good as the industry cognition, repute and contacts of its senior direction. Their many old ages of direct experience have led them to place this alone chance and set together the engineering and beginnings to take advantage of it. Their repute in the specific market section will ensue in the accomplishment of long-run committednesss for our production.

5.3 Selling Scheme

The Company has chosen to concentrate on the production of fictile packaging stuffs from recycled post-consumer drink bottles. Because of the industry experience and expertness of the direction, we have identified a important available market in the western United States. All of our initial selling scheme will be to procure contracts in that section, and after making full planned capacity, look to turn in concert with that section and related markets. We see small need at nowadays for farther market research and development, and will concentrate on continually updating our production engineering in an attempt to stay in the head of our chosen market place.

5.4 Gross saless Scheme

Because of the alone extended experience and repute of our Management in the Company ‘s chosen industry section, we are able to place all of the possible clients for each of the merchandises we will bring forth in our installation. While most of the production of flake is finally intended to be used internally, we are confident that any developed excess will be sold instantly.

All of the production of the initial installation is committed for, and should at that place be any capacity non consumed by these committednesss, one time once more we are confident that the contacts of our senior direction will let for the rapid sale of any such capacity.

If the Company grows faster than its premier client base, extra capacity may be developed. Mr. Braddock ‘s many old ages of gross revenues and gross revenues development will be utilized to place extra clients and/or gross revenues agents presently serving the Company ‘s mark markets.



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