The Cask of Amontillado Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

Every one time in a piece. people feel the demand to hold some exhilaration or bang in their lives. It seems that some people enjoy being scared. The easiest manner to fulfill this demand is through amusement ; one could easy travel to a film theatre. lease a picture or download a film to immediately acquire a dosage of horror. In fact. films about shades. monsters. foreigners. and other chilling entities frequently prove successful in the box office. However. if one feels the demand to see horror and fright. one demand non look farther than adult male himself. The evil inclinations of adult male are much more fearful than any animal formed by the imaginativeness.

The Cask of Amontillado is one of the finest treasures in universe literature. Written by Edgar Allan Poe. this narrative shows the strength of human emotion. and the actions that result from it. It reveals the extent of human choler. and how such emotion could travel person to do injury to another. This narrative reminded me of the immorality that resides in every adult male. This reminder proved more fearful than all the horror films of all time created ; this is because each and every individual could see this emotion. and if left uncontrolled. could unleash one’s evil side.

Anger can be an overwhelming emotion. When person has done something inappropriate towards us. we are overcome with choler. At times. we forgive that individual and bury the said incident. Unfortunately. the same can non be said to every individual. There are those who hold scores. and the choler finally takes over their lives and consequences in fatal effects. In the narrative. Montresor speaks of the incorrect behaviors of Fortunato towards him. This made Montresor keep a score. and program for his retaliation.

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The “injuries” and most specially the “insult” that prompted Montresor to penalize Fortunato are non identified. but the readers could at least find how sedate those were as it drove Montresor to such a drastic step. A adult male who commits pre-meditated slaying for retaliation must truly be affected by the other’s actions. The narrative changed me in the sense that I have assumed a more cautious stance toward life. I have been reminded that my actions could pique others. whether it was knowing or non. There could be people who are angry with me. and I am incognizant of the extent of their choler. I could already be in danger without even cognizing it.

Therefore. I will seek to be aware of my actions at all times. I can non delight each and everybody. but that does non intend I should non be careful of my actions. The narrative besides gave me a different position with respects to how the human head thinks. Worlds are the most intelligent existences in the carnal land. The operations of the head are so complex. and evoke a great sense of admiration as to how it really works. However. the intelligence can besides be used for immorality. In the narrative. Montresor was smart. and he had a well-planned scheme for Fortunato. Montresor took advantage of the man’s love for vinos and used the drink as come-on.

Even the attenders at his place were instructed as to let him to transport out his program. Montresor feigned concern about Fortunato’s wellness. and even worked on his pride by adverting Luchesi and inquiring for his aid alternatively. In the terminal. Montresor successfully entombed Fortunato. Human worlds are much scaring than any of the monsters and devils created by the imaginativeness. Man has a capacity for immorality. and emotions such as choler can convey it to the bow. The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe offers horror of a different sort. much more atrocious than those portrayed on telecasting and film screens.


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