”The Catcher in the Rye” by J. D. Salinger Essay Sample

July 30, 2017 General Studies

As Holden Caulfield provinces on page 16 of The Catcher in the Rye. by J. D. Salinger. “I’m the most terrific prevaricator you of all time saw in your life…It’s awful. ” But his prevarications are non used for simple reasons–he utilizations delusory techniques in order to get away personal dealingss. After the decease of his brother. Allie. Holden alienates himself to forestall personal bonds. When his self-inflicted disaffection is threatened by efforts at personal connexion. Holden uses lying and misrepresentation as ways to maintain him from experiencing the same hurting he felt after Allie died. which prevents personal state of affairss. Due to Holden’s disfavor for state of affairss on the personal degree in The Catcher in the Rye. by J. D. Salinger. he decides to lie and lead on everyone in order to direct attending off from himself. prevent others from uncovering his ain mistakes. and to maintain himself out of problem.

Holden Caulfield uses lying and misrepresentation as a manner out of personal state of affairss in order to direct attending off from himself. Frequently. Holden is asked inquiries that are excessively personal for him to reply. For illustration. Holden lies to Ackley when he asks excessively many inquiries about what the battle between him and Stradlater was approximately. Holden lies and tells Ackley the battle was over him although it was really about the events of Stradlater’s day of the month with Jane Gallagher. This got Ackley excited. and the capable rapidly became Ackley and non Holden. Holden uses a similar step of misrepresentation in his talk with Mrs. Morrow. When Mrs. Morrow notices Holden’s Pencey Prep spine on his bag. she asks him some personal inquiries such as if he likes Pencey or non.

Alternatively of replying to the full. Holden starts to explicate her boy. Ernest’s. mulct. yet false. qualities. When he states. “You take somebody’s female parent. all they want to hear approximately is what a hot-shot their boy is. ” it hints at the transportation of attending to Mrs. Morrow and her involvement in her boy ( Salinger 56 ) . As seen in both state of affairss. Holden can non stand being the centre of attending. As this happens. he strikes back with smart remarks that shift the weight of the talk off from him. In decision. Holden can non manage being personal in conversation. and would prefer that others be the centre of attending.

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In add-on. Holden uses prevarications and misrepresentation to forestall the disclosure of his mistakes. Holden is a individual that is speedy to indicate out the others’ failings but becomes insecure when others point out his ain because they are personal. For illustration. when Holden negotiations to Mr. Spencer. he explains Holden’s deficiency of attempt by reading his composing aloud. Holden states “I wouldn’t’ve read it out loud to him if he’d written it… I’d merely written that damn note so that he wouldn’t experience excessively bad about failing me. ” which shows that he knows he failed and he does non necessitate to be reminded ( Salinger 12 ) . Soon after. Holden lies about his demand to acquire equipment from the gym and leaves. Holden evidently dislikes being told his errors and how to repair his life.

His lying gets so bad that it manifests itself into his “sudden” and arguably forge fatigue during his treatment with Mr. Antolini. Holden likely uses fatigue as an alibi to himself as to why he should non listen to Mr. Antolini. who describes Holden’s ruin. This seems to be excessively personal a subject. Although Holden attempts to conceal his mistakes by lying to acquire out of the state of affairs. he seems to ever bury to conceal one large one–that he’s afraid of acquiring personal with others.

Furthermore. Holden uses lying and misrepresentation to acquire him out of problem to forestall potentially personal brushs. As stated early on in the novel. Holden has jobs with his parents. and particularly his mother’s hysterical behaviour when Holden lets her down. Because the hysterical behaviour turns personal. Holden lies to forestall this. It occurs during his confab with the lift male child at his flat when he tells him he is the Dickstein’s nephew. Holden explains his logical thinking for this when he states “…the regular dark lift male child. Pete. wasn’t on the auto.

Some new cat I’d ne’er seen was on the auto. so I figured that if I didn’t bump slap into my parents and all I’d be able to state hullo to old Phoebe and so crush it and nobody’d of all time know id been about. ” which displays his desire to forestall from personal and troublesome brushs with his parents ( Salinger 157 ) . If Holden had been caught. his parents would hold found out that he failed out of Pencey. which would do his female parent hysterical. Therefore. Holden’s usage of prevarications and misrepresentation comes in ready to hand when forestalling perchance personal meetings with his parents. His mother’s hysterical behaviour. particularly. is what Holden can non get down. and this why he uses prevarications and misrepresentation to battle going personal.

Holden Caulfield lies and deceives everyone in order to direct attending off from himself. forestall the disclosure of his mistakes. and remain out of problem due to his disfavor for personal contact in J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. As one can detect. the hurting that comes along with personal contact is excessively much for Holden. He ever seems to direct attending off from himself because when he is the focal point of a conversation. personal subjects come up. such as the ground for the battle with Stradlater. He besides can non stand being told his ain mistakes because it displays his failing. which is something he would instead maintain secret.

That is why he lies to Mr. Spencer and arguably complains of and shows tiredness so Mr. Antolini will prorogue his treatment. Finally. he finds personal contact with his parents unbearably personal. particularly his mother’s hysterics. and so he lies consequently. Therefore. personal contact is non something that is easy handled by Holden. who uses misrepresentation for bar and protection. But do prevarications truly prevent and protect. or do they harm and stultify? As George Herbert one time said. “Dare to be true: nil can necessitate a prevarication ; A mistake which needs it most. grows two thereby. ”


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