The Categories Of Multinational Corporations Economics Essay

Horizontally Integrated Multinational – In this type a transnational involves itself in the production of basically the same merchandise but in different states. The chief object here is for the corporation to go on to turn by the agencies of enlargement into many different types of new markets.

( 2 ) Vertically Integrated Multinational – Here the transnational commences assorted phases of production in other different states. The indispensable motivation behind this growing scheme is for the corporations to be able to obtain or hold more control over the costs and to cut down the uncertainness of the concern environment.

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( 3 ) Conglomerate Multinational – In this scheme the multinationals produce a different scope of merchandises in different states. By this variegation procedure, pudding stone multinationals looks to distribute hazards, and maximise returns by careful purchasing of assets overseas.

Characteristic of Multinational Corporations

Giant Size – Multinational Corporations are mammoth in size. They besides make super normal net incomes.

International Operation – Even the establishment may keep the cardinal to command, it ‘s involvements and countries of operations encompass many other states.

Oligopolistic Structure – Due to amalgamations & A ; coup d’etats, a transnational corporation has assumed a batch of power. Along with this, its size makes it oligopolistic.

Spontaneous Evolution – The growing of a transnational corporation has been self-generated & A ; unconscious mode.

Corporate Transportation of Resources – A transnational corporation facilitates many-sided transportation of resources.

Advantages & A ; Disadvantages


( 1 ) Efficiency: One of the pros of a transnational corporation is efficiency. Multinational corporations in order to make new markets goes planetary, it takes the benefit of cheaper labour from less developed states and this besides ensures the corporations a closer propinquity to near beginnings of natural stuffs. A steadfast becomes competitory by the entree of these things. The production becomes cheaper and they are able to make many new consumers. It ends up acquiring inexpensive monetary values at place, increased fight which consequences in more domestic hiring.

( 2 ) Development: Multinational corporations pay better than domestic houses. They teach new accomplishments to the work force, supply the much needed money to the domestic population and an added benefit is that they corporations pay local revenue enhancements, in kernel assisting to hike the local economic system. The developing states benefits from transnational corporations to a great extent. In the development universe the work force larn how to work on advanced equipment and learn assorted other concern programs and theoretical accounts. This consequences in addition of productiveness and the ability of 3rd universe workers which gives economic systems benefit.


( 1 ) Domestic Tension: If a domestic house moves its production to other states to a great extent, this will ensue in 1000s of people in the domestic state will lose their occupations. There is no manner to guarantee that this loss of occupations will be compensated for and so the presently workers may necessitate to happen work in other countries to gain their life.

( 2 ) Dependence: Multinational Corporations rule local authoritiess who need the transnational corporations more than frailty versa. The local authoritiess lower the revenue enhancement rate and the rewards to be paid in order to pull the investing needed. In this investing merely a little part of minority of educated labour is benefited. Since Multinational Corporation houses can ever call off their trades and travel their production elsewhere the local authorities remains integral in their traffics with them. As a consequence, the local economic system becomes deformed and dependent on the Multinational Corporation. This Dependency gives rise to deformation as they control the fiscal wellness of the economic system and authorities locally. Democracy is destroyed and inequality institutionalized.


The hiring of local workers can guarantee that the corporation adapts more easy to the local civilization and people.

Hiring local aid ensures that the corporation basically has an insider in the market that can supply good feedback.

The integrating of many different civilizations may take to increased creativeness and this in kernel could ensue in better creative activities or merchandises. As it is said, more heads are ever better than one.


Using local people as the company ‘s work force may be hard at first to set up and keep at first because the corporation needs to larn the new civilization and adapt to it.

Problems with communicating such as a linguistic communication barrier can be debatable for the development of concern.

The corporation will undeniably run into competition with the local corporations involved with similar work and this may impede growing.

Some jobs may happen when interchanging the currency.

The corporation will hold to accommodate to the new Torahs and ordinances in topographic point in the new state.

Role of Multinational Corporations in Developing States

There have been important parts to the development of universe economic system mostly by the Multinational Corporations. They have acted as a growing engine in many host states. Their importance in developing states is as follows:

Multinational Corporations aid in the publicity of exports of the host state.

The Multinational Corporations ‘ growing has a positive impact on the concern civilization in the host state.

They contribute towards the increasing development procedure of the state by the transportation of engineering, fiscal direction.

Multinational Corporations are fundamentally termed as agents of rapid growing & A ; modernization.

The dependance on imports is reduced as transnational corporations contribute in bring forthing certain required goods in the host state.

Multinational Corporations due to their broad web of productive activity equalise the cost of production in the planetary market.

Multinational Corporations aid bring forth income & A ; and employment in a developing host state.

The growing procedure in the host state is increased through industrialization and allied activities by transnational corporations.

Through positive attitude and work attempts for the constitution of societal public assistance establishments transnational corporations help better wellness installations in their host states.

The transnational corporations help incorporate the national and international markets. Their growing has great influence on the industrial, societal & A ; economic environment.

To sum up, transnational corporations seek net income maximization by the usage of different type of resources and schemes, globalization being the chief focal point of their concern, helps them go a chief force behind the enlargement of universe economic system at big.

Multinational Corporations – Significance in today ‘s universe

Today the transnational corporations have a radical consequence on the economic system all over the universe. This is due to the growing of international minutess of the multinationals, which has great consequence on the traditional signifiers of international trade & A ; capital flows for economic systems at big. In the universe economic system they form a powerful force. The transnational houses have exercised tremendous power in the field of international trade and finance. They accounted for merely one-eighth of all international trade in early 70 ‘s.

Naming a few Multinational Corporations

1. Wipro

2. Hindustan Computers Ltd.

3. ABN-Amro

4. Accenture

5. BMW

6. Aditya Birla Group

7. Asiatic Paints

8. Coca-Cola

9. Facebook

10. McDonalds

11. Mhos

12. Sony

13. Vodafone

14. Toyota

15. Technetium



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