The Causes of Missing Children in Malaysia Essay

September 8, 2017 General Studies

Merely imagine. why do kids travel losing? Why this job arised? How to get the better of it? In my presentation I will reply all the inquiries. First of all. Lashkar-e-Taibas look the definition of household. Family can be defined as the corporate organic structure of individuals who live in one house. and under one caput or director ; a family. including parents. kids. and servant. A kid to be considered as “missing” if he/she is absent from his/her topographic point of abode wihout authorization to a grade or in fortunes where the absense causes concern for safety of the kid or there ia possible danger to the populace. Missing kids in Malaysia is non a normal issue. A sum of 6452 kids were reported losing since 2004 until July 2007. most of them are girls below 18 old ages old. Normally. the ground their missing are ever related to run from place.

Merely several instances involved abduct. and sexually abuse. Why this job arised? The first causes is household jobs. Family jobs can be in footings of fiscal jobs. misconstruing with household members. deficiency of purpose and in hunt of freedom. Financial jobs occured in a hapless household with many kids. They need moneys to last in their life. Parents are busywith their plants to acquire money. They do non hold adequate clip to pass with their kids. Children go entirely and force per unit area and as a consequence they run from their place to acquire freedom. The 2nd causes is looking for occupation chances. Most of the childrens were losing are kids in the 14-17 age group as most of them would be of school traveling age.

They non interested in analyzing. so they looking for the occupation to derive the money therefore they can purchase anything they like. The 3rd causes is act uponing by their friends. Influenced by friends can give a positive and negative effects to them. Based on losing kids instances. most of the kids were losing because of following their lover. This is because that kids feel that their lover can give them freedom and better life. It can non be denied that the figure of instances may really be higher than what is reported because households may be embarrassed about describing such instances. Other causes such as misconstruing with household members. deficiency of purpose. in hunt of freedom. abused at place and etc.

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