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February 24, 2019 Teaching

The University of Nairobi has recently introduced the core teaching program under the school of Journalism. This program is anchored behind the reasoning that a particular lecturer could be knowledgeable on certain topics contained in a subject area and another could possess expert knowledge and skills relating to another subject. Co-teaching, or team teaching, as it is sometimes called, involves two instructors who design, deliver and assess a course together. These instructors may or may not have the same area or level of expertise, but they both contribute jointly to the creation of the course. For instance, a unit area such as research methods is very diverse entailing different approaches all which are best taught and delivered by individuals with a deep understanding on the theoretical and practical bit of the same.
Quality teaching experience is a must-have for today’s academic job marketRecent employment surveys in Kenya, have painted a picture where the current job market is flooded with half-baked graduates who cannot deliver at the workplace. Whether it is a question of service delivery by the university teaching staff or just mere lack of willingness to study, no doubt, embracing such a program will serve to increase the students’ knowledge, skills and exposure to what the employers in the labor market are sorting for. The international employment market will also benefit from students alumni of such a wholesome program that is expert based and delivered.
Based on my observation, it can be tedious to engage one lecturer in one unit per semester considering the changes that occur in the teaching curriculum overtime that need to be revised. There are therefore many benefits of team teaching for the faculty member, including a division of labor, a new perspective on an already much thought about course and the creation of new assignments and activities that he or she can use again in the future. I should hope the benefits to the students are clear as well: greater variety of expertise in the room, different teaching styles and increased access to teaching staff, just to name a few. With that in mind, the above program will serve to reduce the heavy workload that most university lecturers deal with by engaging two or more resourceful lecturers in a given topic area.
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Furthermore, it goes without saying, employment creation is an eventuality that will emanate from this program in both the long and short term.


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