The Challenges Of Computer Security Information Technology Essay

Online banking is a system which allows persons to execute banking activities at place, work etc with the usage of a computing machine, internet entree and a web browser. To the cut down fraud, online banking is enabled through a secure waiter, which will let persons a secure entree to their bank history. It is available everyday of the hebdomad regardless of the Bankss working hours. Besides for the user or client to be unafraid or protected from larceny, they will hold created a secure watchword in order to entree their history.

Passwords are really of import when utilizing online banking, and if the user does non do if complex plenty any hackers can derive entree to their personal inside informations and execute condemnable activities. Such as paying for points on-line, reassigning money to their bank histories and cloning the card. Though the user or client can acquire the money back from the bank in the long tally, this act still puts them in an uncomfortable state of affairs.

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With our design we to implement a secure watchword system there are traveling to be assorted jobs we will meet, and computing machine security places a really of import function here, since it ‘s a manner of protecting information, computing machine plans, and other computing machine assets. A system becomes really vulnerable to actions from unauthorised entree. A watchword is any alphameric twine used to place specific person to a computing machine, computing machine plan, computing machine web, or similar system. The disadvantage of a watchword is that, it can be forgotten and stolen etc. for a system to be password protected, the design should non hold any mistake in security and besides have an anti-virus installed. Besides the watchword should be chosen in such a manner that anyone will happen it hard to think or happen.

Some jobs we may meet are the usage of weak watchwords by clients or users. This act will do them prone to hackers, aggressors to derive entree to their personal inside informations. What these hackers do is to think the watchword. They besides use common forms to recover the watchwords.

Besides a typical job is a client burying their watchword. If the peculiar client relies on online banking, so they might lose a payment for measure and likely acquire charged or travel over their budget, which is a spot upseting.

Spoofing and phishing are besides jobs encountered. Spoofing is when a hacker pretends to be the system and deceives the user to type in their user name and watchword without the user cognizing it is bogus site. Phishing is the act of directing an e-mail to user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate endeavor in an effort to victimize the user into give uping privet information that will be used for individuality larceny. [ 2 ]

Another job encountered by concerns is the deficiency of user friendly interface. Some people do n’t trust cognize how to utilize the cyberspace decently, therefore concerns will hold to construct a system where the interface will be really simple and easy to utilize for the benefits of everyone. Besides many people are non comfy seting their personal inside informations online due to the fraud. Besides mistakes do go on merely incase person working in the bank leaves his /her USB incorporating critical information someplace, it might travel in the incorrect custodies.

2. Technical background and solutions

There are so many security issues about watchword hallmark. A good watchword system depends on the package used. Constructing this system will depend on the package that we will utilize. The package that will be used is HTML and Java.

HTML will assist us plan a web page for our system [ 3 ] . HTML stands for Hypertext Mark-up Language and is the prevailing mark-up linguistic communication used for Web pages. HTML will let us to construction our text-based information in a papers by stand foring some text as links, paragraphs and the layout of the web page.

Java is a technology/programming linguistic communication [ 4 ] that allows package designed and written for an idealised ‘virtual machine ‘ to run on a assortment of existent computing machines. The incorporation of Java is to cover with the programming portion of the system. The hallmark of this watchword will depend on the codification which will bring forth these watchwords. Because each client has to hold a alone watchword, the codification has to stipulate that “ no watchword can be used by two people ” . Java will be used to do it possible for users to interact with the web page since the watchword is linked to the web page.

The security degree associated with online banking is so immense and so many things have to be taken into consideration. The first thing to be considered when constructing a watchword system is to understand what the watchword system is intended for and the people who are traveling to utilize the system. The first users of this system will be the Designer and the System Administrator.

In our system, there will be an algorithm which will specify the assorted instructions like ciphering and informations processing. It is a type of method in which a list of chiseled instructions for finishing a undertaking will, when given an initial province, proceed through a chiseled series of consecutive provinces, finally ending in an end-state. A type of algorithm could be an ‘if ‘ statement, an illustration of this would be if a user enters the incorrect username and watchword they will be redirected to another page informing them have falsely entered their inside informations.

An entree control tabular array is a matrix ( table ) whose rows are indexed by topic and the columns are indexed by objects. Each entry of the tabular array is the set of entree rights for that topic over that object.

Subject= ( client, bank staff, system decision maker )

Object= ( client details.doc, savings.exe, )

Access- operations= ( read, compose, cancel ) = ( R, tungsten, vitamin D ) for short

The algorithm we will utilize is called Access control Table which specifies the different operations to be performed by the users of the system.

Customer Details.html




R, tungsten



Bank Staff

R, tungsten

R, tungsten

R, tungsten

System Administrator

R, tungsten, vitamin D

R, tungsten, vitamin D

R, tungsten, vitamin D

The above entree tabular array shows the degree of entree rights for the client, bank staff and bank director. The tabular array indicates that the System Administrator has the highest degree of entree rights as they can read, compose and cancel all objects.

A protect ring is a hierarchal control construction which represents security degrees. This is when a topic is given a security degree and can entree all objects at that degree or any flat below. The topic on the exterior of the ring is the least secret and the 2nd topic is at a higher degree than the first, later the topic on the interior being the most secret.

Let A represent Customer

Let B stand for Bank Staff

Let C stand for System Administrator

The protect ring below shows the power of each person ; The System Administrator ( C ) has the most rights and can entree the most objects. The 2nd degree of security is the bank staff ( B ) and the least secret is the client ( A ) .

Passwords can change in their grade of security protection ; hence often altering a watchword is frequently indispensable in order to forestall security breaches. Therefore we will offer a manner for clients to alter their watchword every bit frequently as they like, which will necessarily better the security.

Different systems besides vary in required features ( e.g. , lower limit and maximal lengths, permitted characters, etc ) . This is used to formalize the username and watchword by giving them a specific status. Validating the watchword is really of import as this is the procedure of look intoing if something satisfies a certain standard. A proof cheque will guarantee the company is able to document that a solution or procedure is right or is suited for its intended usage.

Another similar technique would be a characteristic whereby if your username and watchword is entered falsely three times the system would barricade the user from come ining their history and both the username and watchword will necessitate to be reset. This will guarantee clients enter their inside informations right and assist forestall unauthorised entree by hackers seeking to think watchwords.

To battle the jobs and challenges that may originate we must happen suited solutions to rectify such issues.

A solution to security and safety concerns when come ining inside informations online would be to hold a good system should provide clients with a unafraid manner to entree personal inside informations and inform them of safety steps taken. The bank ‘LLOYDS TSB ‘ [ 5 ] offer the warrant that in an improbable event that a client is a victim of fraud the client will non lose any money and will be to the full reimbursed.

To halt unauthorised users from deriving entree we could utilize authentication confirmation of individuality in which a user can turn out who they are by supplying inside informations such as day of the month of birth and few figures of his/her watchword.

To do online banking have good serviceability we need to guarantee that it is good accessible and do certain the site has easy pilotage so that the client can easy acquire around the site and can happen what they are looking for without jobs. This can be done by simple characteristics such as leting clients to derive speedy entree to the log in screen. Making certain the system is clear and easy to understand and the pilotage controls are clearly labelled for clients with hapless seeing.

Good learn ability is besides an of import characteristic so after a client has used the system one time and return to log on once more they remember how it works.

An effort to halt watchwords being discovered users should non utilize watchwords that are common and can be guessed easy such as the antecedently stated “ watchword ” or “ asdfg ” Using the first letters of the words in a phrase can be a really good thought, e.g. : ‘tell me what you want ‘ would go ‘tmwyw ‘ . By picking a familiar phrase this would give the user a memorable, but hard to think, watchword.

To work out the common job of a client burying their watchword it is a good thought to include a security inquiry so clients can recover their watchword such as their ‘mother ‘s inaugural name ‘ .

3. System analysis and rating

System Analysis

We did research many security based web site. But, one of the chief sites we based our system on was the lloydstsb online banking system [ 5 ] . Lloydstsb provide an first-class online banking service to all their and it is exceptionally easy to utilize, secure and a convenient service.

Therefore when it came to sing our system, we fundamentally took assorted characteristics and tools of the lloydstsb system into history and used some similar maps.

When it comes to lloydstsb, clients need to use for the service online. The client is so giving a mention figure to give to the client service secret agent over the phone. The secret agent over the phone so asks the client a few simple inquiries for confirmation. These inquiries are inquiry that the existent client will cognize. After that the Bankss operative so sends a pin and a logon codification to them individually in the station. The client can so register their inside informations online, save it and they are set up.

However, our system is different. We decided to implement a registry characteristic whereby the client will sign-up and register his or her inside informations on the really website.

In order to utilize the service any new clients would hold to register relevant inside informations onto the system. Users will log on to the web site and follow the assorted links to subscribing up for our on-line service.

Once they reach the registering subdivision, they will necessitate to come in their personal inside informations. Once logged onto the web site, the puting up stage will take approximately 5 to 10 proceedingss. That is if the client has all the relevant information at manus. Once completed, the users ‘ online banking inside informations will be saved on the database.

Below is ( figure. 1.0 ) . This shows a new user will necessitate to come in such personal inside informations as first name and last name. They will besides necessitate to make a username and watchword which will be asked to be entered in twice for verification that the watchword typed is in fact the right one.

Figure 1.0

However as we came across in our research ; lloydstsb online banking enrollment signifier asks more personal information such as history inside informations like kind codification, account figure and even the users three figures security ( figure 2.0 ) , but our purpose was to do a simple login system where the user is able to entree personal information online.


Although we tried to accomplish a similar system to lloydstsb, the security system they use is more complex than the one we ‘ve implemented chiefly because a batch of money is invested each twelvemonth to do it every bit secure as possible. Because the lloydstsb a really high rate of clients, they need all these security apparatuss in topographic point, as any little error could be them and their client really in a heartfelt way.

Besides, the chief aim was to make and implement a successful watchword system non an existent online history.

Once the enrollment subdivision is completed you are so taken to the login page were you will be prompted to come in the username and watchword you merely created ( figure 3.0 ) .

When the watchword is entered we chose to code the watchword by utilizing circles to conceal the cardinal shots and it is besides non stored on the personal computer cache. Our client ‘s watchwords are encrypted in the personal computer cache. We used MD5 ( Message-Digest algorithm 5 ) to do certain the registered watchword can non be viewed in the database by any user apart from the decision maker.


If the incorrect username or watchword is entered so, the user is unable to entree the site. The screen will so expose Login Failed! Please look into username and watchword. ( This is shown in figure 4.0 )


If the correct username and watchword are put in so the user is taken to the member ‘s page, this states that the user was successful and has put in the right username and watchword. ( Figure 5.0 )

As you can see, It besides displays the name the user registered when making your account.Figure5.0

The user will so hold the option to see his/her profile or logout one time completed his/her dealing by snaping the appropriate buttons [ 6 ] .

If a user tries to make a username and watchword that already exists on the database so they will be notified saying the ‘Login ID is already in usage ‘ so they will so hold to seek and make another alone username. ( Figure 6.0 )


If the user leaves the corresponding Fieldss empty and attempts to register they will be informed of what Fieldss are losing and will non be able to continue ( Figure 7.0 ) . They will so necessitate to make full in the clean Fieldss in order to make an history with the company.

Figure 7.0

4. Evaluation

The advantages of our system?

With the combination of utilizing MySQL and PHP [ 7 ] our group felt this has created a better system as it provides better security. This is because the users watchwords are non stored on the system cookies.

By utilizing Sessionss in our PHP coding it makes it more unafraid than cookies. Chiefly because Sessionss are stored in the waiter and cookies are stored on the client

computing machine which could be shared with other people.

However, as we subsequently came across, this in fact was non the instance. this will be explained further in future work section.

The system we created was different to other security login out at that place because the full user ‘s information is stored on a backend database. And besides on our system, the watchword is encrypted so other users can non see what is being displayed on the screen if they try and overlook what they typing.

A characteristic we incorporated in our login is to halt user types into the enrollment signifier with an bing username. This is how our system features work ; if a user efforts to utilize a same username that already exists so he/she will be notified to pick a different username.

The login page besides has another component where if a user leaves all the Fieldss blank and attempts register without come ining the needed Fieldss so the page displays an mistake warning saying the user needs to come in in the right Fieldss.

Although we wanted to acquire a system that was as similar to a existent banking system as possible, we were non able to carry through a full system. This is because anyone can register their inside informations online and they would derive entree to the site. Whereas with Barclays bank you would hold to set in an applicable kind codification, account figure and so a pin codification and a username is so sent to your reference within a two hebdomad period.

Our system has a simple enrollment signifier page where the user puts their personal information in order to make an history with the company. This was an extra characteristic we added in order to retroflex a existent system.

Our chief aims were to do certain our system has a user friendly interface, intending it ‘s should easy for the user to input their inside informations into the right field. Our group feels we accomplished this by holding a clear, simple to understand, efficient page.

5.Conclusion and future work

We have eventually completed the system we intended to plan. Making the system was rather complex but it was successfully done therefore we have a working system. Working together was merriment and motivation every member of the group played their single portion and contributed a batch its success.

We implemented this with the aid of assorted codifications from the cyberspace but evidently we had to do some alterations in order to accommodate the design we intended to make. Our system allows a client to make a username and watchword in order to log into their history via the cyberspace. In a instance where a username and watchword already exist in the database, the system will advise the user in order for them to alter it, and if there is already an bing history and the user enter incorrect information, the system will allow the user know that In order for the user to come in the right information.

In the close hereafter we like to add a card reader system in order to escalate the security of the client and besides make the client addition trust in our system. This map could be quit complex but come-at-able. This future map will be really unafraid because the client will hold the physical card reader appliance in order to do a dealing.

Even though we wanted to implement a secure system by utilizing PHP and MySQL, by making assorted research we came to the decision that Sessionss are insecure and can easy be hacked into. $ _SESSION usage cookies to hive away a $ _SESSION to the client browser, but the existent session informations is stored on the waiter. So if a hacker gets hold of a sessionId, so they can easy gull the waiter into believing that they are logged in as the individual who initiated the session. If we had more clip we would establish an option to battle this.

We could hold incorporated at least one or two numerical value. The intent of this is to make a much secured watchword system. Making this ensures that the watchword is non a dictionary word and will be hard for person to think and chop into the system.

Another characteristic we could hold added is a security inquiry in instance the user forgot their watchword they can recover it by replying a specific inquiry such as “ What is the name of your childhood pet? ” . Entering the correct reply to the inquiry, allows the user to recover his/her watchword by an electronic mail.

Mentions and Appendix

[ 1 ] 2010. Reference @ 27/02/2010. [ 2 ] Reference @ 28/02/20010. [ 3 ] Instant HTML 4.0 Alex Homer, Chris Ullman, Steve Wright [ 4 ] Java in a nutshell 3rd edition by David Flanagan 1999 [ 5 ] 2010. Reference @ 01/03/20010 [ 6 ] Web Page Designs Mary E Morris, Randy J H [ 7 ] Ellie Quigley with Marko Gargenta PHP and MySQl by illustration. Stoughton, Massachusetts, 2006

Working plans with remarks



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