The Characteristics of Effective English Teachers High Schools

Since the function of English as a linguistic communication of international communicating has been widespread rapidly in educational systems around the universe, instruction of English as a 2nd or foreign linguistic communication has become an progressively important undertaking ( Richards, 2001 ) . Therefore, many states in the Earth have been working difficult to guarantee their citizens ‘ equal English proficiency, which is necessary for their societal economic development. To make their ends, English has been included as a comparatively of import topic in each state ‘s national academic course of study. As a portion of educational development, effectual and qualified instructors are truly important in bettering pupils ‘ academic public presentation and educational system ( Shishavan & A ; Sadeghi, 2009 ) . In Cambodia context, how to learn English efficaciously is a common concern among English pedagogues, instructors, and other relevant stakeholders. Due to low wages, most instructors decided to work outside the school to acquire extra income to back up their household status. Surprisingly, on the history of the deficit of English instructors in Cambodia, merely a little figure of English instructors are specialized in English topic, but some instructors who are non majored in English were tentatively chosen to learn English. They besides did non hold any appropriate preparation to go instructors of English ( Vira, 2002 ) . Therefore, in an effort to come on the quality of instruction in Cambodia, Investigation on the features of effectual English instructors in high school truly provides a batch of part to heightening the quality of learning in order to run into the pupils ‘ demand. Since there were likely a few or no old surveies conducted on the features of effectual English instructors in Cambodia, this survey hence intends to calculate out those features of effectual English instructors in high schools in Cambodia.

Research Question

In position of the aim mentioned above, this research aims to reply the undermentioned inquiry.

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What makes a good instructor?

Reappraisal of literature

An effectual instructor should hold some cardinal features such as cognition of capable affair, adequate readying, learning experiences, learning methodological analysiss, flexiblenesss, communicative accomplishments, creativeness, high expectancy, confidence, and sense of belonging ( Adams & A ; Pierce, 2006 ; Thompson, Greer & A ; Greer, 2004 ; Mohrdin, Jaidi, Sang, Osman, 2009 )

In 2009, Shishavan and Sadeghi conducted a survey on the features of effectual English linguistic communication instructors as perceived by instructors and scholars of English in Iran. As a consequence, effectual English linguistic communication instructors should give prep ; prepare lessons ; be up to day of the month, self-controlled and adjustable ; believe about the pupils ‘ demands ; have positive feeling toward pupils ; being smart and originative ; and use a assortment of learning methods. Harmonizing to Brosh ‘s survey ( as cited in Shishavan & A ; Sadeghi 2009 ) , the qualities of good instructors can be identified such as being cognizant of cognition of the mark linguistic communication ; ability of forming, explicating and clear uping every bit good as maintaining the pupils ‘ involvement and motive ; demoing equality to pupils ; and being accessible to pupils. Even though most of research has been done on the of import features of a good linguistic communication instructor in many states around the universe, this paper tends to acknowledge the good instructors of English in high schools in Cambodia by carry oning research in some Kampuchean high schools.

Significance of the survey

This survey is important for four grounds. First, it will supply a general description on common features of instructors of English in Cambodia by chiefly concentrating on their characteristic inadequacies as instructors of English. Second, the survey will place their common features of effectual English instructors. The survey will convey about merely specific and of import features which chiefly make differences between effectual and uneffective instructors. Third, through the in-depth interview and questionnaires, the survey hopes to give a clear image of good instructors of English, which can be used as a theoretical account of English instruction. Finally, the survey will be necessary for instructors of English since it will give them thoughts on how to efficaciously learn English.

Restriction of research

This survey is guided with the undermentioned restrictions, which affect the generalization of the determination. First, the survey merely focuses on high schools instructors while it does non number kindergarten, primary or high instruction instructors. Second, the survey may be limited in its analysis or generalization as it will be conducted in merely two high schools, in which 10 instructors will be intentionally selected. Third, since this survey will chiefly calculate out merely common or of import features, some points might be ignored. Therefore, the above-named combination fortunes may restrict our apprehension and rating ; nevertheless, these are by and large overwhelmed and controlled by the research design.



In order to carry on this survey more successfully, we will utilize the qualitative research attack which we will hold to go to two high schools located in Phnom Penh to choose participants for interview. Before carry oning interviews, we will do an assignment and advise the ground of visit to the school principals. Since this is a less prepared survey, the exact of participants is non clear. We will utilize purposive sampling to choose the sample for our survey. We hope to interview 10 English instructors in both high schools. We will likely take both female and male instructors irrespective of the age.


With the intent of acquiring trusty information, we will personally detect English instructors in high school utilizing participant observation techniques, conduct informal little talk conversations and do agreements to interview participants at a ulterior clip. We may take a few brief notes in the field scene, but take notes of learning techniques and behaviours after observation. We will roll up informations through a questionnaire and personal observation. The questionnaire will dwell of 2 parts. In portion 1, there are 21 Likert Scale points. The instructors will be asked to supply their responses about the features of an effectual English instructor should hold. As for portion 2, there are four open-ended inquiries which we will inquire them to supply their replies based on their thoughts.

Data aggregation

We will transport out interviews after observation and taking notes. The interviews will be a written questionnaire, open-ended inquiries and tape-recording ( see Appendix below ) for the inside informations. Prior to questioning or tape-recording, we will explicate the chief rational of the survey to participants and state them that their engagement is voluntary. We will convey together the names of participants but hold them in confidential. Personal identifiers will be released to the populace in a manner that protects the designation of participants. We expect interviews to take around 15 proceedingss to 45 proceedingss and occur in the school campus or outside the school. Interview inquiries and questionnaires will non be fixed prior to questioning but will follow a general list of subjects. We may inquire different participants to make full in the questionnaires and reply the inquiries based on their penchant. We will listen to tape recordings and take notes every bit good as transcribe the interviews. We may take exposures with permission and will roll up artefacts. After roll uping the information of our research, we expect that the consequences of informations aggregation will be truly important because they will reflect the cardinal features of effectual instructors in Kampuchean high schools. Further, they will be a great part to upgrading the quality of English instructors in Cambodia.


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