The Characteristics That Affect Consumer Behaviour Marketing Essay

August 14, 2017 Marketing

The intent of this study is to depict the buying scenario of a consumer who is about to buy a device to replace their broken or outdated laptop. The determination on what device to buy is complex and depends on their single demands.

Consumer purchasing behavior is defined by Kotler et Al ( 2008:238 ) as “ [ T ] he purchasing behavior of concluding consumers-individuals and families who buy goods and services for personal ingestion ” .

The universe as we know it today has quickly changed due to advancement in engineering. Consumers penchant are besides altering due to the market changes that continue to happen.In order for a concern to last in the competitory markets today, a company/firm has to be up to day of the month with the latest consumer gustatory sensation and tendencies. Consumer behavior offers critical information and guidelines to sellers on the new approaching technological alterations that they will necessitate to research for illustration, Lap tops, Personal computer, IPods, Phones and etc.

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Consumer behavior is of import in selling, because it focuses on the client ‘s positions and what client value at all times. Customers ‘ needs/wants are ever deliberated by the company so every bit to supply the best service/product in return.

2. The features that affect consumer behavior

Mr Dennis Nyanmichaba an comptroller at NBC Bank has faults with his HP Laptop which keeps on heating up and randomly closing down every clip he places it on a difficult surface, due the jobs he can barely utilize his laptop at place or work because it keeps closing down, and sometimes when he is making of import work ( e.g. Balance sheet, net income and loss history and etc ) the computing machine shuts down so he sometimes loses the work and has to get down all over once more which is non a good thing. So he late visited the shop desiring to cognize if he can either mend the laptop or purchase a trade name new one, and if it ‘s the instance of purchasing a trade name new laptop, what trade name is suited? .

Mr Dennis Naymichaba would desire to hold a laptop that non merely works absolutely but besides entreaties in today ‘s concern universe ( Social ) for illustration a truly known and sophisticated trade name like Apple ( Mac Book ) which non merely has basic things that a normal laptop has but besides has the border and advanced engineering which makes it different from other laptops, Dennis would desire a laptop with outstanding quality that works truly fast and does non hold any kind of complication what so of all time, at the same clip it should hold a logo/brand that stands out among equals, Because presents you do n’t see concern people or houses still utilizing old trade names they all try to upgrade and remain up to day of the month with technological progresss. Another thing would be ( Psychological Factors ) that he would desire to purchase it because his colleagues are utilizing the same type or much more advanced engineering laptops, so he would n’t desire to experience left out in the engineering universe and decide to besides upgrade to something more advanced alternatively of the laptop he has at present. In other words Mr Dennis Nyamichaba would desire to buy the laptop non merely for necessity, but besides out of desire and psychological demand, he would besides non merely want the laptop for office needs merely but besides personal demands for illustration on a weekend off work he would love to watch films, listen to music and possibly play games take his head off work and entertain himself, So fundamentally he would desire something with some kind of amusement that would assist him loosen up, put his head off work and do something different as mentioned above.

The consumer purchase determination procedure diagram is really of import for anyone doing a determination in selling. It alerts sellers to see the purchasing procedure instead than merely the purchase determination.

The diagram indicates that clients pass through all phases in every purchase. However in more everyday purchases, clients frequently skip or change by reversal some of the phases.

An illustration would be Mr Dennis Nyamichaba purchasing his well-known laptop ( Mac book ) he would non see anything else but purchasing the mac book, merely because everyone else has the same sort of trade name at that peculiar time/period and travel right to the purchase determination, jumping all the other procedures.However the diagram is really utile when it comes to understanding any purchase that requires some idea and deliberation.

The consumer purchasing procedure start with need acknowledgment. At this phase, the purchaser recognises a job or demand ( e.g. Mr Dennis needs to cognize if he can purchase a trade name new laptop or mend the old one )

3. The types of consumer purchasing determinations

Then Mr Dennis Nyamichaba ( Kotler et Al ( 2008:266 ) Information hunt: Seeking value ) will hold to seek for information sing which trade name he should truly travel for and if that certain trade name is perfect for his demands and wants and if it is non underrated in today ‘s concern universe and engineering, he would besides desire information on how long this certain merchandise stopping points for, what period of clip will that certain laptop truly stay for without jobs happening ( In other words it ‘s lastingness ) .

Then ( Kotler et Al ( 2008:269 ) Evaluation and options measuring value ) he would compare between his broken laptop and advanced engineering laptop that was recommended for him, what things does the old laptop have that the 1 with high engineering does non hold and look into if the engineering has truly changed like how it ‘s been stated to him by the shop workers.

Mr Dennis ( Kotler et Al ( 2008:271 ) Purchase determination: Buying value ) would look into the monetary value, if it ‘s truly expensive that he has to wait for monetary values to travel down so purchase it or merely buy it now that he urgently needs it.

Then in conclusion ( Kotler et Al ( 2008:271 ) Post purchase behavior: Value in ingestion or usage ) after buying the laptop Mr Dennis will hold to compare the public presentation of the laptop and see if he truly likes it and if it suits his demands and wants and if he is truly satisfied /dissatisfied with merchandise, and if so, he can portion his experience with other colleagues that have yet to purchase the laptop.

Mr Dennis Nyamichaba ‘s client engagement ( Variety seeking purchasing behavior ) into purchasing this merchandise is low because he has no Idea what to acquire after his old laptop broke down, there will be important difference among trade names ( An illustration would be CHOCKLET, person would non cognize the gustatory sensation hence after eating merely he can state whether to still travel for the trade name or alteration to another one following clip he is purchasing the bar. The companies try so difficult to alter the nature of accustomed purchasing behavior. ) so he would non cognize which among the trade names is by far much better for him and that he is assured that he wo n’t confront the same jobs that he faced with his old laptop.

5. Decision

This study has explained on how sellers should understand consumer behavior and how they should travel about it.And besides has identified the features ( Cultural, societal, personal and psychological features ) that would impact the consumer behavior when doing a purchase associating to an incident or a client replacing a broken laptop. Besides it has looked into the purchasing determination behavior ( Variety seeking purchasing behavior ) that is associated with the purchase. Besides the significance of consumer engagement is it high or low for the type of purchasing determination behavior. It is now clearer that there is non a peculiar theory that is wholly immaculate in the effort to unknot the enigma of purchaser behavior as the arguments have proven to be ne’er stoping. Each theory holds some grade of relevancy. However, some tend to be stronger than others in footings of confirmation and certainty. The literature available reveals that there is an ongoing inclination of rejecting thoughts sing the generation of purchaser behavior. When we omit thoughts and ration down the nature of purchaser behavior, danger is that we block out utile cognition which bounds our range of grasp. The original premiss hence stands to be true that the nature of the purchaser is so in demand of probe, instead that presupposition.



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