The Children’s Act 1989

By February 10, 2019 Education

The Children’s Act 1989
This act is based on the principles of UNCRC and introduced comprehensive changes to legislation in England and Wales surrounding the welfare of children and identified the responsibilities of parents and those who work with children.
• The main focus was – Welfare of child is paramount.
• All agencies will work in partnership with parents.
• Parents have responsibility for and not rights over their children.
• Wishes and feelings of children to be taken into consideration after consultations.

It remains an important piece of legislation due to its focus on safeguarding children and the duties of local authorities. The present legislation is the reset of this act whereby it ensures that all the people who work with children, work together as a team with the sole aim of ‘Welfare’ of the child.

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United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child 1989 (UNCRC)
The UNCRC is an international human rights treaty which sets out the rights of all children (anyone, under the age of 18) to be treated equally. These include full range of Human Rights – civil, cultural, economic, social and political. Some of the rights charted are as follows:
• Education and health care.
• Express opinions and heard
• Development of personalities, abilities and talent.
• Environment of happiness and understanding

Every Child Matters, 2004
The main points stressed in this act were that much closer working relationship between multi-agencies should be established to improve the outcomes. Each professional may know different things about the child’s life and may have their own views, however they know all the details the case may prove to be more complex and concerning than previously thought. Whereby central database containing records of all children is maintained and shared in the correct way so the involved professionals can work together to ensure that the child is in question is safe and, if necessary removed from unsafe environment. Also it mentions the duties of local authorities to promote educational achievement and to establish Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCBs).


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