The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaves Marketing Essay

August 17, 2017 Marketing

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ( S ) Pte Ltd, is a family-run java and tea company that has since grown into one of the largest privately- owned java company in the universe. The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf has discovered the expression for a successful java and tea company. First, I am traveling to happen out about their history like how they have grown over the old ages and how they invariably manage and better with the many obstructions until how they are like today. ( Organizational construction ) Second, I would besides desire to happen out the different people involved and what they do, which is fundamentally their occupations /roles in services, amusement and more. Last, to happen out their secret particular selling scheme compared to other java companies like Starbucks and The Coffee Connoisseur and how to vie and come up with better growing schemes.

Coffee Bean Intl ‘s laminitiss got their passionate start in a little Oregon town, where they were fanatically roasting beans for neighbours, friends and themselves. But they did n’t remain little town for long. During the intervening decennaries, Coffee Bean Intl has grown from a little two-man shopfront into one of the state ‘s largest and most well-thought-of wholesale forte java roasters, good known for its traditional artisan attack to roasting. We were one of the first roasters in the state to advance dark joints, develop flavored javas, and offer certified organic and certified just trade javas.

Today, over one million cups of our typical hand-roasted javas are enjoyed each twenty-four hours by java lovers all across the state. Coffee Bean Intl ‘s extended client base throughout North America includes several thousand independent forte java retail merchants, every bit good as some of America ‘s most well-respected national retail merchants.

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background

The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ is a java concatenation company that produces Californian-based java. The company was founded by 2 people, Mona and Herbert Hyman.

The company foremost gave rise in the vicinity of Brentwood in Los Angeles, September 1963. The Coffee Bean today has many locations all over the universe including San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Honolulu and all over Southern California including Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura. Many “ Coffee Beans shops ” which are found outside of California are franchises.

Most of these shops that are located all around the universe are franchised. A great enterpriser, Victor Sassoon, from Singapore had a vision of spread outing the company Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ and hence opened locations throughout Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines many more.

Suiting to the current society which is rich in engineering and to provide to consumers ‘ holding demands to be on-line 24/7, The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf offers Wi-Fi Internet entree at virtually all company-owned shops and franchise shops. The company started put ining the Wi-Fi units in mid 2008 and many shops had the radio service by the third-quarter of the twelvemonth. The service is wholly free and does non necessitate any types of enrollment or payment.

1.2 Objective

The intent of this study is to place the company ‘s possible growing throughout the old ages as it started from a little java stall by utilizing the aid on marketing scheme analysis. With a good selling scheme, a little java stall would be able to turn to go a immense franchise company.

The intent of placing the different functions is to fundamentally state us that Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ is proud to show their extended services by taking the excess stat mi to let clients to make Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ in the nearest manner and convenient manner by supplying bringing services and so on.

Last, the purpose of this study is to let us to place and do certain that The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ would be able to out win other java companies like Starbucks and The Coffee Connoisseur.

1.3 Scope

In this study, certain selling analysis would be done on the company to accomplish the aims. Due to the restriction of history of The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ the measure by measure procedure of how The Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf ‘ gradually grows would be touched on. However, research would be used to turn out how the company managed to turn to a immense franchise company today from a little java stall.

2.0 SWOT Analysis of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves

2.1 The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves ‘ strength

2.1.1 Recruiting and preparation programme

One of the strength that this company possesses is start up a regional office in Singapore that would supply preparation and enlisting to the regional states about. Before there was a regional preparation and enlisting office, the staffs and directors were recruited by local adviser bureaus. By holding this Recruiting and preparation programme, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves each director that is trained by the programme would be suited and being knowing with experience about the country. With the aid of the preparation, they would be able to supply the best solution with any job that arises, altering and accommodating to new schemes. Staffs that go through the preparation programme would be less introvert and be more direct when it comes to client service. Trained staffs would so be able to assist clients with their demands without any job, supplying a pleasant service.

2.1.2 Particular selling scheme

Another strength of this company is to hold a particular selling scheme to pull clients in a high volume and besides be known around by consumers through location of high visibleness. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves uses two types of market entry schemes which are master franchising and company owned-stores. To be in an advantage in the foreign market, selling attack is indispensable. For The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, the 3 chief selling attacks are market entry, selling place, and site location. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves prefers master franchising as a manner of entry to the market in Asia. Due to the difference in environments from the USA and Singapore, the system, merchandises and selling have been modified and changed to suit to the different environments. In the USA, company owned-stores were used alternatively.

2.1.3 Franchise

Other than merely maestro franchising, franchise communicating is besides another strength the The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves make usage of. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves would pass on between franchisee and franchisor to let more information to be gathered by the franchisor to assist see the franchisee ‘s jobs which were faced during their first phases of franchising in a new country or part.


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