The Common Man Essay Sample

August 9, 2017 General Studies

A adult male for all seasons by Robert Bolt. The character of the common adult male seems to transport traits of disloyalty and selfishness when he appears in the drama portraying different characters. This seems to associate greatly to the plants of Bertolt Brecht whose chief focal point was to distance viewing audiences from the characters as to give better recognition to the societal jobs being displayed.

In this essay Bertolt Brecht’s influence will be critically discussed by explicating Brecht’s purposes in dramas. how it is captured in the common adult male and how it seems to estrange viewing audiences from the drama although the common adult male draws the viewing audiences into the drama as Bolt intended. The common man’s effectivity in the drama will besides be discussed by mentioning to his functions of Steward Matthew. the Boatman and the Jailer. His features will be compared to that of Sir Thomas More to clearly light that his function is so effectual.

Harmonizing to Kincaid ( 2010 ) Brecht was a German author who wrote dramas that distance viewing audiences from the action so they would be able to react more critically to the societal jobs being portrayed in his dramas. Brecht’s influence can be clearly seen in the function of the common adult male as he invariably changes functions. sets the scenery and speaks straight to the audience. which allows him to be both inside and outside of the drama. Kincaid references that the Common man’s chief intent was to convey disaffection into the drama so that viewing audiences can put more focal point on the societal events instead than acquiring attached to the characters. On the contrary the Common adult male draws the audience closer to the drama alternatively of forcing them off. Taylor ( 1969 ) remarks on this by stating “the device of the Common Man truly owes more to Bolt’s wireless experience than it does to Brecht. Taylor references here that although Brecht might hold had an influence in A adult male for all seasons it is clearer that Bolt brings in the common adult male so that viewing audiences can be drawn into the drama.

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On the surface it might look that the Common man’s function is to withdraw viewing audiences from the action but in a deeper sense. the Common adult male is a disloyal. selfish character merely to convey to illume the good nature of Sir Thomas More.

Turnier ( 2009 ) remarks on the character of the Common adult male by stating “the Common Man is seen as person who has been pushed around and has become. by being bullied. a frailty ridden animal who frequently uses Sir Thomas More. the prototype of moral goodness and solid work forces. for the mercantile establishment of his vice” . In his function as the House Steward Matthew. he instantly decides to go forth when Sir Thomas More when he hears that his wage will be cut. Although it depicts him as a unpatriotic adult male. More still says that he will lose him. This shows that More has a good bosom and is a caring individual.

As the Boatman. the Common adult male decides to seek and coerce more money out of More by bear downing him more than the usual menu. This shows that the common adult male will work the wealthy in order to derive more money. The effectivity of this function is to convey to illume that Sir Thomas More stands for what he believes is right by declining to pay more than he normally does.

As the Jailer. the common adult male illustrates cowardice when he refuses Sir Thomas More more clip with his household. Sir Thomas More accepts that he can non put on the line the life of the Common adult male and this brings to illume the unity that Sir Thomas More shows.

In decision it can be said that the function of the Common adult male was so effectual as it managed to convey viewing audiences into the drama by acquiring them more affiliated to Sir Thomas More. The Common adult male is merely selfish and unpatriotic as to set Sir Thomas More through trails which tests his trueness and unity and shows the viewing audiences that he is so the hero that they expect him to be.


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