The Company Over View Marketing Essay

This assignment is about presenting a new and alone merchandise to the market instead than bing merchandises, so I came across the company Atlas and the advanced merchandise is ungraded bike. So I have explained about the merchandises characteristics and how it can be enter the market

I have discussed about the SWOT analysis of the merchandise and macro, micro environmental factors, market mix, cleavage and aiming scheme. At last I have discussed about the b2b and b2c market and I have done the merchandise development utilizing ansoff ‘s matrix.

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Atlas Company is the taking company in Sri Lanka that produces stationary points, tapes and attention merchandises. They are good known for the quality and the alone merchandises. These merchandises are used by many pupils and corporate organic structures around Sri lanka.

The atlas company is good established in Sri lanka and even now they are viing with international companies. So in order to pull everyone, Atlas Company has come up with new merchandise that is ungraded bike, which has a alone engineering to forestall accidents and it ‘s a safety motorcycle for everyone. So this merchandise will certainly make a good market. As it has a signal sensor, if there is anything in forepart of the motorcycle like wall or a vehicles it automatically stops and it changes velocity and cogwheels automatically harmonizing to the route status.


2.1 Situation analysis

SWOT analysis


It has a good trade name name- Atlas

Have a good quality merchandises

Has a good relationship among consumers

Unique and broad scope of stationary merchandises

Reasonable monetary value

Available everyplace in srilanka

Not much rivals

50 old ages of experience in the market


There are broad scope of same points

Less advertisement about the company

Very few merchandises may be damaged, if they non tested decently


More consumer tends to purchase the merchandises

More people get chance to work in the company

New engineering rises



May loss consumers when a merchandise does n’t work sometimes.


Atlas Company has a strong trade name name among people and it is available in all countries, in little ordinary stores and in shopping place. It has a good quality and originative merchandises. The company has a good apprehension about their consumers. There are merchandises are at low-cost monetary value. There are n’t many rivals for the company.


Atlas Company has no good publicities and advertizements for their merchandises. Very few of their merchandises may non work as the company might travel incorrect when proving the merchandises. The same point or a merchandise is available at broad scope, so consumer might acquire confused which one to purchase.


They can do more consumer as their quality and merchandises are good at sensible monetary value. As the merchandises are more the company can supply occupations for more people. As they introduce new merchandises, engineering besides increases and acquire updated.


Some rivals try to catch the Atlass company by bring forthing good merchandises at sensible monetary value. If they are careless and if they do n’t make any publicity to their merchandises, they might be given to loss more consumers.

2.2 Macro environment

5c ‘s analysis

Company over position

Atlas Company was started at 1959 with merely 10 employees and 11 machines, after 50 old ages of growing, they have a big fabrication composite in sri lanka. Now they are bring forthing 300 stationary merchandises for schools, corporate and for places.

Their chief purpose is to pull more pupils so they create new merchandises with originative head. They are really proud to be the lone stationary trade name available all over srilanka. So this company is under monopoly market. Now Atlas Company has grown globally with there 50 old ages of experience.


Atlas Company has consumers at all age but their chief mark is to pull pupils and staff to utilize their merchandises. So atlas merchandises can be seen all over srilanka.




Homeran pastel

Panther notebook


Political factors

Tax rates may alter

The company may hold to pay mulcts to the authorities if there merchandises fail to run into the criterion of jurisprudence

If rivals change their monetary value, the Atlass company besides have to do alteration with their monetary value

If the authorities changes it would impact the company to follow new regulations st by the new parties.

Economic factors

Change in involvement rate may impact the company

Exchange rate may besides impact the concern


Social factors

As the population addition more merchandises have to be produced

Merchandises should be green goodss harmonizing to the civilization of the states.

Technological factors

Technology affects the ability to bring forth more merchandises

It helps the concern to spread out

It helps to function merchandise information online, e-marketing and on-line advertizements of the merchandises.

2.3 Cleavage

The cleavage is the procedure to make a concern with better mark to pull right clients. It is about placing clients need and wants, so carry through them by giving them the best merchandises or service.

Types of market cleavage

Psychographic: it is the person ‘s life style, involvement, attitude and other values which help the sellers to divide them into groups.

Behavioral: trade name trueness of the client helps the sellers to sort them into little group and use of peculiar merchandises by clients.

Geographic: the urban and rural country, part of the state helps the seller to sort clients into little groups.

2.4 Targeting

Target selling is a type of market section or a measure involved in a market segementaation. In mark selling the sellers have to take the best cleavage that will make their end. So in Atlass company instance at that place mark markets are:

2.5 Positioning

Atlas sri lanka ‘s favourite stationary trade name, for every one as the quality of the merchandises is good. Besides it is the no 1 taking companies in sri lanka as it is available all over sri lanka. The monetary values of the merchandises are favourable for the consumers to purchase, so atlas has a good place in every consumer ‘s head as it fulfill their demands. They ‘re really originative in bring forthing their merchandises to pull their clients.

2.6 Buying behaviour

For a company to make good in concern, it ‘s of import to understand purchaser behaviour. What consumers need and want from the merchandises, after analysing them, the company has to bring forth and monetary value the merchandises harmonizing to the consumer ‘s satisfactions. The purchaser ‘s behaviours are categorized as:

Psychological- where consumers finds for safety merchandises

Social- the monetary value and the quality of the merchandises should be favourable

Cultural – schooling and office usage

Personal – people who ever used to compose and pull.

Lo3 C: UsersRamananDownloadsatlas.jpg

Figure 1

3.1 Marketing mix

When marketing the merchandise the company should see:

Right merchandise

Sold at right monetary value

In the right topographic point

Using the most appropriate publicity

3.2 Merchandise

The atlas company ‘s soil bike was designed to cut down accident and drive comfortably. This soil bike is chiefly designed for pupils as they love siting bikes. This merchandise is equipped with a visible radiation detector which detect any object in forepart of it to acquire break and balance, besides it has manual interruption. The bike can alter its velocity and cogwheels harmonizing to the route conditions.

This can be more valuable for the users as it reduces bike fixs due to the cause of accidents. Merely one individual can sit the bike as it has one comfy place. So this merchandise will decidedly liked by everyone specially parents would wish to purchase it for their childs.

Degree of merchandises

Degree centigrades: UsersRamananDownloads otalproduct.jpg

Core merchandises: the benefits of the merchandise which can non be touched are core merchandises that make valuable to us. Dirt bike nucleus merchandises are it reduces accident and gives new experience for the rider.

Actual merchandise: it is touchable and physical merchandise ; ungraded bike ‘s existent merchandises are automatic velocity and gear alteration, automatically gets interruption. And has a comfy place.

Augmented merchandise: it is intangible portion, these are excess values added to the merchandise, where consumer need non desire to pay for it. So augmented merchandise of soil bike is that there is one twelvemonth guarantee for the bike and best quality parts.

3.3 Topographic point

Topographic point is really of import for a company, for transporting, hive awaying goods and the administering the merchandises to the clients. So atlas soil bike will be distributed foremost in Colombo and Kandy metropoliss, as it is crowded topographic point and more stores are available.

3.4 Monetary value

Price the monetary value of a merchandise determines the value it has. Pricing policy will change harmonizing to clip and fortunes. The Atlas company has to monetary value its bike by comparing the monetary value of the bike of the rivals and their actions. Besides they have to monetary value harmonizing to the market status and monetary value. The bike might be high as it has stuff cost, labour cost and machinery cost. Normal monetary value of bikes in sri lanka cost between Rs.14, 000- Rs.20, 000, as the soil bike has the latest engineerings, it would be about Rs.25, 000 in Sri lanka without revenue enhancement.

3.5 Promotion

Promotion is the manner of presenting information about the merchandise to the clients through communicating methods. So every bit shortly as the pricing over, the company will make the publicities portion to make their merchandise to the consumers.

So atlas company would utilize:

Ad: it ‘s a paid method to advance their merchandise through media, ex: telecasting, newspaper, cyberspace and wireless.

Personal merchandising: an unwritten communicating with purchasers to sell their merchandises, so this can make a good relationship with the purchaser.

Promotion or public relationship: where Medias spread as intelligence to bespeak a new merchandise has arrived in the market.

Excessively many publicities may damage the trade name name, so Atlas Company would utilize merely few publicity methods.

3.6 Extended selling mix

Peoples: people are one of the parts of service selling mix, so in Atlass company employees and staffs and their attitude towards clients define a service. So the company is acquiring staffs good trained in interpersonal accomplishments and client service with the purpose of client fulfilment.

Procedure: is the manner how the organisation delivers their service to the client. Atlas Company delivers their service without a loss in quality and their really promptly excessively.

Physical grounds: is the component of the service mix which allows the clients to do judgement on the organisation by holding an outer expression of the company. Ex-husband: booklet, concern card, packaging, cyberspace and many more come as physical grounds in organisations.


4.1 Marketing mix in different contexts

4.2 New merchandise development utilizing Ansoff ‘s matrix

Ansoff ‘s matrix is a tool that helps concerns to make up one’s mind whether the merchandise and market are new or bing. There are four chief schemes in Ansoff ‘s matrix which help the concern to turn and assist them to believe about the hazards linked with each option.

Degree centigrades: UsersRamananDownloadsAnsoff_Matrix.jpg

4.3 Market incursion

This involves increasing market portion by selling bing merchandise in the bing market, and these can be achieved in multiple ways.

Atlas Company ‘s bing merchandise can be sold to the bing client by altering monetary value, adding minor characteristics, altering the packaging or foregrounding alternate utilizations can assist to increase market portion.

4.4 Product development

This involves selling new merchandise for bing clients and it ‘s a moderate hazard for a company.

Atlas Company has introduced soil bike which is wholly different from their traditional merchandises, they made this bike with wellness witting to cut down accidents.

4.5 Market development

This involves in selling bing merchandise to new clients, and it ‘s a moderate hazard for the company. A really common illustration is come ining a new market in different geographical countries nationally or internationally.

So Atlas Company has to make new distribution channel, different pricing policy and new promotional scheme to pull different types of client, to sell their existing merchandises.

4.6 Diversification

This involves presenting new merchandises to new market at the same clip and this high hazard because both merchandise and market are new and unknown.

Atlas Company is traveling its alone merchandise soil bike to a new market, where it is anticipating a really big client group. I think it will be one of the most successful variegation of all time for Atlas Company.

4.7 Difference in selling merchandises and services to concerns instead than consumers.

4.8 B2B market

When the company sells its merchandise to another company instead than an terminal user or consumer, so it ‘s B2B selling.

B2B market will be:

Time devouring

With the aid of online and e-commerce the company can sells it ‘s merchandise to concern consumers.

It besides cut down the merchandising rhythm

Gross saless volume will be high

4.9 B2C market

When the company sells its merchandise directy to the consumers, so it ‘s a B2C selling.

B2C market will be:

Time consuming is really short

Gross saless volume will be less than B2B market

Tonss of publicity and advertizement have to be done to advance the merchandise.


The Atlass company in Sri lanka is establishing its new and advanced merchandise soil bike in Colombo and Kandy metropoliss, the bike has the latest engineering in it to cut down the accidents and it ‘s expressions and monetary value will decidedly pull a really big client groups in Sri lanka and besides atlas company would travel its merchandise soil bike globally as it reach their mark in Srilanka. So largely ungraded bike can be seen all over Sri lanka instead than three Wheelers and motorcycles which are major causes of traffic jam in Sri lanka.



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