The Competitive Product Advantage Marketing Essay

October 1, 2017 Marketing

In Pakistan, premium cocoas are easy turning and more rivals are come ining the market. An attractive growing for epicure cocoas makes the current participants like Ganache Chocolates, Lals Chocolates, Patchi, Godiva and others to believe of new schemes to spread out market portion. Furthermore, some of the large traditional makers like Hershey ‘s and Cadbury are besides looking to come in this section.

Ganache Chocolates is a reasonably new entrant in the industry, presently runing merely in Lahore catering to a niche market. However, outside of Lahore consciousness of the trade name is reasonably low. The CEO has asked the gross revenues and selling squad to increase gross revenues by two or three crease within a period of 10 old ages. The cardinal successes in premium cocoas are to understand the consumer ‘s demands, addition trade name consciousness, diversify the merchandise line and enhance fight. By establishing a new line of organic merchandises Ganache Chocolates can tap into another market of consumers that are looking for healthier options. This new line of organic cocoas will be called Chocolate Terra.

There are many challenges for Ganache Chocolates to turn in this mark niche, besides there are many standard concern schemes that have n’t applied efficaciously. Furthermore, Ganache Chocolates is small/medium Company that has limited resources to use such schemes. Management will hold to do careful determinations to pull off its strength and failing and at the same clip ; they have to get the better of the menaces, and capitalise on chances in the industry.

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SWOT Analysis


Taste and Quality


Consumer Loyalty

Employee pride and trueness

Skilled and experient employees


Forecasting and be aftering

Brand consciousness




Turning Market

Youth mark market


Healthy Lifestyles

Ice Cream

Internet ( Online Shopping )


New entrants

Changing demands and tendencies

Local economic system

Monetary value alterations

Key Problems

Premium Chocolate competition in Pakistan involves strong regional trade names and few planetary participants such as Godiva. Cocoas are frequently used as gift during legion seasons and jubilations including Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, birthdays, new old ages, valentine ‘s twenty-four hours, and other day of remembrances. Consumers sometime opt for replacement merchandises such as flowers, jewellery, and other types of gifts. By establishing a new line of premium organic cocoas Ganache can come in another niche market and derive more market portion and stay competitory.

The bargaining power of providers is something that can cut down a houses profitableness by higher monetary values or reduced the quality of the provider ‘s merchandise. The providers of the cocoa industry have important bargaining power due to miss of providers. Besides, since there is no replacement for chocolate beans it increases their bargaining power. Since the chocolate bean is a needed ingredient in cocoa, the providers do non hold any replacement merchandises for which they must vie.

Key Strategic Decisions

Advertising & A ; Promotional Aims

The new merchandise line will be launched during the winter season at the LUX Style Awards. Ganache Chocolates will transport out a figure of advertizements through Television, wireless, magazines, hoardings, and societal media. The company will besides transport out publicities at promenades with trying activities to give consumers a gustatory sensation of the good life, and acquire immediate feedback from consumers.

Target Market

As Ganache Chocolates carries little merchandise line, the mark audience is besides rather little, as we look to provide to the elect category, upper in-between category, and wellness witting consumers. Broadly talking, we look to aim the 3 major metropoliss Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Ganache besides looks to supply easy handiness to its clients, by holding more locations. Besides a lower cost cocoa for kids will besides be launched along with the organic cocoas. We will section the market into 3 classs, diet witting, gustatory sensation witting, and quality witting consumers, monetary value does non fall in here because its a premium high terminal gourmet merchandise.

Competitive Product Advantage

For premium cocoa consumers, the chief ground of for purchasing is either for themselves or as a gift for others. The first thing in the consumers mind when buying luxury nutrients is the gustatory sensation, packaging, and the experience while shopping. Our retail shops create a friendly and alone environment with cocoa olfactory properties and Parisian decor with the friendliest staff. We besides will provide big orders such as for nuptialss, or as corporate gifts for particular occasions. The packaging provided by Ganache for these particular orders is so elegant, appealing and epicurean that rivals such as Lals cocoas find it difficult to maintain up with it. Ganache Chocolates besides maintains relationships with their clients, and have a loyal consumer base.

Image & A ; Personality

As we are aiming to the niche market and concentrating on elect category the image that we are seeking to set in the heads of our mark consumers is elegance, manner, category therefore turn outing the superior quality that we will assure. To be accurate and descriptive it will be the Rolls Royce of cocoas.

The personality that we will seek to convert our consumers to give to our trade name will be edification, royalty. Here we besides want to clear up that we are non merely seeking to portray the posh image of our trade name but besides assuring to give consumers the experience of great gustatory sensation, quality and freshness which will when touch the gustatory sensation buds of our consumers will make and put such a good memory in their heads that they will ne’er desire to eat cocoa other than our trade name.

Merchandise determinations

We will offer our consumers with packaged boxes of cocoas but on the other side the diet cocoas will besides be in saloon signifier as weight witting people will besides experience the desire of eating diet cocoa after exercising as it is this clip in which the people feel the great demand or press to eat something healthy and natural to retrieve the energy lost during exercising and diet witting people particularly youths eat peculiar and specific things that would be tasty and healthy while going so diet free cocoa in the signifier of a saloon could be greatly consumed.

The monetary value on 22 ounce of regular cocoas bundle or box will be Rs 2000 and diet cocoas will be Rs 2500. The monetary value on diet cocoa saloon will be Rs 100.

Our chief channel of distribution will be retail merchants particularly major retail merchants such as Al Fatah where normally people belonging to upper category semen. In future we will besides sell our trade name online.

Merchandise determinations

Cocoas had been an of import portion of homo ‘s life since the twenty-four hours chocolate was discovered. It is non merely loved by kids but besides by adults, particularly misss who are so much tempted by it that they break their dieting and merely experience its pleasuring gustatory sensation. In Pakistan besides people have great love for cocoas and there is the constituent of consumers who consider it as a mark of royalty but could non happen a cocoa trade name that would be up to its name. Gourmet introduced cocoa trade name focused on elect category but it was excessively sweet and as you know that cocoas are besides considered as flesh outing diet witting people use to avoid it but it is for the first clip in history that we are presenting diet cocoas and our regular cocoas under our trade name has a better gustatory sensation so other cocoas as we will utilize a high quality and fresh chocolate beans.

Girls act as that portion of consumers who ca n’t avoid and wipe out the gustatory sensation of sugariness and softness of cocoas from their gustatory sensation buds and memories but they are besides that constituent of consumers who are purely diet witting. Here the diet cocoas of our trade name will do them delighted with the feelings that could non be explained.


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