The Concept of Futurology

April 4, 2017 October 25th, 2018 Physics

FUTUROLOGY ESSAY ASSIGNMENT NINO MEMANISHVILI Analytically attempt to forecast the upcoming progresses by a thoughtful study of previous and recent trends. Outlooks of the future called scenarios. That is beneficial in likelihood, extended range and deliberate planning. In short, Futurology is a procedure of fore casting for the future actions from present trends. A lot of forecasts have been became reality. In 1770, Sebastian Mercier worked of futurology by forecasting.

He said for the future, man would only work for a limited day hours in a world and further study of traditional languages would evaporate and neglected from the history, when it would not account the honour of humanity, every page being jam-packed with crimes and foolishness. In 1932, HG Wells established the departments of Forecast (Kitching, 2001). Fore casting increased there cent futurology 40 years past. Futurology is a mutual term of information database but it is not used absolutely by professionals in the field of the world.

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Futurology is well-defined as the study of the future. In 1973, Futurology studies on-going in specific of the instituted of United State. The Futurology course would be education of the future with evaluation in science literature. Different programs produced for the graduation level. In 1990, people award from the future 2 studies and try to preserve the studies related to the Futurology for that purpose designed the website for it and announce the papers associated to Futurology. Demonstrate more futures educations performed in the mid of nineteenth century.

In 1997, Wendell Bell recommended that Auguste Comte’s argument of the Meta patterns of social change predict futures studies as a scholarly dialogue. A stronger disagreement that futures studies as a ground invented in the initial 20th century. In 2005, head of the futurology unit British futurologist Ian Pearson, forecasts human being will be capable to take the contents of the brain into computers by the mid of twenty first century. Pearson furthermore trusts machines will also be talented of sensitivity emotion in the future and the computing goal is reproducing onsciousness. In 2010, Dr Chris Yapp provided a technology and policy futurologist who has been in the IT production since 1980. He has worked in public sector, education, local government sector, health and creative industries. An upcoming thinking is vital for social knowledge. The Sociological Imagination is core of the sociological imagination. It is the capability to realize the private experiences and personal complications such as twined with the organizational arrangements of the society and the times in which people live (Routledge & Kegan, 2007).

Micro sociology is the comprehensive study of what people say, do and think moment around the daily lives. Macro sociology emphases largescale and long-term social processes of organizations. Foresight is the dimensions to think analytically about the future to update today’s decision making. It is a capability to develop as persons, as organisations and as a society. Future refers to the methods, research and tools that are obtainable for the people to grow a foresight volume and to the ground in which creative thinker work.

When consciously use foresight in 3 organisational processes to update the strategy, people are practising ‘strategic foresight’. Different companies use the strategy of foresight for example; Shell, GBN, CUB, and Toyota. Reward for good leadership Strategi c Implem enta)o Analysis Interpre ta(on Prospec (on Future is not foreseeable or predetermined. Future results can be determined by people choices in the present, that’s strategic foresight, originates into performance.

Highly methodical and creative strategic foresight provides organizations and the power to produce and sustain a high quality onward view to identify menaces and chances before people spread conventional consciousness and to guide strategy (Godet, 2001). The quality goal of strategic foresight is to make superior, more knowledgeable decisions in the present, making it the perfect tool for walk around new products, markets and services, and more commonly for successfully business is gradually changes come in difficult global environment.

If people don’t think about their future from the present situation that’s mean they don’t want to face the difficulties in the future and future be influenced by on the three variables environment, person and behaviour? “Used Future” and “Disowned Future” 4 The concept of used future can understand by arising the some questions in the mind like is the image of future, desired future, is it unconsciously adopted from someone else?

In the global, China’s futures campaign deep such as do the futures of all countries because it always think through the future needs and this used future is conducting to international crisis of fresh water reduction, change climate and not to indication human dignity. The concept of disowned future is the self-disowned and the future pushed away that comes back to disturb the people (Guinness, 2008). The full executive motivated on successes, only in later life. Example; school principal remember what it was like to be a child to use the child self to create curriculum.

For the armed forces generally to realize the part of person which can negotiate that can learn from others. Epistemologies are foregone conclusion that transcend rationality and motivate all thoughts and actions. A sequence of truths stories about truth through sermon that admit neutral even though the result of various contention struggles and thus the result of boundless power struggles rather than any impartiality or truth. I first argue that expectation of the future is an essential part of social action and particularly modern organizations in the world.

Social sciences are to be appropriate able to also say something about conceivable. The thoughts range, feelings, 5 activities and experiences that are nearby to human organisms most probably constitute only an insignificant part of what is possible. Human model is free to think as compare to animals. It supports to enhancing the human condition and the human organism opened up by the innovation of technology. Attention is given to present technologies like information technology and genetic engineering. FM-2030’s concept Tran’s human is an evolutionary evolution term from the human to the Post human .

The etymology term as “trans human” drives back to futurist FM-2030. FM argued that signs of trans humans included physical and mental growths including reconstructive surgery, prostheses intensive telecommunications use, a cosmopolitan point of view and a shuttling lifestyle, androgyny, mediated reproduction such as in vitro fertilization, religious beliefs absence and a traditional family values rejection. Friedrich Nietzsche is a German philosopher. He introduced a concept of Ubermensch. People all through the decades have interpreted it as over man, over human and more commonly superman (Donald, 2005).

Thus talked Zarathustra, one of his paper works also contains an appearance of “God is Dead”, eternal recurrence and the Ubermensch. Teilhard de Chardin’s idea of the ‘Noosphere’ related to Ray Kurzweil’s ideas about ‘The Singularity. For Teilhard, the Noosphere is greatest designated as a sort of collective consciousness of human beings. It develops from the interface of human minds. The Noosphere has developed in step with the business of the human build in relative to itself as it inhabits the earth. Mankind systematizes itself in more composite social networks; the higher Noosphere will produce in consciousness. This is an addition of Teilhard’s Law of Complexity or Consciousness, elaborating the nature of evolution in the world. Pierre Teilhard de Chard in auxiliary that the Noosphere is growing towards an even better incorporation and association, concluding in the Omega point, he saw the goal of history. Some Tran’s humanists dispute that the accelerating technological progress characteristic in the law of Accelerating returns, which is relatively near the future and prime Vernor Vinge called a technological singularity or prediction wall.

The state of singularity is humans will be semi-aware modules of a computerized social structure of complexity that no single person or persons group will be capable to recognize further a tiny fraction of the whole (Canadian Peace, 1975). These Trans humanists rely on enter a time in which people must finally make the transition to a runaway positive feedback loop in advanced autonomous machine computation. A result will be the technological and computational tools ultimately completely exceed human abilities.

Some Tran’s humanist words mention to this instant as the Omega Point, paying tribute to Teilhard’s prior use of the term and in particular Ray Kurzweil’s other Trans humanists refer to the technological singularity as simply The Singularity. It is a western momentum in the globalization. Sardar mean by the colonization of the future is to enhance the future technology in the world. Alternative futures can’t take generally, at any moment has various choices or from the new physics there are countless number of universes or more modestly from futures studies, that there are alternative futures for each profession or classification.

The best companies in excess of time have been those with a future vision and an acceptance for ideas on the margin often creates the alternative future. Critical concept is an external configuration. The vision of configuration with big picture changes in the 7 work nature, the health nature, new technologies, aging society with strategic thinking. First step is coming up with a shared collective vision. The second is the big picture work (Binde, 2001). I am not agreeing with this statement “It’s arrogant to be pessimistic in the face of a 13. billion year trend. The relationship between the idea of ‘progress’ and the idea of ‘consciousness’ is very strong because if people thought consciously about any of the matter that means upcoming progression must be better. In short, progresses depend on consciousness. Inner and outer development must be possible by focus on own self and other self and some mentally, socially and physically efforts. The original arrangement of the universe may have been selected by God. It may itself have been resolute by the laws of science.

Moreover case, it would appear that everything in the creation would then be determined by development according to the laws of science, so it is challenging to understand how people can be masters of our destiny. Futurology is a mutual term of information database but it is not used absolutely by professionals in the field of the world. Future is depends on the present thought and struggles. People must thought positively and try to make their life better for those purposes serve their all efforts.

Consciousness provides the development in the inner and outer sector of the business. From the efforts get the power of leading to all the field of the world. God is a good creator in all over the world. 8 References Binde Jerome, (2001), Keys to the 21st century, published by Berghahn Books, pp. 212-243 Canadian Peace Research Institute,(1975), International Peace Research Association, Peace research abstracts journal, Volume 12, Published by Canadian Peace Research Institute Donald Kirby Michael, (2005), Futurology, published by Inter Varsity Press, pp. 4-48 Godet Michel, (2001), Creating futures: scenario planning as a strategic management tool, Published by Economica, pp. 135-187 Guinness Os, (2008), the dust of death: a critique of the establishment and the counter culture, and the proposal for a third way, Published by Intervarsity Press, pp 221-247 Kitching Trevor, (2001), Purchasing scams and how to avoid them ebrary collection, Published by Gower Publishing, Ltd, pp. 24-68 Routledge & Kegan Paul, (2007), Sociological review, Published by Published for the University of Keele, pp. 201-248 9


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