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July 30, 2017 English Language

In his love of Egypt, Salah Gahin in his verse form Under the Name of Egypt said: “ Under the name of Egypt, history can state anything, Egypt to me is the most beautiful and darling thing. ” The political leader Mustafa Kamel said in one of his addresss in the early 1900 ‘s: “ If I had n’t been Egyptian, I would hold wanted to be so. ” In my sentiment, this seems fake because most people after hearing those quotation marks will hold the thought that Egypt is the Utopia. It will look to them as the disappeared Atlantis or Plato ‘s perfect democracy which he sought all his life which is non true. Egypt is a normal developing state with monolithic jobs, but it is besides full of resources. It has a perfect site between two of import seas ; the Mediterranean and the Red Sea holding the Nile River which is the longest river in the universe and a immense landscape. Egyptians, about all of them, are sort, generous and loving. Kerry McIntosh, a Georgetown pupil who studied at the AUC for one semester in an exchange plan, wrote in her article entitled “ Curing Egyptian Idleness ” published in The Hoya which is a newspaper for Georgetown University pupils about her negative sentiment about Egypt and Egyptians. She summarized her short experience stating what she did non like and proposing some solutions to these jobs and comparing Egypt to her developed state the United States of America. I found it worthy to compose to you as American pupils at Georgetown University, whom I appreciate, to demo you the existent image of my state: Egypt. I have to squeal that Egypt truly does effectual defects like the broad differences between the hapless and the rich ; high unemployment. Besides some young person suffer deficiency of motive which she related to civilization. The worse compulsion in McIntosh ‘s article is that she did non show any positive experiences. Although I agree with her on many points, there are other of import positive things that are deserving observing: the Egyptian cultural values, the economic development in the past three decennaries and the attempts exerted by the authorities to better the state.

I agree with McIntosh that category mobility has ever been a great job in the Egyptian system since the clip of the Pharaoh ; it became worse in the Middle Ages which had its obvious consequence these yearss. “ In Egypt there is an tremendous spread between the really affluent and the really hapless. “ ( Hopkins and Saad, 7 ) . The widening spread between the hapless and the rich has a batch of disadvantages as the figure of offenses increase due to jealousness and because some hapless kids are obliged to drop out of school which makes them pass more clip in the street and converts some of them into felons. It besides consequences in the hate between societal categories taking to a break in the society. But the positive point is that “ the increasing prosperity of Egypt means that the in-between category is increasing in comparative size, while the spread between the top and the underside is increasing. One-third of the population is below a poorness line established by the Egyptian authorities. The turning in-between category aspires to a place, a auto, and matrimony and household life, and progressively is able to accomplish this. “ ( Hopkins and Saad, 7 ) . This increasing prosperity is logically due to the governmental attempts exerted in the past 30 old ages. They did non come to a perfect solution, but at least led to betterment. “ Egyptian citizens are entitled to free instruction and wellness attention, in add-on to employment warrants for alumnuss. Servicess are hapless, nevertheless, and there are many concealed costs, such as clip spent waitingaˆ¦ Part of the societal policy includes attempts to reconstitute public assistance, and to assist unemployed young person set up their ain concerns. “ ( Hopkins and Saad, 7 ) . In Ahmed Nazif ‘s reign unemployment has perceptibly decreased and is still diminishing which is in the state ‘s development favor. This shows the consequence of the exerted attempts by the authorities which she says that they did non hold obvious consequence. “ Assorted authorities reforms over the past 30 old ages have yet to see a big betterment in the life conditions of Egypt ‘s hapless, and population additions have contributed to a rise in unemployment and underemployment that merely farther frustrates the state of affairs. ” ( McIntosh, 2 ) .

I besides agree with McIntosh that unemployment is a monolithic job in the Egyptian society. I agree partly with the grounds she gives to this job. She says that this is due to miss of motive and indolence. “ Yet many Egyptians ‘ deficiency of motive may be less of a cultural property than it is a foreseeable reaction to the socioeconomic conditions of the state. ” ( McIntosh,1 ) . Maybe deficiency of motive is a major ground to the job but it is non the chief ground. One of the grounds she gives for deficiency of motive is what Egyptians call “ Wasta ” which is utilizing connexions to ease anything as holding occupations even if person lacks makings. “ At the highest degree of Egyptian society, high-paying occupations are frequently won more through nepotism and connexions than from difficult work entirely ” . ( McIntosh,1 ) . This job is widespread in the Egyptian society but it is non dominant that it kills motive. If you work hard, you ‘ll be rewarded. That ‘s the base of homo ‘s life and God ‘s rubric. Lack of motive is non the lone ground for unemployment. There are other grounds such as: The increasing population and the manner of administering university pupils through different big leagues which causes the higher demand on few types of occupations and deficiency in others. I do n’t hold with McIntosh when she relates laziness to civilization. No civilization encourages people to be lazy, particularly the Egyptian civilization which is based on difficult work since the reign of the Pharaoh who used to work most of the twenty-four hours.

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If you compare things they must be similar in a manner. In my sentiment, it was non suited from McIntosh to compare Egypt to the United States of America by any agencies. It is like comparing a banana to an apple. Egypt is a underdeveloped state while the USA is considered a developed state, if it was n’t the most developed in the universe. Although being a developed state, America is non as she describes “ the place of rags-to-riches. ” ( McIntosh, 2 ) . This theory means that anyone can go rich in the United States which is non needfully true. America is non free of category mobility as it is a planetary job. “ The turning spread between rich and hapless in the United States has been widely noted. To many, it is dismaying and calls for strong action to turn to what is perceived to be an progressively bifurcated society in which the most fortunate have prospered while the hapless have been left behind. ” ( Sawhil and McMurrer, 1 ) .This disproves the thought that America is the utopia. Class mobility in the United States causes jobs in unemployment and quality of instruction. “ In short, instruction is more than of all time the stratifying variable in American life. ” ( Sawhil and McMurrer, 6 ) Americans refuse the thought of the lower class which are people stuck for good at the underside of the society with a small chance. “ Yet research completed in the past decennary suggests that such a group may so be. It is concentrated in vicinities characterized by high rates of poorness, joblessness, dropping out of school, and individual parent households. ” ( Sawhil and McMurrer, 5 ) .

It was non suited from McIntosh to seek to use the American civilization to the Egyptian society. Like when she mentioned the cultural work values. In the United States, as she mentions, people give due attention to work which makes it their precedence. “ This looking deficiency of the Western construct of a work moral principle is non alone to AUC. Across Cairo, it seems as though many people are doing themselves busy by non being busy. ” ( McIntosh, 1 ) . This has some advantages related to the economic development and addition in societal category. It besides has many disadvantages as it about destroys the household relationships and affects societal interaction change overing relationships between people into fiscal 1s. Thinking about work all the clip makes people away from you. It ruins any period of repose or enjoyment which causes jobs in between household members. On the other manus, the Egyptian society gives importance to the household and the society. It is portion of our spiritual and cultural rites. A adult male should give due attention to his household and kids. That ‘s why the Egyptian life is balanced between work and societal life without holding an utmost, most of the clip. It ‘s rare to happen workaholics in Egypt but they ‘re abundant in the United States. This besides due to the fact of work chances as most people in the Egyptian society work in labour occupations where it is difficult to acquire promoted unlike the United States where many people who work as employees have a opportunity to acquire promoted so the consider this their purpose.

Work chances have been increased in the Egyptian economic system due to the addition in investing. Egypt was awarded the most improved state for investing in 2007 by The World Bank. Jose Daboub, the director of The World Bank said that the spreads between rich and hapless are merely a “ coevals ” before the economic system growing benefits the hapless sectors. In the United States of America which McIntosh considers a Utopia and compares it to Egypt “ the distribution of income has frequently been compared to a ladder. Right now, the rounds of the ladder are far apart. Both in comparing to other industrialised states and our ain past history, the United States has a batch of Inequality. “ ( Sawhill and McMurrer, 3 ) . The perfect position that McIntosh has towards the United States is affected by the love she has towards her state, which can go on with anyone, as it is non “ the place of the rags-to-riches ” ( McIntosh, 2 ) as she says. We have to acknowledge that we have disadvantages as we have advantages.

From the point of position of cultural values, most Egyptians are known for their cordial reception, kindness and generousness. “ One of import regulation of etiquette is to handle invitees heartily and hospitably. An offering, normally tea or a soft drink is the least a visitant expects. ” ( Hopkins and Saad, 9 ) . Not all Egyptians are like this of class. But besides non all of them as she says are working people seeking to utilize anyone who has something that can assist them as she mentioned that her friends invited her to assist them merely. In Egypt One of the Egyptian norms is recognizing people and esteeming them even if you do n’t cognize them. The Egyptian civilization and the Islamic faith encourage people on cordial reception and handling people in a friendly manner.

McIntosh besides narrated her experience about the professor who came 20 proceedingss late ( McIntosh, 1 ) . “ I arrived 15 proceedingss tardily merely to happen that I ‘d acquire there five proceedingss earlier than the professor ( an Egyptian ) and many of the pupils. ” ( McIntosh, 1 ) . Does this mean that all professors come tardily? I, as an AUC pupil, see that most professors are on clip if non earlier. And she should hold asked herself why she criticizes that professor although she was tardily excessively for a weak ground. This is a job of moralss and caring non civilization.

Bob Packwood, the American politician, said, “ Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement. ” Peoples should non judge others without cognizing everything about them, populating with them and being one of them. McIntosh has merely lived in Egypt for one semester which may be 5 or 6 months. I do non believe it is long plenty to judge person or justice a civilization as a whole. Person can non state that the lone ground for a disadvantage is his ground. Hundreds of grounds may be the causes. It is non the right manner to judge person stating everything bad about him pretermiting all his good qualities. Having a negative tone in judging person makes your judgement a hatchet occupation. You should non hold a negative tone all the clip. Besides bias to anything you belong to is non the right manner. I agree with McIntosh that Egypt has many economic and societal jobs that need solutions but I besides do non hold with her that everything is negative.


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