The Courage to Heal Essay Sample

August 17, 2017 General Studies

The book “Courage to heal” is about the narratives of adult females from diverse backgrounds who as immature misss. have all suffered sexual maltreatment at some point in their lives. The writers. Ellen Bass and Laura Davis have created this book to function as a usher for adult females who have experienced sexual maltreatment in their childhood. as the book’s rubric expressly indicates. ( Bass & A ; Davis. 1994 ) This is an first-class read for adult females or anybody who has suffered abuse of any sort sometime in their lives and is looking for ways to retrieve from such a traumatic experience.

Courage to mend is a really good book for people who need encouragement or that small push so they can travel on with their lives. The book contains narratives from adult females who have gone under the awful ordeal of maltreatment. The chapters of the book are competently named as phases that a victim of maltreatment may happen herself in at a certain minute in clip. When 1 goes through a awful ordeal. it helps to cognize that there are others who have been through the same thing. ( Bass & A ; Davis. 1994 ) Readers. particularly those who are in the same quandary may happen instant enlightenment through this alone characteristic of the book.

The book explains how and what facets of a woman’s whole being. development and relationships are affected as a consequence of her disking experience as a victim of maltreatment. ( Bass & A ; Davis. 1994 )

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Support systems. apart from regular visits to the physician. are a really of import factor to guarantee the healing and recovery of victims of maltreatment. I strongly recommend that this book be read by relations and friends of sexual maltreatment victims every bit good as the content will give them valuable penetration into what their loved 1s are traveling through. Reading this book will assist the of import people in the lives of the victims be more compassionate and be more considerate towards them. A deeper apprehension of a victim’s state of affairs will take to constructing better relationships with other people. This will finally assist rush the healing procedure.


Bass. E. . & A ; Davis. L. ( 1994 ) .The Courage to Heal Third Edition Revised and Expanded A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.New York: HarperCollins.


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