The creation of new fictional characters in media

April 15, 2019 Media

The creation of new fictional characters in media every year has always been attractive to the public. Two of the oldest and most iconic fictional characters are named batman and superman. Although both heroes share similarities, such as their job to protect the people. Loss of their parents in young age and existence of secret identity. They both have differences named origins and types of superpowers possessed weaknesses.
To begin with, Batman and Superman were both created as characters who maintain the world’s peace. They were designed to fight the villains with their superpowers. No matter how slick and tough the enemies were. Although it took time for them, they always managed to find a way to defeat the villains. The incredibly strong power they both own and their accomplishment in every fight. Them being the public attention of the society, particularly teenagers.
Another important similarity between these two superheroes is the death of their biological parents. Superman’s parents died in their planet of origin called Krypton. After sending Superman when he was just born to the planet earth. The planet self- destructed due to the highly unstable geological condition. Which killed majority of the Kryptonians. Batman’s lost was due to murder by a criminal when he was a boy.
The existence of secret identities is a common practice in almost all superheroes. Batman is known as an American playboy. He is a successful entrepreneur and sponsor. He avoids suspicion by acting as a playboy who wastes his built in property from his passed away parents. By contrast, Superman is known as Clark Kent who works as a journalist for the “Daily Planet”. His cover were made through his appearances which involves his posture and dressing. His appearances make him look short and overweight rather than muscular. He also wears glasses that make him look weak and his lighter voice.
Also the two superheroes seem to share some similarities. There are also several differences which can be seen very easily. For instance, the origin of their superpower where superman possessed his power since birth. Batman was not born with the superhuman powers. Superman or often called “Man of Steel” has super powers which includes his flight, super-strength, speed and vision power. Batman is known as “The World’s Greatest Detective” for his incredibly high intellectual level. For example, his specialty includes his genius level of intellect, physical bravery, detective skills and wealth.
Overall, it can be clearly seen that Batman and Superman has both similarities and differences. Despite the knowledge of the society of their similarities as being the world’s hero with superpowers. Their unfortunate loss of parents in young ages and their secret identity. They also have common weaknesses. Like their origin of superpowers owned, fighting skills and methods.


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