The Crucible

June 6, 2018 Law

John loves his wife and tries to save her and all of the other accused women. His crucible is the Salem Court because Proctor has to prove that all Of the Twitches’ were innocent to an over-confident judge like Detonator without a leaver or much knowledge of the law. During the trial, he discovers that his wife is pregnant and she will not be hanged for another year. He chooses to continue with the trial because he still needs to free the other prisoners. In order to do so, Proctor brought Mary Warren to explain to the court that there were never any spirits or witch craft.

When his plan ceasefires, Proctor confesses about his affair with Abigail Williams, Hoping to discredit her and to let everyone know that she is a where and that she only wants Elizabeth Proctor dead so she can take her place as John’s wife. Both attempts fail and Proctor is taken to the dungeon. He is later offered to save his life by confessing to wizardry. He signs the papers, but when he hears that it will be posted up on the church door; he tears it up. He refuses to sign himself to lies, but to die with dignity and goodness. In the court of law, Proctor has failed the test because he failed to save his life, but in the court of

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God, he has passed because he confessed about his adultery and refused to Giles Corer’s wife has been convicted of witchcraft and sent to jail. In act three, he storms into the court saying that he has evidence to prove that his wife is innocent. His crucible is much like Proctor’s; the court. Giles claims to have heard someone say that Mr.. Putnam has forced his daughter to cry out John Jojoba’s name and charge him for witchery. If Jacobs hangs, then all of his land will be sold to Putnam. Putnam would be killing his neighbor’s for their land. Judge Hawthorne asks for this person’s name, but Giles refuses to eve it to him. You know well why not! He’ll lay in jail if I give his name! ” C]Giles, 214. Because Giles did not give a name, Detonator charges him for contempt of a hearing and he was sent to jail. Giles goes through another crucible when the court was trying to get him to answer is indictment. He didn’t answer is indictment so his sons could inherit his property, because if he denied the charges Of the court then his property would’ve been auctioned away. Giles was later pressed to death. Although it may seem as if he failed the crucible because he died, he actually won because he was able to save his and from being taken away by the court.

The reason Reverend Hale was called to Salem was to determine if there was witchcraft. His crucible was to find the truth, When he arrives, he begins the chaos by signing arrest warrants of all the people that the girls named, even people with a great reputation in the community like Rebecca Nurse. It wasn’t until the trial of Proctor and Giles did he realize that he could be killing innocent people. “C have signed seventy-two death warrants; I am a minister of the Lord, and I dare not to take a life without there be proof so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it. Exhale, 215.


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