The Crucible by Arthur Miller: Characterization Essay

September 18, 2017 General Studies

Arthur Miller was born in New York City on October 17. 1915. Miller composed The Crucible in the early 1950’s and it used the Salem Witchcraft tests of 1692 as a response to the anti-communist “witch hunts” to which Miller was accused of. Miller believed that the lunacy environing the witchery tests was similar to McCarthy’s mission to end communism. The Crucible is set in a authorities ruled by a spiritual authorization. in which the church and province are one. The major subject of The Crucible is repute because assorted characters base their actions on protecting their repute. In The Crucible. word picture promotes the subject.

Major characters in The Crucible are John Proctor. Reverend Hale. Elizabeth Proctor. and Abigail Williams. John Proctor’s fright of fring his good repute enables him to give Abigail adequate clip to finish her retaliation. Even though Proctor is a “strong man” . as said by Abigail. he has a secret that he is frightened to squeal. His lecherousness for Abigail leads to their matter. making Abigail’s hatred and green-eyed monster of John’s married woman. Elizabeth. Bing a proud adult male. whose precedence is repute he merely admits to the matter once his married woman. Elizabeth. is accused by Abigail He than continues on to name Abigail “nothing but a whore” . As the drama progresses. John is more concerned with his award and repute. that he refuses to subscribe his name in guilt.

Another major character is Abigail. She manipulates everyone cognizing that they will care for their repute. The scoundrel inside her allows her to carry through atrocious things with out concern of her repute. . She is driven by sexual desire. and no affair what it takes. she wants to be with John. She feels really powerful being able to talk in the tribunal and acquire retaliation on everyone she dislikes. She leads the misss of the small town into her retribution. and succeeds in her program merely because she was given the chance.

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The other major characters are Reverend Hale and Elizabeth Proctor. Reverend Hale tries to promote people to squeal. but as the drama progresses he becomes convinced that Abigail is lead oning everyone. By detecting that Proctor and Mary are stating the truth he tries to warn the small town. but no one believes him. Although he recognizes the immorality in the enchantress tests he gives up alternatively of making something to alter things. Finally there is Elizabeth Proctor who is a spiritual adult female who dismisses Abigail as her retainer after she finds out about her matter with Proctor. Elizabeth is really disquieted about her repute and that oh her babe. but she ends up non being condemned.

Minor characters in the drama have a certain intent in advancing the subject. Reverend Parris and Judge Hathorne both bring their bias into the tribunal and influence Danforth into penalizing those who they believe are possessed. Mary is honest and has good purposes. but when she is faced with the determination of being against the tribunal. she lies for her position. All the misss who contributed to the blaming were merely seeking to acquire retribution on those they disliked. By leting them to accomplish this power. the tribunal and the community was lacerate apart.

The subject repute is represented good by all the characters. particularly Abigail and Proctor. Several analogues exist between the McCarthyism witch-hunt and the features that Miller illustrates in The Crucible. including the intolerance. and inordinate ardor. The Puritan belief of feeling of community is non something that the people of Salem portion because their community is worn to scintillas by simple prevarications. A Puritan belief that is good represented in The Crucible is that of finding. The character Abigail is really determined and she will make whatever it takes to make her aspiration. Man’s evil nature is besides illustrated decently in Salem. They are blamed for idolizing the Satan and witchery. In The Crucible Miller’s concern is non whether the accused really are enchantresss. but instead the refusal of the tribunal functionaries to believe that they are non.


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