The Cultural Identity Crisis English Literature Essay

August 19, 2017 English Literature

As an immigrant, I had experienced troubles in Canada. I was interested in reading essays about person who had similar experience as I did. Recently, I read two essays that dealt with people who tried to happen personal individuality in a new land. I ‘m a Banana and Proud of It ( 1997 ) by Wayson Choy and Turning up on Grace ( 1997 ) by Rosie DiManno in Refining reading authorship. These two essays will steer new immigrants to happen their cultural individuality crisis in the new land in a different manner. Both essays are likewise in footings of rhetorical manners, capable, and purpose but decision of both essays is really different to one and another.

The cultural individuality crisis is still relevant to these yearss. Many new immigrants struggle with their individuality crisis. During a period of five old ages, 1,110,000 people immigrated to Canada ( ak Canada ) . In 1970s, many of people in Toronto were Italian ( Buzzelli 2001 ) because 40 per centum of Italian decided to immigrant to Canada ( ak Canada ) . Furthermore, around 9,600 of Chinese immigrants landed in Vancouver per twelvemonth ( Wiebe 2012 ) .

Both essays open with a narrative which affects readers to understand better writers ‘ features through their experiences. Wayson claimed that he was proud of himself to be called banana:

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Because both my parents came from China, I look Chinese. But I can non read or compose Chinese and hardly talk it. I love my North American citizenship. I do n’t mind being called a “ banana, ” yellow on the outside and white interior. I ‘m proud I ‘m a banana. ( 1997 pp.169 )

He claimed himself as a Chinese Canadian in footings of a banana. He knows himself really good so that he does non care what other people think or call him as whether Chinese or Canadian. Besides, Lisa is a 2nd coevals of Germans who said, “ I feel proud of all my nationalities. I love that I ‘m both German and Asiatic ” ( Keller 2010 ) . Lisa besides thinks positive about herself being both nationalities.

Rosie is non similar to Wayson. She is non confident about herself and she does non like her Italian civilization because she thinks that it would be a shame to uncover herself to her Canadian friends that she is an Italian and she is afraid that her friends think that she is different from them. Even though she loves Italian nutrient, she normally throw off her tiffin during the lunch clip at school ( DiManno 1997 ) Harmonizing to her, she is self-doubt and non honest because she wants to conceal herself from others and non to demo who she truly is and she besides cares and worries a batch about what other people think about her.

The topic of both essays is covering with personal individuality. Wayson was struggled with his ain personal individuality. He had to cover with the force per unit areas from his parents. His parents asked him to absorb with Canadians. They want him to be educated so that he could work in good status with good wage in Canada ( Choy 1997 ) . However, at the same clip they besides asked him to retrieve he is Chinese where he came from and truly who he is ( Choy 1997 ) . After he discovered the historical background of Chinese immigrants, he was pleased with what Chinese innovators have done for their following coevals. They sacrificed themselves to settle down in Canada which helped him to hold a connexion with Chinese.

Furthermore, Rosie besides suffered from her personal individuality like Wayson did. Before she visited her place state, she believed that she did non hold any connexion with Italians but the first clip she went to Italy which is her place state, she felt that she belong to that topographic point because everybody looked similar and her name did non sound eldritch to people in Italy ( DiManno 1997 ) . On the other manus, even though she felt she belongs to Italy, she felt more comfy and relieved every clip she traveled back to Canada ( DiManno 1997 ) . The ground why she felt Canada is more like her place state is because she was born and grew up in Canada.

The intent of Wayson ‘s essay was to place the cultural individuality crisis and to promote immigrants. When he was turning up in Vancouver ‘s Chinatown, he was fighting with his ain personal individuality. He said, “ Many Chinatown teen-agers felt we did n’t rather belong in any one universe. We looked Chinese, but thought and behaved North American ” ( 1997 pp.170 ) . What he means is that this individuality crisis is non merely his concern but other 2nd coevals of Chinese might hold experienced the same thing. This may be true both for the 2nd coevals of Chinese and the 2nd coevals of other states. Therefore, he seems to promote people who have had same jobs with this issue.

When Rosie was turning up on Grace St. business district, she was non the lone 1 who was enduring from the cultural individuality crisis. She described her town that there were full of Italians ( DiManno 1997 ) but she did non experience any connexion and engagement with them. In other words, she did non experience to be portion of the community. This sort of feeling makes Rosie claim herself as an foreigner to Italian people and she besides feels similarity to Judaic households who lived in portion of Grace St. ( DiManno 1997 ) because she thinks that they are besides different from Italian people excessively.

The Wayson concludes his essay otherwise from Rosie. When Wayson tried to research his struggle between being Chinese and Canadian, Wayson said, “ I discovered a truth: these “ between universe ” battles are cosmopolitan ” ( 1997 pp.171 ) . Wayson believes that all new immigrants experience an individuality crisis and assimilation is a natural portion of traveling to a new state. However, Rosie believes that even she tried every bit difficult as to feign to being Canadian, she said, “ Relentlessly Inglese in attitude and gustatory sensations, irredeemably Italian in my cistrons. But non hyphenated, ne’er hyphenated ” ( 1997 pp.215 ) . This quotation mark represents that how she feels about assimilation in both civilizations. She does non hold with Wayson ‘s sentiment. She believes that it is impossible to be an Italian and Canadian at the same clip.


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