The Culture of a Local High School Compare to that of a Large University Essay Sample

August 13, 2017 Cultural

Local high school and big university. those are wholly two different establishments. No 1 can analyze at a university until he/she pass the high school. Since high school and university are two different establishments. they must hold different civilizations.

First of all. the cultural differences of a local high school and a big university is their construction. Classs at a big university are frequently really big. with 100 or more pupils. The categories at a local high school are little. with merely approximately 20 to 35 pupils.

A 2nd cultural differences is module. There are more modules or instructors at a big university than a local high school are. At local high school. they have few modules or instructors. High school instructors normally can learn about all sort of topics. At big university. they have so many professional modules. These modules teach their specific topic and they have to be really adept on it. Large university instructors are friendlier than local high school instructors are.

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Large university has a broad scope of classs. but high school doesn’t have that many classs. University pupils can take their classs from a broad scope of class list. Most of the clip. classs are fixed for high school pupils. On the other manus. university pupils have to take more classs in one semester than high school pupils do in the same clip.

To acquire a higher class at a local school are easier compared to a big university. Grades are given for most assigned work at local high school. Classs are given non merely for assigned work. but besides some undertakings and presentations at a big university. There are so many chances for high school pupils to upgrade their classs. However. University pupils need to work really difficult to upgrade their classs.


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