The current inflation situation in Malaysia

By July 18, 2017 General Studies

Inflation is the contention issue in universe economic development. It causes many others job to the state all to the universe. It because the rising prices itself is non merely load to that state, but it besides spread the consequence to the related state that has relation with them. Not even one individual state can avoid the rising prices can go on. It ever happens but the increasing of rising prices can do others job worsens.

It is the phenomenon that has characteristics of universe broad. It affected that non reason merely to certain state. It ever happens to most state in the universe. Inflation besides spread from the host to others, start from the primary state such as USA if they experience the rising prices, so other state besides see it in the assorted grade of phases.

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When the rising prices happens, it involved each portion of the community. House clasp, workers, investor, and even pensionaries affected by the rising prices. But the consequence is besides assorted, certain people get the benefit from it and the others get the losingss. It depend on how the money usage to us, either it been use to pay debt or to pay goods we buy.

Recently, the universe has experience the rising prices one time once more that affected most of the state in the universe. It caused by the increasing in monetary value of universe petroleum oil as a chief ground. In Malaysia for illustration, the rising prices rate has reach up to 8.5 per centum on July 2008. The rising prices in Malaysia besides happens due to the addition of the authorities servant wage that increases the power purchase of the most population in the state.

When aggregative demand addition, many Sellerss and houses take advantages by addition monetary value to derive more net income. The increase is lassoing from one good to another that all of a sudden do the cut downing value of money itself.

Compare to the old old ages, the July 8.5 % rate is the highest in 26 old ages. High rate of rising prices has brought the state to many jobs such as lost investing, economic recession, decelerate down economic growing and most of import is dropping the value of ringgit.

Based on the serious increase, the authorities has come out with several instrument and measuring to confront the rising prices. The rising prices instrument such as pecuniary policies, financial policies and besides the physical control is the application usage to command the rising prices that occurs. All the instrument usage besides has negative consequence if it been using for a long term.


The term Inflation can be define as the addition mean monetary value of good sustain for a period, in easier word, the addition monetary value of good. The monetary value will prolong increasing for a period of clip. It is different from the increasing of good several times in several month or one time in the several month either besides the sometimes in a twelvemonth. For illustration the addition monetary value of good when gay season can be called as rising prices because it merely go on twice a twelvemonth and non prolong.

The overall increase of monetary value happen when as in norm the monetary value in the economic system addition. So, at the clip of rising prices occur, there is a monetary value that addition high, easy and besides doesn & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™t alteration at all. Furthermore, there is good that decrease the monetary value. The measuring in the rising prices is based on the sustain additions in mean monetary value of entire good. If the mean monetary value of entire good lessening, it is non called as rising prices, but it & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™s known as deflation.

The rising prices is step on the per centum rate. But the normal rate of the rising prices is different from assorted states. In Malaysia, the normal rate of rising prices is below 5 % per twelvemonth or per count. Before 1960, normal rate of Malaysia rising prices is 2 % a twelvemonth. After the large moving ridge of rising prices that occur on 19970 to 19974, the rate has increase to 5 % a twelvemonth as normal rate, because in that period, 10 per centum of rising prices is a usually rated by many state in the universe. The chief cause of the occurred rising prices is because the increasing of petroleum oil by the OPEC by 400 per centum, known as the demand daze.

The chief ground of rising prices occur in Malaya

The ground behind the rising prices is due to several current factors happen to the universe. It besides been doing by the internal factor that aid worsens the state of affairs. The first factor is because the addition of rough oil monetary value. It infect state gas monetary value to increase excessively because authorities can non stand the subsidies addition. Current monetary value of petroleum oil has addition to USD 150 a barrel, that cause Malaysia to confront 7.7 percent rising prices on June and increase once more on July to 8.5 per centum. The increase of the natural resource monetary value has increase the monetary value of local gas to rm 2.7 per liter than before from rm 1.92. It & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™s been followed by the addition of the local goods such as cooking oil, flour, and rice and other in that twelvemonth. The local bargainer has taking the advantages to increase the monetary values of good due to the ground of oil monetary value addition.

The value of ringgit has turn down and take downing its value because of the local bargainers act. By addition the monetary value of good, the value that antecedently can purchase good in certain measure, has goes down that merely by the same good but in the less measure than earlier.

For illustration, the monetary value of 1 kilograms of rice in 2006 is rm 2.00. State the monetary value of the same good has increase to rm 2.50 on January 2007. it mean that the monetary value of the same good has increase 25 per centum than the old twelvemonth. The act of the local bargainer has reduced the value of the rm by 25 per centum than the old twelvemonth. So, the rising prices has cut down the buying power to the families.

It besides caused by daze demand due to economic expert guess. The intelligence of future monetary value would increase be given to do people to purchase good in big measure that makes certain good gone out of the demand than normally. To cut down the demand, local retail fell the stock and increase the monetary value of good that make the rising prices rate addition.

The rising prices in Malaysia besides occurs because of the increase of salary and rewards and besides new COLA proclamation by the authorities. The marked non merely basking public retainer but besides the local bargainer excessively. After a few twenty-four hours of the proclamation, assorted type of necessary good addition. It is done by the local retail merchant and store proprietor to derive net income from the state of affairs. The inappropriate act by the local bargainer gives the kick start to Malaysia rising prices to turn. Later, the authorities has come out with many type of control to diminish the monetary value of good but the bargainer has worsen it better by concealing the good to increase the monetary value back.

From That grounds above, clearly we can see the chief cause of Malaysia rising prices is done by the inner job itself. The act of local retail and bargainers is the biggest subscriber to the rising prices. Although many people can see the general consequence of the addition of rough oil doing the rising prices rate addition, but the authorities has absorb the load by giving the subsidies to many necessary good to cut down the cost. It can non be the best ground to local bargainer to increase monetary value of good in the market that tend to increase the rising prices.

Government action to confront the rising prices

Government applies the assorted schemes to confront the rising prices that flatboat in Malaysia late. Bank Negara Malaysia as a cardinal bank act as authorities agent controls the economic by implementing several policies to the commercial bank and the fiscal establishments. They besides give many advices to public on how to assist authorities to command the rising prices.

Monetary policies

There are 3 measuring usage by BNM to command the rising prices in the first manner the BNM usage to command the rising prices is by utilizing the pecuniary policy. Monetary policies is a policy usage to pull strings to money supply for keeping the stableness the in the market. Instruments use in pecuniary policies such as unfastened market operation, statutory modesty demand, price reduction rate and besides moral suasion.

First is unfastened market operation. Open market operation is the instrument that act to cut down or adding commercial bank money supply by selling or purchasing securities. The BNM can coerce commercial bank and fiscal establishment to purchase the securities that can cut down their money supply and so cut down the capableness to give loan. Reducing loan giving agencies cut down the flowing of money in the market.

Following is the usage of statutory modesty ratio. It is the instruments that increase the modesty of the commercial bank. BNM control the rising prices by addition the modesty ratio to cut down the capableness to give recognition to client. By making so, it besides cut down the money supply in the market and be given to cut down the buying power of the costumiers.

Following is the utilizing the price reduction rate. Bnm will act upon the price reduction rate on loans and involvement charge on the modesty to commercial bank. If the rising prices goes up, BNM will increase the price reduction rate charge to deter the bankers from doing loan and adoption modesty and so cut down the flow of money in the state.

Moral suasion is the engagement of BNM in bank policies and activities. They tend to give order and way on how to command the rising prices to the commercial and fiscal establishment

Fiscal Policies

This policy dealt with authorities outgos and revenue enhancements. When the rising prices occurs, authorities will utilize excess budget policies by addition the revenue enhancements and cut down authorities disbursement. This execution will take to lower income to public and cut down the buying power. Government has present the prudent disbursement plan due to this rising prices clip by minimising the cost of operation of authorities and take the authorities to pass more sagely. Government besides has stop the on traveling development that addition disbursement to cut down the escape of ringgit to the market.

Direct or physical control

Government has implements direct or physical control to confront the rising prices. The first physical control usage is anti stashing run. KDPNHEP has forced out their officer to take action for those retail merchant and bargainer that stashing the goods on rising prices, those who concealing goods will be compound and goods will be bit. For illustration when the lack of cooking oil, KDPNHEP has working out to look into from premiss to premise to avoid the bargainer from stashing the stock. The intent of stock billboard is to lifting monetary value of the goods. From the run, authorities has introduced the new monetary value of cooking oil to halt the increase of the monetary value.


Government has come out with many measurings to contend back the rising prices that occur our state. Some of them looks done and some else Don & A ; acirc ; ˆ™t make any reaction. For illustration the increasing rate of bank involvement giving hope to cut down loan from client but the behaviour of some bargainers that stashing the stock, worsens the state of affairs.

To confront the state of affairs in more efficient manner, authorities should do an accommodation on its policy to confront rising prices. Government should get down to promote public to purchase local good and besides makes good to purchase. Mean that, people should get down to fall in in agribusiness that can bring forth necessary good that can be put in market. Making our ain nutrient can cut down the depended on import on nutrient. It reduces the money supply. Furthermore, local goods are cheaper than imported merchandise.

Local bargainers besides need to be more competitory. They can non merely increase the monetary value to derive more net income but they need to happen new manner to work out their job. The Malaysia is non done by the addition of oil monetary value but the attitude of the bargainers itself. Self consciousness is the most of import thing to be developed in our society today to forestall this act to be inherited to following coevals that can do 1998 state of affairs happens once more.


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