The Customer Service Policy Management Essay

Customer service is a really of import portion of the travel and tourer industry and different companies approach this in different ways. The two companies I have selected are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are both conveyance companies and both air power companies.They are floated on the stock ex alteration so people can purchase portions in them.

British Air passages

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Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement:

‘One Destination seeks to guarantee our clients fly confident that, together, we are moving responsibly to take attention of the universe we live in. ‘

Customer Service Policy:

The wellness and wellbeing of our clients is of import to us. We advise to assist people fix for their wellness demands before, during and after their flight.

Customer satisfaction and the sentiment of all of our stakeholders is cardinal to specifying our success. British Airways needs to understand its stakeholders – clients, sentiment leaders and employees – to better inform concern determinations. Therefore, in-depth and thorough measuring and research are in topographic point to supply this of import information.

Ailment Policy:

If you want to claim against BA for jobs such as hold, lost baggage, cancellation and re-routing you can easy make that yourself. First, British Airways takes the security of personal informations really earnestly. So that we can react to your concerns, your personal informations, including any sensitive personal informations you provide, may be transferred to other states both within and outside the European Economic Area. By directing your electronic mail you consent to this transportation. You will non have selling electronic mails from us as a consequence of directing us your electronic mail.

Keeping Records:

-Customer Records

British Airways considers your privateness to be of the extreme importance, and we are governed by the UK Data Protection Act 1998. If you are concerned with how we might roll up and utilize information about you, you can happen a complete account in our Privacy Policy. You are in control of what information we collect about you. However, if you choose non to portion your information some countries of the web site may non be accessible or functional.

We may inquire you for information about yourself when you join the Executive Club or register online, when you book or hunt for tickets or other merchandises or services, when you enter competitions or registry for publicities or when you request booklets or other information. We may besides ask for you to finish studies or supply us with feedback. We and our concern spouses on collect information about your usage of the web site from cookies.

-Safety Records

At BritishA Airways the safety and security of our clients and staff is our highest priority.A

For many old ages, we have been a leader in the air power industry on security affairs, and you can be reassured that we have in topographic point some of the most rigorous security steps in the industry.A

We continuously work closely with authoritiess and relevant governments around the universe to supervise and implement the security measures we have in topographic point, and our policy is in full conformity with all regulative requirements.A

As one of the universe ‘s largest international air hoses we have experience in meeting this undertaking in many finishs around the universe. We take our committedness to presenting a safe and unafraid operation earnestly so, and would non wing to a location unless we felt it was safe and secure to make so.

-Receipts and Tickets

They used e-ticket as a reception and ticket every bit good.

An e-ticket Receipt will be issued at the clip of fining and contains all the information about your ticket. We strongly recommend that you retain a transcript of your e-ticket Receipt throughout your journey when going internationally for security and in-migration intents. Some in-migration officers may inquire for cogent evidence of a return ticket, and the e-ticket Receipt can be used as grounds of this.

Although we send out the e-ticket reception good in progress, there may be times when ineluctable holds do occur. In instance you do non have your e-ticket reception in clip you can obtain another transcript.

Reacting to Feedback:

We believe it is of import to portion client feedback every bit widely as possible throughout British Air passages in order to keep focal point on the client. Consequences are available on the Intranet, in our research library, and through electronic presentations and show boards. Customer penetration is presented on a regular basis to the company managers and to directors throughout British Airways. This draws on both client satisfaction and other research, such as advertisement effectivity trailing, and summarises tendencies in client satisfaction and behavior, and public presentation issues in different countries of the concern. Where appropriate, we have besides advised sections on the scene of marks for client satisfaction public presentation in order to promote improved service bringing.

Over the past twelvemonth client penetration has been used to back up a scope of merchandise and service enterprises. These have included:

Evaluation of more cost-efficient repast options.A

Recommendation of betterments to serve modus operandis on really long flights.

Evaluation of proficient developments to supply clients with greater flexibleness and control when doing their engagement and checking-in.A

Evaluation of different types of on-board seating constellation ( seat type and sum of legroom ) in turn toing the demands of shorthaul


Reorganization of resource in some of our airdrome lounges to supply clients with a more comfy experience.A

Evaluation of the success of supplying customised meal service options to non-English speech production clients on cardinal routes.A

Evaluation of the success of Customer Relations ‘ service recovery across different channels and methods of ailment handling.A

Increasing Loyalty:

AA frequent circular programA ( FFP ) is aA trueness programA offered by British Air passages.

The British Airways Executive Club is n’t merely another frequent circular programme. It ‘s been designed to recognize and honor concern travelers every clip they fly.A

As a member you can gain BA Miles which you can interchange for flights to over 650 finishs worldwide. What ‘s more, you can roll up BA Miles when you fly with our spouse air hoses, in add-on to utilizing our hotel, auto lease, concern and fiscal partners.A

You ‘ll besides gain Executive Club Points, enabling you to go up to the higher grades of rank. Blue is the entry grade, where you ‘ll hold entree toA dedicated online services, including on-line check-in.A

Earn adequate Points to travel into the Silver and Gold grades, and you will besides profit from entree to our world-wide web of over 230 Executive Club and oneworlda„? confederation sofas. You can take advantage of many other valuable privileges, all designed to do your concern travel easier.

Staff Training:

All preparation and development is built on a steadfast committedness to let go ofing and maximizing the full potency of every British Airways employee. Due to the immense scope of occupations across the company, we ca n’t depict every development enterprise in item here. More information is available, nevertheless, within the single occupation countries.

What we can state is we have an impressive scope of preparation resources at manus, which you will be able to pull upon as you need them. These include computing machine based synergistic acquisition Centres, library installations, mention stuffs, audiotapes and picture based acquisition. Programs are offered to develop a broad assortment of accomplishments such as leading, team-building, presentation and dialogue, to call but a few. In certain instances support is provided towards proficient and professional makings. In all these countries, the burden is on the person, through treatments with their director, to take duty for seeing their demands are met.

When it comes to career patterned advance, we ever try to follow a originative attack, reacting to people ‘s aspirations and supplying cross preparation where it is needed. When vacancies arise, they are advertised internally and where possible we promote from within.

Customer after Gross saless Service:

Changes to Booking:

You may be able to alter your engagement inside informations without reaching British Airways directly.A If you have purchased online and the type of ticket you have will let alterations so you should be able to travel to the ‘Manage My Booking ‘ subdivision on the web site and do the alterations at that place.

If for any ground the system will non let you to do the alterations that you require so there are other options.

If you purchased the ticket straight from British Airways, either online or over the phone, so you need to reach their client service section.

If you purchased the ticket via a travel agent so they should be your first port of call.A If you need to name the client service section so you should hold all the inside informations of your engagement to manus, including flight figure, day of the months and the inside informations of your payment.

You may happen that the alteration that you wish to do will incur extra charges.A These vary depending upon how and when you bought the ticket and the type of alteration that you wish to do. It is the duty of the client to guarantee that the inside informations on the ticket are right at the clip of issue as changes at a ulterior day of the month will incur charges.

You can utilize our premium rate service to rapidly and easy obtain the figure forA British Airways Customer Services


-Financial Budget

We spend more than ?100A million a twelvemonth on security steps, which include:

showing of winging crew and land staff

engagement with authorities and airdrome showing of riders and cabin luggage

excess manus luggage and client hunts at the gate

luggage and rider rapprochement

security controls for lading, courier stuff, mail and catering

hunts and guarding of aircraft

a squad of trained security hearers who carry out security cheques worldwide

CCTV systems on all of our aircraft so the pilot can see who is outside the cabin door

100 % x-ray showing of checkered luggage worldwide

installing of reinforced, unassailable cockpit doors on all our fleet

security preparation for all airdrome and winging staff

background and condemnable cheques of all winging and land staff

In add-on to these seeable marks, there is besides a big sum of covert security in topographic point to keep our clients ‘ safety. British Airways, the BAA and the Metropolitan Police meet on a regular basis to confabulate on affairs of security to guarantee that the safety and security of our clients and staff is paramount at all times.

The BritishA Airways Community Relations Department has awarded over ?368,000 to registered charities supported by BritishA Airways employees over the lastA six old ages.

i»?A The awards are judged on the figure of personal volunteering hours our staffs dedicate to their chosen charities.A 54 awards were given in the 2009-2010 fiscal twelvemonth.


make a truly high-performing

concern we need to construct an

inspiring and honoring workplace

where gifted people can work to

the best of their ability to run into our

clients ‘ demands and our wider

societal duty

British air passages strongly believes that without holding effectual human resource direction and planning, company ca n’t acquire success and achieves aims, that ‘s why British Airways has human resource managementA constituent at all watercourses in order to go the universe ‘s prima and most financially sound air hose. British Airways strongly believes that there is a strong relationship between the human resource strategy/planning and concern success. Company ca n’t accomplish its aims and accomplishments without disbursement on the human resources ( employees ) ( Torrington, Hall and Taylor 2008 ) . British Airways has clearly mentioned in its one-year study that “ The direction and board of managers of the company set the strategic purpose of the company to guarantee that necessary homo and fiscal resources are in topographic point for the company to run into its aims, ends and reexamine direction public presentation. In British Airways homo resource is besides reacting to the concern scheme by specifying its ain scheme to back up the organisational and concern ends. British Airways strongly believes that by retaining experient and qualified staff/employees, company can understand the demands of clients. British Airways is besides be aftering to engage new and high skilled employees to run into the demands of company. Company is besides giving first-class wages system every bit good passing immense sum on the preparation and development of its staff /employees to heighten the productiveness of its employees which finally enhance the public presentation of the company. In order to construct its strong place in London, British Airways has besides centralized nucleus procedure and skilled employees in London. Company is besides increasing the consciousness of its employees about the client ‘s services by supplying them developing every bit good as offering them first-class company ‘s civilization and environment. British Airways follow HR direction to back up the bringing of its aims and ends.

HR Policies of British Airways

A A A A A A A A A A A British Airways has different HR policies. Some of them have been discussed below.

British Airways is committed to authorise its employees to increase their motive degree.

British Airways is besides committed to honour individualism of every employee.

British Airways is besides committed to develop competence.

British Airways ever gives tremendous chances to its employees for betterments.

British Airways enlisting procedure is wholly non discriminatory and company does non make any biasness while enrolling and choosing employees.

Company is besides committed to follow all wellness and safety environment policies

Virgin Atlantic

Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement:

To turn a profitable air hose where people love to wing and people love to work

Customer Service Policy:

Customer service and committedness to our riders has been the driving force behind our trade name. We strive to acquire it right, first clip, every clip. Occasionally things do non travel as planned. We believe that you have the right to cognize what degree of service you can anticipate from us all the clip, even in those rare minutes when we fall short of the really high criterions we have set ourselves.

Ailment Policy:

Keeping Records:

-Health and safety

Your well-being is of the extreme importance to us. Here ‘s how flying can impact certain wellness conditions.

For most of us, winging is a safe manner to go. However, the pressurised cabin can potentially impact riders with bing medical conditions.

For riders enduring from conditions like bosom or lung disease, or blood upsets such as anemia ( including reaping hook cell anemia ) , the lower O degrees could take to oxygen want ( hypoxia ) , doing extra O supplies necessary.

Additionally, the lower air force per unit area means that air within the cabin is expanded by about 30 % . This could do jobs for riders who have late undergone surgery, have abdominal wellness jobs, or out of use ears or fistulas.

If you think you may necessitate extra O or have any concerns pleaseA reach our Particular Assistance team.A You ‘ll besides happen farther information below.

-Ticket and Receipt

Electronic Tickets ( E-Ticket ) are maintained within Virgin ‘s Reservations system and relieve the necessity of a Paper papers being issued. However, due to in-migration and security demands we will publish an E-Ticket Receipt that can be generated via e-mail/fax or manual papers ( by station ) .

Reacting to Feedback:

We put client service and committedness to our riders at the bosom of what we do. We strive to acquire it right, first clip, every clip. But on occasion, things do n’t travel every bit planned.

We believe that you have the right to cognize what degree of service you can anticipate from us all the clip – even in those rare minutes when we fall short of the really high criterions we have set ourselves.

Increasing Loyalty:

Flying nine, the air hose ‘s trueness programme, allows Virgin Atlantic to honor and recognize its most of import clients. The Loyalty squad manages all signifiers of communications with the frequent circulars, including letters and other mailshots. The Flying Club expression is earnestly honoring. The more times you fly with us, the more tier points you ‘ll gain, impeling you from Flying Club Red, to Silver, up to Gold. And with a scope of different sole benefits available as a Silver and Gold member, traveling up agencies you can see more of the best that Flying Club has to offer.A

Staff Training:

Virgin Atlantic ‘s preparation squad provide the highest degrees of preparation to all employees, guaranting they are best equipped to run into and transcend our client ‘s outlooks.

In today ‘s clime where every client service supplier is under force per unit area, we appreciate the importance of edifice lasting, valuable relationships with both our internal and external clients.

We are pleased to be able to give you the chance to take a expression behind the scenes and detect what goes in to making Virgin Atlantic ‘s award winning client experience.

Leading you through the twenty-four hours will be Virgin Atlantic ‘s experient and professional preparation squad, who make each twenty-four hours a unique, educational and gratifying experience.

Customer after Gross saless Service:

-Changes Engagements

We understand that on occasion booking mistakes occur and if you make a engagement on our ain web site you can do name or day of the month alterations within 24 hours of the engagement being made for a charge of ?30 per alteration. ( You ca n’t reassign a ticket to a wholly different individual though and day of the month alterations are capable to handiness, any difference in monetary value will be either collected or refunded ) . Likewise if during the engagement procedure our system causes you to do and pay for a extra flight, we will publish a full refund of the extra flight without any charge, supplying you tell us within 24 hours of the engagement being made and later supply us with your recognition or debit card statement. These amendments can merely be made by naming our contact Centre. One of our purposes at Virgin Atlantic is to supply you with a seamless journey from booking to stop.



At Virgin Atlantic we ‘re ever lament to affect our staff and we recognise they are polar in accomplishing our environmental marks. So to prosecute and animate them about all things environmental, we ‘ve been set abouting a figure of cardinal enterprises.

We presently produce regular staff communications on the activities outlined in this policy and on cardinal environmental issues. We besides provide employees with tonss of information about how they can actively cut down their ain footmark both at place and in the office. Plus, we will be enrolling title-holders from each concern country to assist us acquire staff interested and aroused and accomplish our marks on the land.

We ‘ve besides been inquiring people for their thoughts on how they think we can outdo cut down our footmark in their country of the businessaˆ¦some have been somewhat off the wall, many have been great, but all of them have been really insightful

Fiscal Budgets

We have a section dedicated to assisting our riders with particular travel demands, supplying a wide scope of services to do their journey every bit comfy as possible. Our Particular Assistance section creates a specific program for each rider to guarantee that their particular travel demands are fulfilled. These demands vary from particular repasts to supplying mobility AIDSs at the airdrome.

The twenty-four hours will be conducted at Virgin Atlantics trade name new preparation installation, A The Base, which boasts:

52A schoolrooms, each to the full equipped with the latest preparation technologyA

Fully equipped preparation rigs for both Safety and Service trainingA

An auditorium that will sit up toA 250A peopleA

Restaurant with full menuA

Town Square Cafe saloon offering forte javas and hot & A ; cold snacksA

Plentiful parking for autos and managers

Leading you through the twenty-four hours will be Virgin Atlantic ‘s experient and professional preparation squad, who make each twenty-four hours a unique, educational and gratifying experience.

We pride ourselves on being flexible so can provide to most preparation petitions. Reach us to discourse options on how we can orient our twenty-four hours to suit your exact demands.



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