The Dating Game

January 2, 2017 General Studies

The Dating Game.

As a female, I encounter many types of the opposite sex. All boys should be categorized into groups according to their actions. .

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The group that sticks out in my mind the most are “the players.” These boys collect girls like a billionaire collects money. This is a hobby to them. Usually, they have a long-term girlfriend and a variety of other girls on the side. Just for fun, I am going to call the girls that “the player” has on the side his toys. Just like a child with a new toy, “the players” play with these girls until he gets tired of them. Meanwhile, the girlfriend has no idea that her precious, beloved boyfriend is playing her like a deck of cards. Her stupidity is seen by everyone, but she cannot seem to see it herself. “The players” are most often friends with their own kind, so many girls are being played and they do not even realize it. It takes a special someone to change a “player.” Most are “players” their whole lives.

Another group that I like to call “the young boys,” try to imitate “the players” but never perfect their technique. “The young boys” try to act older than what they are by dating older girls. These boys do not realize that the game is really being played on them. Females love dating “young boys” because they can be controlled very easily without even knowing it. Sure, the childish conversations and the immature acts of jealousy may steer females away, but I recommend every lady tries one at least once in their lifetime.

“The confused” are a little different. These boys do not know what they want. Their feelings change from day-to-day. They want to be serious about one girl, but they are worried about what other people will think of them. “The confused” are most likely to lead a girl on.

Lastly, my favorite category is “Mr. Right.” This is the guy that every girl wants. He respects all females, knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time, and is faithful in every way.


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