The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada History Essay

July 23, 2017 History

Spanish Armada was the strongest naval fleet in all Europe. However, these ideas were proved incorrect. In the twelvemonth 1588 Queen Elizabeth of England came with her naval fleet to contend against the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada was more powerful but on that twenty-four hours the English Fleet came with all the powers and defeated King Phillip ‘s the II “ Spanish Armada, this turned into a large and celebrated turning point for the English Empire ” ( Kirkmann, John. 2004 ) since after this accomplishment caused the Spanish imperium to worsen easy and turned England into the most powerful fleet and one of the strongest states in all of Europe. However, there are several more grounds why it became a turning point for England, and besides grounds why all of this pandemonium for Spain was caused.

Now, get downing from the ground for which this event took topographic point. The Spanish Armada was a really big naval fleet of Spanish ships, which were prepared by King Phillip in the twelvemonth 1588 with the point of position of assailing the English Empire, suppressing it and turning the Spanish Empire into a stronger imperium than England. However, King Phillip II end of taking over the English Empire did n’t succeeded, and besides it did n’t turned out really good for Spain.

Anyhow, another city manager grounds why did this event took topographic point was because before the licking of the Armada strong “ tensenesss between these two states were taking topographic point ” ( Vessels, Marine. 2006 ) . This was because when Queen Mary died Queen Elizabeth took the throne, and under her leading or throne a “ pact signed between Spain, England and France ended because plagiarists were taking over Spanish Ships and Queen Elizabeth at the same clip initiated a rebellion against the Spaniards when they were in the Netherlands ” ( Hickman, Kennedy. N.d. ) . This was when King Phillip II decided to fix an violative onslaught against England and seek to take over it.

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However, the most of import thing of this full event that took topographic point was how did it became favourable for England in that clip and how did it turned to go awful for the Spanish Empire. When the English fleet went out and fight non good prepared, against the strongest armada in all of Europe it was likely that England was traveling to lose, nevertheless the English put all of their attempt and defeated it. This turned England into the strongest state in all Europe and besides doing it ‘s fleet besides the strongest fleet in all of Europe. “ The English renowned power and leading terrified all of the European Countries ” ( Kirkmann, John. 2004 ) . Favorable for England because colonisation in the old ages 1600 ‘s was taking topographic point, and it began to construct up a really powerful Armada. Besides, England was the top State with economic things holding to make with Exploration and Exportation ; besides England signed a pact with the other large State France.

As for Spain, it was n’t really favourable for them. After the licking Spain turned into a really hebdomad Empire since it ‘s Naval fleet was destroyed and it was the strongest in all Europe. With this go oning a “ series of unfortunate events took topographic point ” ( Vessels, Marine. 2006 ) after the licking of the Armada. Spain was no longer a Strong state in any event of geographic expedition or violative combat. The Spanish Empire declined wholly after this event.

In Conclusion, the grounds why the licking of the Spanish Armada became or turned to go a turning point for England was because England became the strongest state in all of Europe. Making it construct up a really strong Naval fleet, which was one of the chief grounds why it turned to be strong. Besides on those old ages the English Empire started the colonisation of the New World in that clip. Another city manager event that turned to be strong for England was that it was the strongest state in Exportation and Exploration means in that clip, subscribing a peace pact with France. And for Spain nil turned out good for them since it ‘s Armada was defeated and turned out to go a really hebdomad state in full Europe.

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