The Determination Of The Harlem Renaissance English Literature Essay

The quest for Voice by a determined adult female in Their Eyess Were Watching God. Hurston ‘s Their Eyess Were Watching God was a book written during the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance period was a clip associated with the blossomed rational life of the African American which was due to the abolishment of bondage during the nineteenth century. My paper intends to analyse how Hurston the writer of Their Eyes Were Watching God portrays Janie ‘s in her pursuit as she searches for her ain voice. Besides, it will compare the degree at which adult females in the present twenty-four hours are being treated with the manner they were in the clip yesteryear. The voice in which Hurston talked about in her novel was non merely voice to talk in public but the battle of freedom by an African American.

Harmonizing to the Webster lexicon, freedom before the twelfth century was regarded as the absence of necessity, coercion, or restraint in pick or action. It was besides referred to as the release from bondage or restraint from the power of another. Peoples with low ego finding tend to hold restraints in accomplishing their ends even when the odds are non wholly against them. Bing a miss who had ever lived with her grandma Nanny, Janie had small or no pick to whatever she was told to make and what she wanted to make. Nanny on the other manus, had ever talked to Janie about holding to be a bigger individual ( voice ) than she was and besides holding to carry through the hereafter dreams which she had ever had. In her class to assisting Janie achieve all this, she decided to get married her off to Logan Killicks at a stamp age “ yeah, Janie, youse got yo ‘ muliebrity on yuh. So aˆ¦ Ah wants to see you married right off. ” ( Hurston TEWWG12 ) . Nanny might hold non intended this to come every bit early as it did but she merely at to make so, after seeing Janie snog Johnny Taylor ( TEWWG 15 ) . Although some critics might differ with what Nanny did, stating she had the right to do her ain determination but it should hold besides been considered that she was still excessively immature and at that age, it would hold been considered in the present twenty-four hours that she did n’t hold her full rights yet seeing that she was non up to 18. Making this was the best thing she could make in order to avoid seeing Janie merely run any with a low life hapless adult male and so hold to stop up like every other adult female. Did she merely do this because of her frights or did she hold other purposes in head? For Janie acquiring married did n’t merely intend safety from every other individual but besides wealth for her, since Logan was an old adult male who was besides rich. When there is wealth, so comes the pride to speak in public and even among the white people who were considered as Gods, and there she would hold had it ; her ain large voice.

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So now that Janie has yielded to the advice of Nanny and married Logan. She is left entirely to contend with it, holding to turn feelings of love to guard a adult male which she referred to as “ He look like some ole skullhead in de grave pace ” ( TEWWG 13 ) . She was surely non traveling to listen to that portion of Nanny ‘s advice to fall in love with a adult male who looked like that. This sort of matrimony in which immature adult females are being lead into matrimony with older work forces for the interest of their money and besides the protection of they and their household is an old adept method even if it is still in topographic point in some states like in Africa. On the long tally most of these misss get to either run away with another adult male, kill the old adult male, or even move so ill-mannered to them till the extent they themselves give up on the misss. It non merely causes problem for the work forces, it besides causes problem for the adult females. These are the sort of adult females we see in the society today still running about from one matrimony to another even at their old age. Divorce is about the ringtone of it all. Then, the childs who are being brought up under this sort of state of affairss end up life in the streets, turning into drug nuts, or even deceasing of depression from broken places. This is why we have most of these sorts of state of affairss go arounding largely around the African Americans. Janie go forthing Logan without holding any kid for him was the best option. She did herself a batch of good, the society and besides Logan. By go forthing, she would be able to hold her freedom, her freedom to love the adult male her bosom truly desire. Without holding any kid, the society would be saved from holding to engender a kid from a broken place as there is small or no opportunity of her taking a kid along to another matrimony or even the new adult male accepting a kid. Above all, Logan can be left in peace, saved from a small miss ‘ problem and saved from blowing his money on a fruit that would n’t give anything good for him.

Jody Starks was a adult male who used his well dressed mode to pull Janie. She so much fell in love with him right from the first clip. So, she followed him and went off. Janie recognized that he was a adult male with large dreams and hereafter accomplishments which she wanted to be a portion of it. So luckless she was to happen out that he was nil like he looked. His expressions were wholly lead oning. This was a lesson to her that it ‘s non all in the expressions of everything. The most things that looked beautiful are largely fallacious.

Then the chief job starts, her dreams of accomplishing freedom which was the major ground for running off with Jody was ruined. Jody besides had his dreams of being a large voice in future. After stating Janie about it all, she felt much better that she was traveling to be with a much more responsible adult male who would be able to contend for her. It is largely common among Black adult females to give up all their dreams in order non to merely fulfill their hubbies but besides for what they have and maintain hoping that someday the alteration will come to them alternatively of them working towards it. Janie did walk towards her dream of happening true love but she was walking with the footfalls of a snail while Jody was walking with the footfalls of a king of beasts.

From the clip yesteryear, black adult females were regarded as nonreader and did necessitate protection from their hubbies while the white adult females were referred to as holding good ethical motives and did merit protection from their partner ( Marilyn and Crystal ) . Janie might hold had a small spot of the outlook of being a white lady since she grew up among them. So this might hold shaped her thought to taking to be with a adult male like Jody. Since her Nanny, an old coloured adult females feels that wealth is the major thing so loves comes subsequently on which was one of her grounds for directing Janie to travel marry Logan. Janie ‘s dream of happening true love was slowed down and Jody ‘s dream of being a large voice was actualized.

The rights of adult females in the past centuries have ever been considered as vindicated, with more accents on the colored adult female ( Mary ) . They could be regarded as non even holding rights at all. The major embracing right everyone wants to hold is their right to freedom which includes freedom of pick, freedom to love and freedom to do one ‘s ain determination. Mary Wollstonecraft as a individual does n’t believe in “ romantic love ” but instead believes in adult females being educated. Womans utilizing the free clip they have in their matrimony to affect in more virtuous activities like doctrine and others. Then matrimony would n’t be approximately love but will be based on friendly relationship and regard. Although there will no longer be passion in matrimonies, there will be freedom of look among twosomes. The issue of I am the adult male and you are the adult female will no longer be able to originate. Equal rights will be among them ( Mary ) . She was seeking to do a point and base on balls across the message to other adult females that they should non set excessively much on their matrimony, but instead put more in their instruction. This will do both the hubby and the married woman about equal if non equal in the house. When it comes to money, the adult female has hers so besides the adult male. When it comes to intelligence, they both will be. So, this will cut down so much of the work forces seeking to be the foreman over their married womans. This would hold besides helped Janie if she was skilled in one sort of labour or even if she was educated. There will be no demand for Jody to get down moving all tough to her because he is educated and she ‘s non.

Through the seventeenth and 18th centuries, it was normally believed that the societal place of adult females was about inactive. This belief is easy toppled by the facts. Women ‘s place in society had since possibly the creative activity itself, been pretty dire and surely inferior to work forces. The lack instruction among the adult females in Eatonville was a part to the attitude Janie had. Most educated adult females believe in be aftering on what the soon have, non be aftering on what is n’t yet manifested or what they are anticipating to hold, as this programs have slight opportunities of being actualized.

Past errors are meant to do us larn so we do n’t do them once more. They make us stronger while besides increasing our ego finding. After the decease of Joe Starks, Janie became opened to the chances around her which led to her meeting Tea Cake. He seemed like the perfect adult male but she could n’t be excessively certain of him due to her past experience with Jody and besides the age difference among them. Once once more, this is another lesson which she learnt from her first and 2nd matrimonies, most particularly from Jody. She had something else which she gained from Jody self dependance even though Hurston did non recognize this to him. With self finding, self dependance and hope, Janie met and lived with her love Tea Cake

In decision, the meeting of Tea Cake led to the sum freedom which Janie ever wanted. She gained her freedom to love and show it. Although he might hold treated her a small spot amusing, she certainly did like the sort of control which he had because it was nil to that of Jody. It was n’t built up with force or control, it was built on love and apprehension. She made usage of everything which had learnt from her past experience to do certain that her matrimony with Tea Cake worked out absolutely. Then recognition could be accredited to her unsuccessful matrimonies, as these were her foundations and larning stairss. They did n’t merely decelerate her down to the accomplishment of her dream in unrecorded but besides increased her ego finding and made her an independent adult female as what everyman wants is non an excess load on them but a adult female who can depend on herself.



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