“The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving Essay

October 8, 2017 General Studies

“The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving. takes topographic point in the swamps of Massachusetts. Upon walking place one dark Tom Walker decided to take a cutoff through the swamps. When Tom finds a abandoned Indian garrison in the forests he meets the Satan. The devil makes Tom a trade. The trade that Tom could hold all the gold he wanted if he gave the Satan his psyche. Washington Irving was a celebrated sentimentalist. focused on the romantic thoughts that nature symbolizes life and supernatural events can be express thoughts.

In “The Devil and Tom Walker” there are multiple events that appear supernatural. When Tom is walking along in the forests he meets the Satan or. otherwise known as. the Old Scratch. “’The consequence of all which is. that. if I mistake non. ’ said Tom. sturdily. ‘you are he normally called Old Scratch. ’” ( Irving ) . Tom is confronted by the Satan for intruding on his land. Now most people do non believe in the Satan. but romanticists believe that the Satan was a supernatural or Gothic being. When Tom decides he is non scared of the Satan. he offers Tom him a trade. He shall give his psyche to the Satan for infinity in exchange for all the wealths he could conceive of. When Tom got home he decided non to accept the trade to do his married woman disturbance and mad. Tom told his married woman that he was non traveling to accept the Satans offer she went away and tried to do it herself.

After a few yearss of her losing Tom decides to travel and look for her. Upon happening parts of her organic structure and confirming that she was dead he made the trade with the Satan. because he didn’t have a ground to non take the trade. Tom would acquire the money and go a individual who lends money at unreasonably high rates of involvement. Tom agreed to take the Satans loan shark and drive people to bankruptcy. After old ages of service the Satan came for Tom. “’Tom. you’re come for! ’ said the black chap. gruffly” ( Irving ) . When the Satan made Tom the trade he sold his psyche to the Satan. The Satan came for Tom and took him when he to the lowest degree expected. There was no idea that a supernatural event. such as the Satan taking away a adult male. could go on until the sentimentalists started express the thoughts that the Satan was existent. Sentimentalists didn’t merely believe in the supernatural they believed in nature and life. They believed that they could show their thoughts in composing

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Romantics besides believe in the thought that natural universe can be used to depict life and decease. In the narrative the Satan was portion of the forests and he controlled it as his “’What are you making in my evidences? ’ said the black adult male. with a hoarse grumbling voice” ( Irving ) . When Tom found the old Indian grounds he sat down and kicked an old skull the Satan came out. The Satan materialized out of nature. out of the land and claimed the forests as his. Tom stood up and had a conversation with the Satan. Deacon Peabody a affluent individual was mentioned. Deacons’ name was carved into a tree and the Satan mentioned that it was Deacons’ clip. He cut down the tree. “’He’s merely ready for firing! ’ said the black adult male. with a growl of victory. ‘You see I am likely to hold a good stock of firewood for winter’” ( Irving ) . The twenty-four hours after the Satan cut down Deacons’ corner the newspaper read that that Deacon Peabody was dead. The tree symbolized life and when the Satan cut down the tree he killed/took the life of Deacon Peabody.

Irving believed in the thoughts that supernatural events and that nature could show life and decease. When Irving wrote “The Devil and Tom Walker” he believed that the thought of the Satan can be used to implement thoughts. Irving believed that the Satan lived in the swamp country right outside of a small town. He believed that the Satan came out of the forests and made trades with the unfortunate. He besides believed that nature was life and decease. The thought that people’s lives are symbolized by trees and when a tree gets cut down the person’s name 4that is on the tree will decease.


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