The Devil and Tom Walker Essay

Topic: Looking at today’s world, how can lessons from the story be applied to our society? Do we have similar situations and people we saw in the story? Are people as manipulated by material possessions as Tom was? Many people are manipulated by money and material possessions. In their greed lies many lessons that can be applied to our society as well as many lessons to be learned from their lust for money and material goods.

Our society is controlled by money. As well as the production of money is controlled by society, it’s a two way street. The world that we live in is completely controlled by the ec onomies of each and every country. Not all, but many people get sucked into this thinking process that they must have a lot of money in order to be happy. Although money plays a big role in being happy, it is not the only thing that needs to be there to be completely happy.

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Some of the people that think a lot of money is the only way to happiness, and would do anything to get more of it, become so infatuated with the fact of getting it that it completely controls their lives and in the end they wind up with nothing, This is expressed in the story The Devil and Tom Walker through which Tom sold his soul to the devil to become amazingly wealthy but when he was taken by the devil his money was turned to chips and his house and mortgages he stole were burned. Even his horses were nothing but 2 skeletons in the ground.

Some of the lessons of The Devil and Tom Walker are not to be too greedy, to earn what you have the right way, when a person makes a decision they can not take it back, and if you are completely engrossed in the mindset of being wealthy you will miss out on the chance of being happy. Many of these lessons can be applied in our society today. Many people cheat other people to better themselves which means that the person that was the cheater was too greedy and did not earn what they got the right way.

This is where the myth/ legend of karma comes in. If a person does something bad, something else that is equally bad will happen to them. Once someone makes a decision they can’t unmake it, or take it back. They must live with the consequences. Like for example if someone steals from a store and gets caught stealing they can’t undo the action of stealing and getting caught they must live with the consequences of their actions.

Tom could not get out of selling his soul to the devil even when he turned a very faithful man and worshiped god so much he could not undo his initial action of selling his soul to that wicked being. We have many people that are very much like Tom they are greedy and mean and determined to get everything they want. Once they get everything they want they do with the money everything they can to make other people feel less superior to them. It is a fact of life.

It is very hard to get wealthy the right way and a person has to work their butt off to do it but it is more rewarding in the end. In the story The Devil and Tom Walker Tom and his Wife were greedy and they paid for it with their lives. In the end Tom wound up with nothing and his life was a complete and utter fail. He did nothing to make the world a better place. Instead he wallowed in his greed and he stole other peoples money. He was a selfish, greedy man that paid for his actions with the worst consequence, death.



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