“The Devils Wife” by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

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“The Devils Wife” is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. The verse form is written in first individual. past tense narration. The verse form is a dramatic soliloquy from Myra Hindly’s position of life in prison. the verse form inside informations Myra hindlys contemplation on the offenses committed along with ian Brady. known as the Moors slayings. Through the usage of poetic techniques such as word pick. construction and imagination. Carol Ann Duffy creates a sinister atmosphere. the sinister atmosphere changes as the verse form advancements and besides as hindlys life advancements.

the stucture of the verse form is a dramamatic soliloquy written by Carol Ann Duffy. nevertheless we can non to the full swear what the storyteller is stating as it is non from Myra Hindly herself. the sinister ambiance is created right from the gap of the verse form. “The Satan was one of the work forces at work” the word pick of “devil” shows that Ian Brady is evil and mistrusting. “men at work” is a dual entendre and shows the Brady was physically working with Hindly but besides mentally working with her and pull stringsing her. this creates unease with the reader as we see that there is something baleful and endangering about Ian Brady. “he entered me” this besides has a dual entendre and refers to Hindly and Bradys sexual relationship. which is besides described as being violent. and besides refers to the fact that she feels controlled by Brady. “he made me bury a doll” this shows that he was the provoker and she followed him. when Carol Ann Duffy says “he made me” this makes the reader inquiry whether or non she was involved in the slayings or if she was merely forced to conceal the grounds.

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The sinister ambiance is developed farther through the description of the evil Acts of the Apostless taken topographic point and besides the sexual satisfaction between Hindly and Brady. the sexual Acts of the Apostless are developed in a suspenced manner. “i wont repetition what we did” once more Duffy uses this as a dual entendre to make dramatic impact. the reader is diffident whether she is mentioning to their familiarities or mentioning to the slayings. or could she be mentioning to both? the sinister ambiance is highlighted when Carol Ann Duffy makes a direct mention to one of the slayings. “looking at resort area. fairgrounds” Hindly and Brady would stalk topographic points where kids would be found and hunt for their following victim. this is highly unsettling and chilling for the reader. Myra
Hindly was inexplicit in their slaying strategy. “id walk around on my ain. he tailed. ” Myra Hindly is acknowledging her ain guilt and is acknowledging that she was merely every bit evil as Ian Brady. The description that Duffy writes about the vulgar things Hindly and Brady committed is what creates the sinister atmosphere and the really distressful feeling.

The ambiance is continued to be sinister when we see the physical description of Myra Hindly. “tongue of stone” “two black slates for eyes” “thumped lesion of a oral cavity. ” this describes further the force in Hindly and Bradys relationship. “tounge of stone” suggests to the reader that Brady is so controlling of Hindly and he doesnt let her to talk. and possibly she is beaten to be kept quiet. “two black slates for eyes” show she has black. evil eyes. she is passionless and perchance she has fright of the kid seeing her. “thumped lesion of a mouth” this besides indicates that Hindly was beaten by Brady to be kept quiet. the rubric of poetry two “medusa” links back to Hindlys “slates for eyes” and it besides links frontward to the description of her “medusa stare” the actual significance of ‘medusa’ is an evil adult female who turns people to lapidate with her evil eyes. Carol Ann Duffy is proposing throughout the verse form that Hindly is the same as Medusa. she besides shows that Myra Hindly views herself as a monster in merely the same manner as the populace does.

The control that Brady has over Hindly is a major subject in the verse form. “no organic structure liked my hair. no organic structure liked how one spoke” “i didn’t care” this shows that Myra Hindly changed herself to pull Ian Brady and he is most likely coercing her to alter. Hindly still has a strong compulsion with him “i wrote him every day” “id prevarication on my bed. on fire for him” despite the immorality. despicable things Brady did. Hindly still wanted to be portion of his sinister universe and she fantasised about him. could this be because he had so much control over her she doesn’t cognize what make without him? Despite the fact that Hindly is functioning a life sentence in prison for her offenses she still shows no compunction. “i howled in my cell” Hindly is non ululating because of the guilt of what she did. she is ululating because she cant be with him.

Carol Ann Duffys usage of word pick. construction and imagination. creates a sinister ambiance is created throughout the verse form of “the Satans wife” . The reader is left with a cooling. dark feeling.


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