The Devolution of the World

May 16, 2018 Teaching

This is in line with what we learned in class that followers of the indigenous religions hold the earth sacred and recognize the need for balance between them and the land. This writing also explains a path of teaching for their children as well. At first they are just as any child until they become of age and begin to understand that they are created of the earth and given life by the solar god their father. They learn that they are a member of their tribal clan and also a part of the great universe.

Along with being a member of the great universe as the child grows they learn to how to honor and respect the gods. As we learned in class as with many indigenous religions the North American Hopi believe in a supreme creator that being Taiowa and in other gods that he created from himself to carry out his work of creation as well as gods such as the sun god that they considered their father. Taiowa created Sotukang to create the universe in the great nothingness and when this was completed he created Kokyangwuti or the Spider Woman.

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The Spider Woman was created to take the lifeless earth and fill it with all forms of life. She created the land and all living things from the land and plants to the animals and bird. After showing this to Taiowa man was then created by the Spider Woman to fill the world that had been created. The Devolution of the World clearly answers what I consider one of the most common universal questions of where do we come from.

It provides a clear understanding of how their belief of how it all began from the birth of the universe to the point at which man began to spread out and embarked on their journey to other areas. As the world was being created it was interesting to read that as we all ask the question of why are we here so did the spider woman when she was created. She was answered as clearly as the first four men and women were answered. She was created with the responsibility to create life on the earth and the men and women were created live, be happy and to respect the creator at all times.


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