The Dissertation Project Elaborates The Ufone Success Strategy Marketing Essay

This papers is about the thesis undertaking that elaborates the UFone success scheme with mention to regional position. It includes a research to make an extended survey on U fone in Pakistan enabling readers to closely understand the company success and steadfast constitution in Pakistan. A major programme of market research will be carried out to measure the same.

The chief purpose of this survey is to research the factors and considerations which give rise to local schemes development in selling and gross revenues. In order to accomplish the above mentioned primary & A ; secondary both researches will be carried out. In primary research qualitative and quantitative research will be carried out which will include questioning marketing functionaries of U fone. The information collected will be analysed closely to bring forth findings.

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Ufone is the approaching 2nd most largest telecommunication company in Pakistan, the caput office is chiefly located in 13-B, F-7 Markaz Islamabad, Pakistan. It is reciprocally understood every organisation big or little it depends on the people which are running them as it is well understood telecom sector in Pakistan is turning really quickly in Pakistan with new emerging companies turning and acquiring license the up turning competition is traveling tough as a nucleus consequence the consumers are acquiring a direct benefit acquiring lower call rates doing the companies profit lower than usual.

Ufone commenced its operation under the rubric trade name name of Ufone from the day of the month January 29,2001.Ufone is supplying two types of web that is Pre & A ; Post wage. It has some exciting bundles in Post wage such as Uwon, Public demand, Ushare etc. as we see in its station wage bundles it is supplying a Black berry and value added services etc.

Ufone has ever played a meaningful function in the market it has supported invention and new trade names of merchandise in the market with simplified policy with no concealed cost and extra charges. It has a huge web coverage of approximately as far more than 5885 locations in Pakistan and covered all the major and peculiar countries in the part the major Equus caballus back rival for Ufone is Mobilink which is keeping approximately 910,000 current endorser while Ufone has 565,000 bing client as the farther study and analysis says there is about 70.60 % one-year growing portion in this sector in Pakistan.This as whole the research is based on lucubrating some drawback in ufone scheme that why it failed to be a market leader what were the oversights and it failed to capture the whole market and repress the Mobilink.

Chapter: 1



The company itself started its market operation on 29 January 2001under the trade name name of Ufone from the capital province Islamabad its coverage shortly covered the major metropoliss in Pakistan after PTCL denationalization Ufone is comprehensively owned by Etisalat.

At the early phase during its denationalization around 26 % of its portion was acquired by emirates Telecommunication Company being a amalgamate portion of PTCL Ufone is now owned by Etisalat.

During this portion Ufone continue continued on its on turning portion of the success covering and capturing major metropoliss around Pakistan and finally hold covered its standard operation in around 5885 locations across the state.

It applied a policy of the most simplified duties which resulted in a positive attitude from its clients and made its impact the entire endorser base for Ufone is 19.4 million.

It carries its international roaming to more than 130 states in around the universe which include Saudi Arabia.United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Cyprus, Srilanka etc.

Ufone presently caters for International Roaming to more than 230 unrecorded operators in more than 130 states and introduced International rolling installation for Prepaid endorsers in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Portugal, Thailand, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Belgium and Kuwait with lowest rates, having no security sedimentation and activation charges. GPRS Roaming installation is available with more than 115 Live Operators across 85 states.

This papers is a proposal to compose a thesis undertaking that elaborates the U Fone success scheme with mention to regional position. It includes a item research that have to make an extended survey on Ufone in Pakistan enabling readers to closely understand the company success and steadfast constitution in Pakistan. A major programme of market research will be carried out to measure the same.

The chief purpose of this survey is to research the factors and considerations which give rise to local schemes development in selling and gross revenues. In order to accomplish the above mentioned primary & A ; secondary both researches will be carried out. In primary research qualitative and quantitative research will be carried out which will include questioning marketing functionaries of Ufone. The information collected will be analysed closely to bring forth findings.


At the really early phase Pakistan introduces the first tele web company in Pakistan known as Paktel in 1990 January 2001. the authorities permitted them a license to allow them go on their operation by Pak Telecom mobile limited to run the GSM 9000 all around the different metropoliss in Pakistan, Ufone have succeeded to set up it self in the market by turn outing the given good services it shortly covered all the major metropoliss in Pakistan and invested around a whooping $ 65 million in its up turning apparatus and the whole substructure.

The mark market for the Ufone was the in-between category by presenting attractive low cost base bundles, Ufone is committed for a better attention of its clients every bit shortly as they get a new connexion non merely proficient installation but to acquire convenient services and connexion. it besides stared its GPRS service though it enables to make so consumers in a planetary small town. And conveying MMS advanced services.It besides provides info services through which each and single can acquire the latest signifier of information and maintain them self updated. ( beginning )


The chief caput office location for the Ufone is 13-B, F7 Markaz Islamabad, Pakistan.

Cities covered 2336.


“ Ufone, it ‘s all about U! We are, where you want to beaˆ¦ aˆ¦At Ufone we aim to supply you with wider coverage, superior connectivity, clear signals & A ; voice quality. Wherever you are, Ufone keeps you connected. ”

( Beginning: UFONE.COM )


In Pakistan, at present about 6 telecommunication organisations are runing in the state of which 4 companies are foreign and 2 are domestic. Tele communicating sector in Pakistan have developed well in the last decennary thanks to the broad policies of the authorities. The chief purpose of conveying these foreign companies was to hasten the readying of industrial growing and better the telecommunication web in Pakistan. The 2nd stage was more concerned with the extended and competitory environment for the telecommunication industry as more foreign company such as telenor, zong and warid entered the market all have the support of cognition base and financess of their foreign principals which have made them foremost to present merchandises, services and advanced engineerings to their consumer base. At the same clip, by puting to a great extent on selling and gross revenues publicities attempts, telenetwork companies have created consciousness about their merchandise. ( beginning )

Problem Definition

The intent of this survey is to take an illustration of Ufone and entree its local schemes sing selling in Pakistan and analyze how they differentiate from planetary schemes and how Ufone is seeking to get by with the selling jobs originating. This survey will besides lucubrate why Ufone could non derive the most of the market portion although being the subordinate of PTCL. Its portion is merely a spot below. To what extent it is good for Ufone to vie the bing market participants. And what step and distinction in policies should it do to be in the competition and far play good in the market crushing its bing rival such as Mobilink.

RQ1.Why Ufone is non able to pull a major portion of the market?

RQ2. What are the major barriers for Ufone to make out to its clients?

RQ3. What are the selling policies adopted by Ufone to free base in the market topographic point in a busy and competitory sector of telecommunication in Pakistan?

AIM / Aims

Aims of this research are to research the selling jobs which are act uponing the development of the concern of Ufone in Pakistan. In this extended research the cultural factors of Pakistan will be analyzed as the chief hindrance in the organisational and marketing advancement of Ufone which portrays it self as one of the taking telecommunication companies in Pakistan. The patterns of Ufone will be explored in context with the local market of Pakistan and what alterations they are doing for their Selling and services plan entirely for Pakistan, as Pakistan is one of of import states of Asia. Following are the chief aims.

To research the facts which give rise to differences in marketing runs in different environments?

To research the particulars which are taken into consideration when developing selling schemes for a population who holds different values when compared to others

To find till what extent Ufone market scheme is successful in telecommunication sector.

To analyse and analyze the external environment to happen the new countries which can take Ufone to exceed.

To find the selling schemes of Ufone in the background of its rivals sing their services and merchandises.

Chapter: 2

Literature Review

Literature Review

In this research thesis we are traveling to discourse different proposal of marketing scheme in order to increase Ufone productiveness and how it can increase its market portion and what are the due causes and fortunes which are keeping its market portion grab rearward as compared to Mobilink which is the taking company in the market. Further more it will be discussed why Ufone as being the subordinate of PTCL could non catch the market portion the survey would strictly be based to different laps and loopholes

Left by Ufone in its selling policies and its managerial system, as despite of being strong background. For a successful selling scheme is about the clients and there Devine demands and the ability to much more satisfy the clients demands, and as per the sum of competition is there it can maturely construct up maintain trueness of clients and a great trade in addition of gross revenues.

As it is apparent in today ‘s concern overall environment both concern environment and the client demands are altering quickly and thereof the scheme needs to be following and sing swot analysis and see the sum of alterations that are taken topographic point severally. ( Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2007 )

The scheme should besides specify and explicate that how it is run intoing the client demands and every bit good for successful and set up the rivals are.

( Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2007 ) .

Erstwhile clients are as similar concerns competitor the scheme vary and has major changing clients and there demands of client in big connexions. ( Donath, 2007 ) . A

Another drawback with the Ufone is with its human resource direction procedure writhen the company that will besides be discussed in the thesis study, as we see more and discourse in the study will be that Ufone is merely a process oriented company and it should do a displacement to an employee oriented company so as to fulfill and actuate HR, and that Ufone does non take its valued employees into consideration so it should value its staff.


The whole structural apparatus of the company is centralize, all the policies and marks have to be approved by the parent company.and as we as the departmental degree the construction it self is decentralize.

Functional sections: –

Human Resource



Customer Operation




The company itself is head by the CEO of Ufone MR.Mubasir Naqvi


Selling Department

It handles all the publicity and selling activities for the company which include bundles and the trade names

Selling Department

CMO ( Mr.Arshad Yaqoob Khan )



SENIOR Executive


Selling Scheme

It is a valued method of concentrating organisations energy and the refined

resources on to a positive and valued action which can finally and perchance

lead to the addition in the sale for the company and gaining control the mark

market.A selling scheme combines the entire development of the merchandise its

entire publicity, pricing, pull offing other elements and other relation. It besides

verifies and explicate the market sections and the sum of resources the

company have and allocate them in a proper manner the merchandise placement and

the most of import the selling mix demoing how the organisation will

successfully prosecute its valued clients in the competitory selling sphere,

Corportae schemes and its mission or ends are linked as the clients

represent the entire beginning of the company ‘s gross. all this frame work of

scheme is straight incorporated with the gross revenues, the overall scheme is

Frequently to maintain selling in line position with company or the organisations

Mission statements. Schemes may differ depending on the alone state of affairs

of the single concern. However there are a figure of ways of

categorising some generic schemes. A brief description of the most common categorizing strategies is presented below: .

Chapter THREE



Harmonizing to the Patton ( 1990 ) methodological analysis is defined as the “ analysis of rules of the method, regulations and posits employed by subject of method to be applied within a subject. ” Further discoursing it is elaborated it is more than a set of simple method instead than holding philosophical premises. Techniques used such as acquiring the primary informations were as qualitative and quantitative research methods and procedures.

Saunders et Al ( 2003 ) came up with their ‘The Research Process Onion ‘ which explain and describes different beds, where each bed explains the signifier and manner of informations to be collected from different countries of pick from any organisation.

[ Beginning: Saunders, M. Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. ( 2003 ) ]

Doctrine of Research






( images/ Research Philosophy )

The research doctrine depends wholly upon the way and the manner of the overall research worker and the development of the overall cognition in the vision of complete research procedure.

There are really figure of grounds that why the apprehension of philosophical issues are so of import. ( Smith: 1998 ) .

The round nature of philosophical inquiring is really much helpful itself and thereof it encourages the vital in deepness thought and much over it generates farther inquiry in conformity with the relation of the understood subject and consideration. It is besides seen that clear uping premises related to the personal motivations and values are besides seen as utile and of import when analysing and be aftering a research survey. Harmonizing to its categorization it explains three chief types of grounds why the doctrine may be important with the peculiar research refer method. ( Easterby -Smith et Al: 1997 )

The most of import it be vitally helpful for the research worker to more refine and explicate the research methods to be usage in a survey it would simply include grounds gathered and the first beginning in the manner such info is interpreted and how it help to reply the research inquiry.

Second the land cognition of doctrine ushers and enables the tester and the research worker to differ the methods and avoid misunderstood and unneeded work by peculiar attacks at a really early age.

Last it helps the research worker to be really much advanced conveying new thoughts and originative by version of techniques and method that were antecedently used outside there cognition and experience.

Further more there are three chief types or genera of research doctrine




From the three above the research doctrine that would be used in my undertaking thesis would be.


It by and large refers to a define set of positions and merge doctrines of scientific discipline which could be hold by an scientific method is the best plausible attack to bring out the procedure by which both physical and human events occur it assures merely dependable cognition that is based on true sense experience and positive common confirmation. ( Gitman.D, 2009 ) .


This subdivision it explains in item about the research design that is the program for roll uping, forming, incorporating and analysing the collected information. Here is the treatment about the sample size and the grounds for choosing the sample, the procedure that will be used for the informations to be collected and how that information will be analysed.


Harmonizing to Malhotra et Al ( 2000 ) it is critically really of import to analyse and hold a right figure to hold an history of the nature of survey, money and the clip while choosing the size of the sample some 30 people including companies ‘ director will be targeted to roll up the executable information.

Sampling Technique


Its one of the most normally used method in trying its much more

superior than random trying as it have an norm of much lower mistakes

.than the random sampling, in this type of trying a peculiar group of

people or consumers is selected and made as an topic instead than taken

the whole the people selected will be taken on common evidences with common


Furthermore I will be utilizing this technique in order cut down mistakes and it clip salvaging more accurate and less expensive and it will assist me reply my job definition inquiries and to derive my nonsubjective. I will take a lower limit of 10 interview Sessionss and online mailed questionnaire will be send to around 20 people.

Research Design:

Geting the research design done, few necessary stairss should be developed and analyzed before continuing towards a questionnaire and interview. The research design should be both qualitative and quantitative.

1. Qualitative method:

It searches the item significance and propositions of a

subject Tells Why and how of the subject replies. Through analysing the

unformatted and Unstructured information it dose non rely on the statistical

informations but on the true penetration of the people about their behavior, actions,


civilization, life style and attitude.

It ‘s more related to understand issues and phenomena ‘s and giving item

reply to the inquiries with proper understanding to the subject. It ‘s by and large

used to understand the subject or to organize a theory that can be future proven by

quantitative research method.

( Augusto: 1967 ) .

2. Quantitative method:

It searches for replies in a systematic, empirical

and in a Mathematical order through investigation and happening all the

quantitative and Measurable belongingss of the research undertaking. Analyzing the

information is much Easier and accurate so the qualitative research method,

its much based on scientific And accurate consequences than merely the hypothesis

thereof it proven to be right in every Aspect. Both of the above method of

research would be used as they have its Important in any field research and

they play a critical function in my research.

( Augusto: 1967 )

In this peculiar research the research worker have chosen the inquirer send

through Emails and asked to telephonic conversation in order to roll up the

primary informations the inquirer was asked from the top direction of the

companies and were send over to other of its rivals.

Research attack:

There are chiefly two types of research attack, viz. deductive and inductive attack. The deductive attack develops a theory or hypothesis and designs a research scheme to prove those ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) . However, on the other manus inductive attack involves the aggregation of informations as a starting point, and so developing a theory as a consequence of the information analysis.The research attack that will be adopted for this research is the inductive attack. ( Thomas W.Lee:2007 )

Research Scheme:

This research intends to explicate the relationship between the variables as it takes an explanatory attack. There are two type of research methodological analysis used which are secondary research and primary research attack.

Secondary Research

Finding out fact and figures through books, literatures, diaries and concern reappraisals.As discussed earlier, to supply and research penetrations and apprehension of local & A ; to carry through the aim of this research, qualitative research will be conducted in this study. There are two different interview methods of qualitative research which clarified group and in-depth interview. ( Rushkaff, D: 2005 )

In this research in deepness interview method would be used this peculiar type of interview is an unstructured, direct and personal interview method and will be better than group interview as it is traveling to bring forth much more needful information from the most feasible beginnings on analysing the single respondents, bring outing subconscious information, obtaining sensitive information and affecting unusual behavior. ( Sekaran.U:1992 )

Primary Research

Primary research Is besides called field research this involves aggregation of really of import and useable informations that does non be as for the present clip, it is ever done after garnering some feasible information from secondary informations which could be questionnaire or either Numberss and many other legion signifiers.

Validity and Genarlisability

The cogency factor shows the worth and it act as a guarantying Instrument for

the research work. it gives the statistical informations the proves the work done

or the research provides a good step, cogency shows that how much

better its is Measured and how much it is dependable. It dependent on whether

people tell the truth or can accurately associate the pas incident. The construct of

generalisability does non curtail the research Work it ‘s really of import to the

fact the work and research done should Imply on many other state of affairss in

different state of affairs at the same field, the thought of it is more ideal than it is

necessary by maintaining the above factors in head as a research worker it will be for

me be really of import to maintain in head that when I go for a questionnaire or an

interview the topic participant have ample sum of clip to reply the

desired inquiry after his or her proper analyization and they should hold

proper infinite of clip to give good reply therefore increasing the cogency and the

dependability of the Research the research subject and determination should non be prejudices

and true image should ever be projected and represented. ( Thomas E.Scruggs:1971 ) .

I have certain household friends working in U fone for considerable sum of clip

and they can assist me giving and turn outing me dependable beginnings of information

for my research doing it really much reliable and correct. ( Perry, C:1994 )


In this research it is jointly confirmed the dependability would be kept as the

top precedence as the research and survey work and besides the informations aggregation is

limited to the company ‘s Islamabad office merely so no miss lucifer could happen

as all the information is coming from the caput office it self but as for seen on

the other manus chief menaces such as mistakes or the degree of prejudice is concern I will

personally will do my degree best to cut down such chance and acquire valid

dependable consequences. Easterby et Al ( 2003 )

Ethical Issues

Confronting and analysing the work every bit concerned with the ethical issues are really

much Important it should be in a really proper and appropriate consideration

about the Behaviour and controlled appropriate academic behavior of research

( Goodman L.A:1961 )

Furthermore as a sound research worker I have consider all the ethical codification and

issues While executing my research with appropriate behaviors and strictly

be utilizing my Research of work, privateness would be the cardinal constituent as all

that have been Interviewed and questioned is kept confidential. The whole of

the research is merely based on my empirical research and stuff this is

non Plagiarised and is following the proper codification of behavior and linguistic communication.


De Vaus ( 2002 ) has defined questionnaire as being a really general term that

straight relates to the interim aggregation of the informations where all the provided

responded to the given questionnaire are required to give a peculiar similar

respond to the inquiry. Although it is seen that Oppenheim ( 2000 ) is of the

great sentiment that the way Of any one to understand what of all time he or she

wants from the inquiries, likewise it is really of import to foreground that all the

inquiry in the research will be officially used to specify the point and

understand the chance of the research subject it self and its intent.

Question are designed to acquire the desirable informations from the given respondents

Saunders et Al ( 2003 )


Saunders et Al ( 2006 ) have greatly made a distinction among different

state of affairss where inquiries are used and there methods, it varies from

state of affairs to state of affairs. There are about majorly four types where inquirer are

send and collected these are bringing, aggregation, postal, telephonic and

online questionnaire. In this research online and telephonic questionnaire informations

aggregation method is used.


Saunders et Al ( 2003 ) has focused the importance of designing of the

inquiries by saying that the internal and the cogency of the prescribed informations.

As in farther to roll up the primary informations and the information, a pre designed

and formulated construction of inquiries are designed and tested to guarantee the

quality informations In above all it is designed wholly 10 inquiries in which 9 are

near ended and 1 is an unfastened ended inquiry, the exclusive ground to plan the

near ended inquiry is that it is clip salvaging easy to reply and hold really

low frequence of mistakes and besides seem to be really easy to code.

And as there is one clear ended inquiry to give the responded freedom to give there sentiment in the short clip.


Saunders et Al ( 2003 ) has described majorly three types of interview

structured, unstructured and semi structured interview. In this study

structured interviews were taken to salvage clip and to be more precise, so that

the cryptography must be much easier, telephonic interviews were taken topographic point key

people from the company were selected and traced for interviews information

and positions from the rivals as good.

Chapter FOUR


Market place of telenetwork companies in Pakistan

as it is analyzed clearly that the market portion of Ufone is limited to 21 % while as its rival Mobilink the capturing leader in the market holding a major portion of 36 % as it will be discussed and explain subsequently in this chapter what chance laid and keep back Ufone in Pakistan although being a subordinate of PTCL as comparison to other international web such as Mobilink.

Province Wise Penetration Of Cellular Companies

This graph shows the spread outing incursion of different nomadic companies in different provinces and states in Pakistan between twelvemonth 2007 & amp ; 2008. where after careful research it is estimated below which company succeeded the major growing ratio.

MOBILINK ( 26 % )

UFONE ( 10 % )

TELENOR ( 8 % )

WARID ( 7 % )

ZONG ( 4 % )

Coverage Area By Service Suppliers

As in this graph it is explicating the coverage of different webs in Pakistan the endurance for the competition lies in the invention and new value added merchandises being introduced in the market, as noted out of 376 Tehsils across Pakistan about about 77 % are presently covered by nomadic webs brining the coverage figure up to 290.

Mobilink is about covering for about 7011 part and as for Ufone screens about 2986 part in Pakistan and so far the remainder is covered by different other webs.


One of the biggest disturbance of Ufone is that it is unable to run into the demand and ease its clients further it is seen that the organisational construction it self is really weak, the centralize construction fails to supply the proper upsweep counsel over the company policies.

Another factor is its dependance on PTCL after analysing it is besides for seen there is great deficiency of its franchise all over the state even though it has a turning client base it is non able to back up the client burden.

Missing advanced services although it has some alone and different services but it has failed to supply new merchandise in market quiet frequently that ‘s one the large ground it is fring some of its attending in the market.


When Ufone was introduced in the market it had an bing giant in the market Mobilink which is still giving Ufone a tough clip and is the toughest barrier for the Ufone to outplay the market.

As far I researched in the company it self I came across that it is holding some internal issues it is running as a pestilence and it was uprooted when it was acquiring privatize by Etisalaat.being a nucleus portion of PTCL many of its employee were non happy with the new wage graduated table conveying uncertainness in the company it self.


As the company itself ufone wants to spread out globally itself but its future operations are halted due to current economic crunch state of affairs and some internal issues.

Having a great potency it has the ability to spread out but its holded back with right promotion and selling it can travel much further


It can give a difficult hit surprise by presenting its Ufone Kiosk, in which there will be atm like machine to topup for clients from anyplace any clip they like as they if like utilizing an atm machine.


Government intervention in its policies and heavy taxing posses a great trade of menace to its market place, farther more it is studied in this research is the PTCL cellular license as Ufone is nil but merely an cellular license to PTCL therefore it should supply more of it fiscal support to much more enhance its net income of its subordinate company.

Pension and Increase Health cost Payouts

Part of its major menace came out from its ain yesteryear policies it is responsible of supplying generous pension benefit to its employees which for a start seemed a good thought but at this clip when it had to be paid off it is conveying its impact on company fiscal bone, likewise wellness and attention issues cost were besides seemed to be excess load on the company it self and is hence sing a big fiscal hit shriveling its overall budget.


There are some force per unit area groups that are seemed protesting on the signal towers that are being installed in the residential countries of which people sentiments are they are doing serious wellness issues giving a bad promotion to the company in the market


As the state itself is confronting economic crunch it has a direct consequence on the Ufone the current recession in the market itself is non good cut downing the consumer base and conveying a deficit in gross revenues

Marketing policies adopted by Ufone to free base in the market topographic point

Ufone station wage is the trade name that keeps up for most of it clients, this trade name are for those who expect more from there life for the best possible of the value.


Ufone nucleus position is the value for money it has ever kept the lowest call rates doing its net income depression and attempt to derive the market portion with giving modern engineering and giving best of services.

Monetary value

All the service suppliers are confronting intense pricing competition in the market itself they are the bosom of trade name choice when it comes to the clients so it is really important


The program is to capture the pricing demands of the clients and utilize it on timely footing e.g giving first-class call rate on eid yearss and public vacations, presenting hourly rates in ramzan when people are least likely to avail it therefore gaining more net income for the company and portraying its good name in the signifier of a valid offer.

Topographic point

It plays a really valid function in publicity services rivals of Ufone are seeking to perforate every loophole they find where others have n’t reached every other is widening at that place webs and coverage in different countries for now Mobilink has this advantage being the oldest in the market Ufone have to catch this in order to prolong the difficult competition in the bing market.


Ufone is widening it coverage to all the distant countries in the state to run into the demand of its increasing client base. it has intensive publicity in the metropoliss and besides believing to better publicity in rural countries.


it believes in incorporate selling communicating which is seen as a careful blend and mix of value clients it employs different selling activity and communicative channels which are coordinated to supply maximal end product

which includes.


This is much more effectual manner to pass on the message Ufone is utilizing this bead back to make and frequent advertizement it ever makes an ads more appealing and there prosecuting at that place minds to the merchandise.

Ufone adverts in the undermentioned forms.

Print Media & gt ; Printing there ads in assorted intelligence documents

Broadcast Media & gt ; Prior pick utilizing electronic media on television and wireless

Display Media & gt ; It is the 2nd most pick of Ufone where it holds most of its advertisement such as hoardings, stashing etc. new invention is besides bought in this method where different public icon topographic points are decorated by Ufone autos are painted even public conveyance are used as painted mark boards for the company.

Public relation

It is administered by a low degree of selling by Ufone for now at latest it launched the “ hajj usher ” service on Ufone in order to mix around people straight and actuating and assisting them to travel for their merchandise

Direct selling

Ufone direct administers on route undertaking squads as in supported by an umbrella of the franchise where it straight market and sell its sim cards.

Personal merchandising

In personal merchandising Ufone adopts the push & A ; pull scheme where gross revenues representative of Ufone pushes the gross revenues doing clients purchase the merchandise straight this is achieved by through a gross revenues coordinated force recruited for this specific undertaking

Designation Of Main Problem

The chief job faced by the ufone in this epoch after the careful research is

the addition in revenue enhancement sum imposed by the authorities its non merely Ufone

who had the hardest hits its with other telecom companies every bit good as the

authorities had increased the sum of GST on telecom and it may hold a

really beforehand impact on this sector confronting a diminution due to this fact.

Government gross from the peculiar sector is increasing as twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours

revenue enhancements are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours as since in 2007-08 the Mobile sector it self

contributed 79 billion as signifier of revenue enhancements to the authorities which is 25 % higher

than last twelvemonth Huge revenue enhancements had a great impact in the company position the chief

ground for its diminution is immense sum of the GST imposed by the authorities

and rigorous policy doing it shut down over 3 million SIMs card the complete

impact would be seen more over following twelvemonth as the GST will be captured from

the approaching twelvemonth.

Activation Tax

Activation revenue enhancement is being charged @ 500 per connexion as for the company it ‘s a

major disbursal as Ufone is unable to go through this charge to the company

because of the rigorous competition so as far the company has to bare this

disbursal itself. This activation revenue enhancement has increased drastically from Rs 17.57

billion to Rs 19.18 billion in 2007-08which is 11 % much more higher than

before.Ufone is able to lend 25 % in revenue enhancement of the sum market which has

conveying its impact in cut downing its market place much more down due to heavy

disbursal in the for of revenue enhancements

Devaluation of Currency

The devaluation of Pakistani currency has farther farther devaluated

Position of Ufone in the industry Devaluation of the local currency has farther

more increased the cost of making concern it self and doing it difficult to take

international loans, it has been farther observed low duties and high revenue enhancement

and rigorous competition is besides responsible for low border of net incomes in the


Network Connectivity Problem

It is besides to be found to be a major issue with low signal supporters of Ufone it

has found to be complaint by the consumers for disrupts line, busy webs

and name terminations Ufone have to work on this really serious issue to decide its


Excessively Much Ad

Ufone is pelting and puting immense sum of its capital on Television adverts

as a draw back people are melting up with this type of unwanted and

unneeded advertizements ‘ . It is passing big part on advert instead

than bettering its service which is much more of import for the point of clip,

at current its ascertained that Ufone has spend 550 million on its inside

services but far more is required to supply a better service.

( beginning: )

Gross From As Different Parts Generated

( beginning: … / )

Graphic representation of bead in portion of Ufone 2008-09

( Beginning: )

Chapter five

Conclusion & A ; Recommendations


By carefully and keenly analysing the Ufone it has been for seen that it is non

being a safe participant in the market, as it is ever perforating the market by

taking immense hazards and advance there merchandises and bundles really

sharply. It holds the 2nd place in the market but it has failed to be

the overall market leader in telecommunication as its ever confronting a really

tough competition from its difficult hit rival I researched I came to

learn that telecom market is the toughest to come in and last as it is so

quickly altering every twenty-four hours in this Ufone does hold to last it has to travel

frontward to capture more of its market in order to be the leader.

As it is the most growing industry immense sum of investing is needed to be

done as it has been observed that rivals are engaging professionals to

brand and entertain the subscribed consumers ensuing and execution

of value added services. Peoples working in with Ufone give flexibleness for

alteration and chance to larn and supply first-class eternal possibilities as

it has been learnt that Ufone believes that all of its employee have right to

offer input and that helps make invention in organisation assisting to turn.

Its revealed some complications in the findings as it been analyzed that

about the people are really much concerned about the call rates and prefer

any peculiar company with inexpensive rates so as far it is really of import for

Ufone to pull off this and give first-class call rates and advanced bundles if

it wants to increase its market portion and subscriber base.


As It is found obvious Ufone is a large trade name and as it has been at that place in the market for a piece but still it has some countries where it has to work it self out in order to derive the better portion in the market and battle against its rival.


The company visibleness have become quiet low in certain countries of the market as Ufone is aiming certain audience it has to broaden its skyline in order to pull more clients

As it has been observed in today ‘s market is already in economic crises so in this state of affairs Ufone should be more concerned with civilization and the penchant of its clients to acquire the bigger portion in the market.

It has been observed there is a large spread of market and potency in the rural countries in the state for Ufone to perforate as its rival Mobilink is quickly capturing those market its clip that Ufone should acquire it up and starts its web along those countries to acquire more of its endorser.

Ufone needs to make a bulge of motive among its employee in order to make more effectual and efficient work force, it should besides give them strong wages that helps doing good relation with the company and the employee doing it easier to accomplish the undertaking.

Efficient selling system should be planned and implemented selling should be done in broad spread covering immense mark audience non of peculiar type as Ufone has been making it in the yesteryear.

Employee engagement should be encouraged in order to acquire newer advanced thoughts.

Organization must hold its efficient and proper stock list system as its an universe broad recession Ufone must get this measure in order to prolong in the market.

Excess outgo should be cut down and the budget should be carefully invested in the most demanding sector of the company.

Ufone should seek to increase its budget but acquiring more investing inside this would give its benefit in the long tally.

Should do an effectual scheme to get the better of its rival and catch its market.


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