The Distinction Of Worlds Largest Apparel Company Marketing Essay

This study is based upon understanding the constructs related to a trade name, its value, image in a market. A trade name is chosen which is wrangler trade name that has several of its extensions. It is besides sub trade name of VF Corporation which owns wrangler trade name. Therefore, we have discussed in concurrence both the trade names and their maps. It is intended to be read by concern and direction pupils, faculty members that can do a usage of it for trade name and merchandise related topics. It besides talks about the complete merchandise mark market where wrangler is available and its parent company has been able to perforate the market. Since VF corporate is the parent company that owns wrangler trade names, it has been tried to discourse about it and wrangler trade name direction together wherein many countries have been discussed to cognize how wrangler has been involved in order to heighten its trade name operations. Wrangler has been associated with assorted advertisement runs and a charity show that has been detailed to cognize its countries of value creative activity has led to its success. The same merchandise which is wrangler has certain trade name extensions. To cognize more about them we have brief inside informations about them. Besides to cognize which section of market they have been present for making out to their terminal consumers. A batch of inside informations have been procured from VF corporation web site that actively divest clip in uploading latest runs, new event, world-wide presence and house ‘s schemes related to branding. Besides that many online diaries have been used to analyze more inside informations about the administrations. Along with online web sites have been reviewed related to the subject for which elaborate referencing has been provided.

Wrangler trade name comes under VF Corporation which owns all the labels of wrangler including other trade names such as Lee, rider, Jeanswear etc. Wrangler is a strong trade name with six labels under it. It is accepted globally in all continents and is good known trade name. It is one of the largest Jeanswear trade names which have its roots in the American denims trade names. Wrangler is a sub trade name for VF Corporation. VF Corporation is amongst the largest participants in the US denims market. This helps VF Corporation to increase market incursion and higher market value for such big aggregation of large names.

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VF Corporation is self reliant in doing its ain merchandises under assorted labels. They include cutting, run uping and completing. Its International Jeanswear concern fabrication is done at Poland and Meleagris gallopavo. This is a great advantage to itself and its sub trade name like wrangler which is an admired trade name that in house ability can assist cut down costs, supply control on production and bringing logistics.

VF Corporation provides wrangler a strong web of retail mercantile establishments. It owns monobrand retail and mercantile establishments shops. VF operated about 630 retail mercantile establishments worldwide in 2007. This enormously helps in doing the supply available to a large mass of people who like its trade names. It helps in increasing market portion and increasing client base to do a strong valuable trade name such as wrangler.


Wrangler is denims wear merchandise that is worn insouciant or leisure wear. It misses out on other assortment like athletic wear, image wear merchandises. This provides a bog room for VF Corporation and wrangler trade name to do in impact in other countries. This is non assisting in increasing the grosss in all market sections and return on investing on losing line of concern.

IT is true that United States contributes the upper limit for wrangler trade name as it is untypical American trade name in Jeanswear ; VF corporation US histories billed for all its merchandises 72.1 % of the company ‘s gross revenues in 2007.

Brand Value – Wrangler denims

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Brand selling is used to construct trade name equity. Brand equity gathers together all values of trade name image or individuality in consumer ‘s head. There is an estimation that can be used to cipher trade name equity. If similar trade name gross is subtracted with your trade name, the difference can be termed as trade name equity. This value can take a signifier of touchable every bit good as intangible value.

Trade names are besides an of import plus for administration. They can do merchandises make their ain value, makes them alone against the remainder similar merchandises in pursuit to fulfill client wants. They act as Invisible assets that can fulfill client ‘s psychological demands of desire and supply feel good factor. This besides gets reflected in the balance sheet where touchable and intangible assets are listed based on their rating. This can be termed as trade name value such as patents, packages, right of first publications, formulas, research etc.

VF Corporation has been engaged in establishing wrangler trade name run. Wrangler is a sure trade name for offering lasting and comfy vesture, introduced “ you can number on wrangler ” autumn 2009 selling run. They have endorsed NASCAR driver dale Earnhardt Jr. And NFL great Brett Favre for this run. This run will be launched on Television, wireless and web sites. They emphasize on high quality and value add-on pricing.

Wrangler launched in 2004 echt wrangler ( TM ) jeans with a mark section of 25 old ages plus people who are categorized in mid-tier shopping work forces at Greensboro with properties such as independent spirit, honest and down to Earth. It will be available in retail mercantile establishments.

VF Corporation is looking at possibilities to come in Directly in India ‘s retail market. It is traveling to utilize wrangler as one of the trade names to be sold in India. For which it already has 130 retail mercantile establishments that sell merely wrangler and Lee merchandises as in 2008.

Wrangler Home ( TM ) thought house, developed with Stonebridge small town, conveying aggregation insouciant comfort and welcoming spirit vividly to life. They have focused on wrangler ( R ) as their lifestyle construct. Primary merchandises are wrangler place ( TM ) furnishings & A ; accoutrements that can be seen in a state populating environment.

VF Corporation Jeanswear is presenting a new trade name for back to school 2004 – wrangler denims co. designed to derive market portion particularly for childs that have non been focused earlier.

Wrangler hero is a trade name that targets grownup males and babe boomers, now they have focused upon more fashionable looking category of childs.

Wrangler ( R ) forte dress decided to redesign their website that allows clients to look at the trade name in a new mode. Aiming to educate people, dispersed trade name cognition and do it more accessible and to do their online attempts stronger for trade name consciousness and gross revenues. A batch of importance has been given to inside informations that can be customised by clients to suit their manner of merchandises and easy shopping experience online. This has been launched in Greensboro US in July 2009.

VF Corporation along with wrangler trade name sponsored 25th one-year Bike MS: circuit of tanglewood to raise charity money for the handicapped with induration in North Carolina counties. This is a charity event that shall heighten wrangler ‘s market value by tie ining itself for a good cause.

The Intended Target Market – wrangler denims

VF Corporation is present across the universe in all states by virtuousness of its trade names under its belt. They have gross of $ 7.6 billion. They have 30 trade names, 44,000 associates across Earth working for them. There trade names are sold in more than 150 states and 47000 retail merchants in all channel used for distribution. More than 700 retail shops are owned by them. Many trade names besides have been put online for sale. They manage their sourcing of natural stuff and fabrication through a planetary supply concatenation of administration. They have divided their concern into 4 parts chiefly US part, Americas part, EMEA part and Asia Pacific part.

US part: –

VF Corporation ‘s central office is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is besides the direction operational base. Along with other sections such as finance, planetary concern engineering, supply concatenation, jurisprudence and human resources squad. Their alone concern theoretical account has preserved the singularity of all its trade names.

Americas part ( South America, Central America, Mexico and Canada ) : –

The Americas part is of import from selling position as a market and besides as a fabrication base for VF Corp. This is besides the part which is of import for wrangler trade name as this part handles all Jeanswear and active wear operations. Specifically in South America operations of Jeanswear are managed from Buenos Aires Argentina and in Quebec and Canada.

EMEA part: – This country covers Europe, Middle East and Africa. This is the part which stands tall for VF Corporation as future growing depends a batch on this country. This country has the possible to turn more and prolong growing. They have been present from last 30 old ages in Europe. They have their substructure good established in this country and therefore they can number more from this country in future in acquisitions, concern partnering, distribution channels etc.

Asia Pacific Region

This part plays of import function from sourcing point of position as its sourcing operations are based in Hong Kong. Besides, this country holds a batch of capableness to turn as many developing states like India and Chinas are based out of here which are a blessing with their turning power twelvemonth on twelvemonth.

Merchandise Range wrangler denims

VF corporation name was changed in the twelvemonth 1969 to showcase more comprehensive merchandise line. It was acquired in the twelvemonth 1986 that doubles its size and made it largest publically held apparel company. VF Corporation owns multiple trade names in assorted classs of dresss. Classs are defined as Jeanswear, Image wear, outdoor and athletic wear. All these four classs are farther divided into a set of trade names that make up VF Corporation.

Jeans wear cover the undermentioned trade names


Lee Jeans








Seven for all Mankind

Lucy Activewear

Imagewear cover the undermentioned trade names

Red Kap

The Force

Bulwark Protective Apparel

Chef Designs

Lee Sport


Chase Authentics


NFL White

Majestic Athletic


First Name

Outdoor covers the undermentioned trade names





The North Face



Eagle Creek

Sportswear cover the undermentioned trade names

John Varvatos


The Brand ‘s Image – wrangler denims

Brand image is the manner a consumer understands about a merchandise when he thinks about it. It is the head image that gets formed on a idea given to it. Therefore, a merchandise positioning becomes of import as this creates an feeling and image for the merchandise. A trade name image is something with which people can tie in themselves and can experience about it. If a trade name logo is created, it reflects a significance, message, objectives etc. For illustration coke is associated with soft drinks, Toyota is associated with dependability. It can include a perceptual experience about its characteristics, comfort, value, lastingness, invention etc.

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This is an advertizement run for wrangler in which NFL great Brett Favre has featured to advance the trade name.

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Wrangler western wear:


It belongs to cowboy manner denims and is running successfully from last 60 old ages. This one is for all work forces, adult females, and childs. And is reliable western rugged manner.

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Wrangler denims carbon monoxide:


This is for coevals X and Y. This is fashionable, new designs for work forces and male childs.

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Inch 2010, VF corporation has given a new expression to Lee trade name in Europe by join forcesing with Vivienne westwood for Anglomania aggregation that will be launched in their shops and so subsequently in remainder of the universe. IT features four denim manners for work forces and adult females, jean shirts, printed T shirts. This logo created provides this label a alone image.

Ready, Set, Goal: LucyA® Brand Releases New Styles

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This is a new launch in January 2010, by Lucy ( R ) , to assist adult females in their agendas for exercise. They are besides let go ofing a few gym manner dress.


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7 for world have been named one of advertisement age ‘s top 10 merchandises of the decennary. This model award has been given for invention and establishing high terminal jean in American markets and doing consumers experience better while purchasing denims.

Recommendations for Improvement

Growth in on-line retail disbursement

Online retail disbursement is expected to turn manifold in future giving an chance to increase incursion of market and client base. VF Corporation can sell its trade names through online shops and can expose them online for cognizing their specifications. It can besides assist cognize more inside informations about the merchandise online and so do a buying determination taking to increased gross revenues volume for wrangler and other displayed trade names. Furthermore, adult females retail dressing gross revenues in US are expected grow. Besides, out-of-door and imagwear sections are expected to turn that can be tapped if wrangler decides to diversify in these sections every bit good. This will be distinct extra gross for the trade name itself.

Growth in developing states

China and India are two fastest turning economic systems that can be tapped to tackle at that place increasing ingestion capacities. In china growing rate is expected to turn by 11.9 % untill few old ages. VF has formed a joint venture with 60 % interest in it to plan market and administer trade names in India including wrangler. This move will surely travel a long manner in developing grosss to its mark.

By come ining into newer markets is a good move frontward but salvaging itself from forgery merchandises is besides an of import milepost. Since forgery merchandises are widely available and they need to be curtailed down to salvage the trade name image, gross loss, and long term planning, it is of import for the company to do sole merchandises that are hard to be resembled, needs licencing to fabricate in far flung locations and lawful contracts are signed with concern spouses.

It is of import to get down forcing gross revenues in developing market particularly after US economic lag from where 70 % of the gross revenues volume was coming.


Apparel Industry is detecting ever-changing new trade names and mergers. For illustration computer science and vesture have been coming closer than of all time earlier. A jacket that contains Si into cloth as a connecting tool is a new thought that can be used in many industries of future. Therefore, it is suggested that VF Corporation must follow newer engineerings and remain in front of the tendencies in the industry. Stain opposition is another engineering that can assist rinse away discolorations in child ‘s frocks on which VF Corporation is already working.

It is in favor of VF Corporation that they have a large merchandise line. However, trade name direction for all such lines is of import. Brand direction is related with selling techniques that are applied to one or more merchandise lines. Choosing marketing techniques should be given high precedence to guarantee that long term benefits are considered and trade name value upsurges in hereafter.


VF Corporation came into being in the twelvemonth 1986. Ever since it has the ticket of the largest dress company that owns the largest merchandise lines and universe renowned trade names such as wrangler, Lee, rider. VF Corporation is really strong on merchandise lines that it has been pull offing really good. If we give a expression at their grosss they have had been increasing other than for the twelvemonth that went down economic recession. It owns jean wear labels which are globally acceptable and that surely gives them advantage of doing in route to many of the universe markets where others have-not been able to make so far. It besides has the differentiation of having its ain mills that provides self trust which is really of import to maintain the costs in control. With such monolithic merchandises, merchandise lines they need shops which can sell these merchandises to stop consumers. So they have established ego owned shops, monostores which are owned by other subordinate companies but are governed by them. This is besides a immense figure of shops every bit high as 47000 retail shops sell their trade names. There specific universe labels such as wrangler are a company in itself since they are so old American denims trade name. They must seek to diversify within themselves as they are such strong trade names that they can do other merchandises besides sell easy other than denims provided consumers outlooks are kept in head while planing the merchandises. To pull off such large trade name they should deploy an experience direction squad who have the cognition and expertness in trade name direction. They are present anyplace and everyplace. However, looking at wrangler position it has been a universe trade name and if we need to add value to it than it should be given to the invention squad that can maintain the bing merchandises and besides create futuristic merchandises to remain on top for a long clip. Brand value will acquire created when the value of wrangler adds pecuniary benefits to it. Therefore, adding value and upgrading bing lines is necessary as a uninterrupted procedure. Wrangler as a universe trade name provides for a positive trade name image which is accepted by all kinds of consumers work forces adult females, childs, elderly. It should maintain making what it is seeking to make by prosecuting into runs that involves famous persons, and keeping the bing and new wrangler line of merchandises.



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