The domesticated animals to the New World,

The Columbian exchange was the widespread of plants, animals , culture , human populations , and technology. Although this was happening it also affected the Americas. One way it affected the americas was by it bringing diseases. Since it brung destructive diseases it caused the population of cultures to decrease. Also since the population decrease it caused a labor shortage throughout the Americas, which eventually resulted in the establishment of African slavery. Also and also circulating a wide variety of new crops and livestock that, in the long term, increased rather than destroy the world human population. Europeans also brought a number of domesticated animals to the New World, including cattle, pigs, sheep, and fowl, which was as valuable sources of food and clothing. Which is also how it was affected with by the animals .The europeans also brought religion and culture, new tools for agriculture, and new weaponry such as knives and firearms.

Europe also affected the Americas by bringing in foods such as rye , wheat , oats and millets, etc. Potatoes became an important part of the diet in much of Europe, to about 25% of the population growth in Afro-Eurasia between 1700 and 1900. Tomatoes, which came to Europe from the New World from Spain, were originally grown/made for in Italy. This also affected us even to today because us here in America eat Spaghetti , Pizza and other things included with tomato based sauce. Rice was another crop that became widely cultivated during the Columbian exchange. Since it was a high demand a lot of people wanted rice they so had to find better and faster ways to grow it. The two primary species used were oryza glaberrima and oryza sativa. Which was originating from West Africa and Southeast Asia. The slaveholders in the New World relied upon the skills of enslaved Africans to further cultivate both species. Enslaved Africans brought what they know about of water control, milling, winnowing, and other general agrarian practices to the fields. This widespread knowledge amongst enslaved Africans eventually caused for rice becoming a main food that was eaten in the New World. Citrus flavored fruits,oats, grapes , etc ; were also brought to the Americas from Europe, specifically from the Mediterranean. In the beginning these crops struggled to adapt to the climate in the new world. Although, by the late 19th century they began to grow more faster and regularly.

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Another change they had was cultural change. An example of one of cultural change happened during the fifthteen-hundreds in North America. When these early European colonizers first entered North America, they encountered fence-less lands which indicated to them that this land was unimproved. These European were seeking economic opportunities, therefore, land and resources were important for the success of the mission. When these people entered North America they encountered a complete established culture of people called the Powhatan also which caused a cultural change.



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