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April 11, 2019 Religion

The Middle ages and the Renaissance were two major periods in Europe’s history, both of them in their own way shaped the world we live in today. The Middle ages also known as the dark ages was a time of strong religious beliefs mostly everything in that time revolved around the catholic church, it was like the glue that held the nation together through the tough times such as the black death. The Renaissance on the other hand was like the resurrection of greek and roman literature and learning. Along with new humanist beliefs that focussed on the importance and needs of humans rather than religious divinities. The catholic church which had been highly respected during the middle ages started to get questioned during the Renaissance and many people start to view God as more of man than divinity. Many things changed between these two time periods that were side by side, but one very obvious one was art. Paintings during the middle ages were mostly based of religion and it lacked color and shadowing which made it not look realistic. Renaissance paintings were quite the opposite because they used perspective, shadowing, bright colors, and the paintings were about beauty of the natural world rather than religion. Lifestyle also changed drastically from the two time periods during the medieval ages indulgence and physical pleasure were to be minimized as they were sins. During the Renaissance however life was to be enjoyed and explored instead of serving God all the time people lived more of a human centered life.


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