The Eclipse Process Framework Information Technology Essay

July 23, 2017 Information Technology

Iterative and incremental attack: Iterative and incremental procedure attack enhance the quality of package by following early and frequent feedback about package development consequences. Taking continuously feedback helps to happen out serious defects and challenges of demands or design. Geting proper feedback, produce bit-by-bit better prioritization of Quality Assurance activities in undertaking development.

HTML based artifact templets: OpenUP provides HTML based templets for both squad members and user for counsel of most of the cased used in the procedure. These HTML templets helpful to placing information necessary to turn the quality criterions.also these templets provide installation for OpenUP to may be extended or tailored harmonizing to the demands of the undertaking or organisation which uses it.

Checklist: In OpenUP checklist are utile in a figure of contexts.

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Aid to make up one’s mind what to make to accomplish the needed consequences.

Aid to measure the quality of the work.

Aid to understand how a peculiar artefact relates to the remainder of the procedure.

Guidelines: maintain information about a assortment of subjects including:

Practices and different attacks for making work

How to manage peculiar sorts of artefacts

Discussions on accomplishments the acting functions should get

Discipline Trial: OpenUP provides full portion of the procedure for proving package. On different stages of lifecycle are tested for proving the public presentation of constructing merchandise. This include:

Tester function

Test Log

Test Case and Test book

Description of trial related activities performed by Tester function

Guidelines for trial related activities

For measuring the quality of any merchandise there are three basic and cardinal techniques Inspections, Reviews, and Walkthroughs. In every undertaking or every organisation adopt these powerful method to bettering the quality and productiveness of the development procedure. Measuring the work merchandises these three particular techniques are focused.

The IEEE criterion Glossary ( 1990 Ed. ) defines these three sorts of attempts as:

Reappraisal: it is the formal meeting at which work merchandise, or set of work merchandises are presented to the user, client, or other interested party for remarks and blessing.

Inspection: formal rating technique in which work merchandises are examined in item by a individual or group other than the writer to observe mistakes, misdemeanors of criterions, and other jobs.

Walkthrough: reappraisal procedure in which a developer leads one or more members of the development squad through a section of a work merchandise that he or she has written while the other members ask inquiries and do remarks about technique, manner, possible mistakes, misdemeanor of development criterions, and other jobs.

The Eclipse Process Framework

Eclipse Process Framework ( EPF ) is the portion of the Rational Unified Process by IBM supplying minimum methodological analysis for package constituent. It provides EPF Composer as a tool to specify and accommodate package development processes ( Eclipse Process Framework Project ) . Open Unified Process ( OpenUP ) is a portion of the Eclipse Process Framework ( EPF ) , an unfastened beginning procedure model developed within the Eclipse Foundation. This model is created to back up the development of customized package development processes. [ 7 ] EPF provides tools to back up procedure model adding or modifying undertakings to heighten the quality of package utilizing development procedures. EPF provides best patterns that team members can easy follow and piece into a series of alternate, modifiable, and extensile procedures that can be applied to different undertakings. It provides package development squads with indispensable patterns for iterative and nimble package development, including uninterrupted integrating, test-driven development, client engagement throughout the undertaking, iterative development ; brace scheduling, use-case, scenario, or user-story-driven development. The chief aims of EPF are following: [ 1 ]

EPF facilitate for developer to an feasible linguistic communication for procedures.

EPF support both iterative and nimble development patterns in undertaking squads and follow these patterns efficaciously.

EPF strives for simpleness, which can be achieved through uninterrupted refactoring.

EPF provides flexibleness while maximising reuse of common best patterns.

EPF provides tools for authoring, library direction, configuring, and publication.

Anyone can assist heighten EPF.

To run into these cardinal aims, EPF presently works on two procedure models:

Open Unified Process Framework ( OpenUP )

Agile Process Framework

OpenUP tools and circuit board

Here few illustrations of circuit boards and tools available in OpenUP: [ 5 ] [ 8 ]


The Agile Business Rule Development OpenUP circuit board for the Eclipse Process Framework presents a matter-of-fact attack to the development of a Business Rule Application utilizing Rule Engine and Business Rules Management System ( BRMS ) engineering. The OpenUP/ABRD circuit board helps developers and plan office members to rapidly deploy methods and patterns for their ain undertakings.


OpenUP/Dynamic Systems Development Method ( DSDM ) Describe the client functions to the OpenUP attack. As an Agile procedure, DSDM promotes active user engagement within the undertaking squad and defines specific functions that enable this. The DSDM Plug-in for OpenUP adds these functions to the OpenUP base, increasing the squad ‘s capableness for collaborative package development.


The Open Unified/Model Driven Development circuit board is created as portion of the Eclipse undertaking and can be found here Eclipse Process Framework, describes the Open Unified Process and the Model Driven Development circuit board for this development procedure. The OpenUP/MDD plug-in redefines a figure of functions and provides a figure of new functions that extend the bing functions of OpenUP.

EPF Composer

The tool, EPF Composer, provides an environment for procedure applied scientists, undertaking and plan directors who are responsible for keeping and implementing procedures for development organisations or single undertakings. Eclipse Process Framework Composer ( EPF Composer ) is a tool platform for specifying, modifying, managing, and pass oning development procedures. Procedure writers can specify who does what, when, and how. They can supply counsel, templets, and other back uping stuff and print the information as a web site on a corporate intranet.

EPF Composer is built upon the Eclipse platform

Supports many of the Eclipse circuit boards -e.g. Mylar

The undermentioned screenshot shows Eclipse Process Framework Composer tool.

Software procedure applied scientists and Independent tool sellers can utilize EPF Composer to widen and modify OpenUP.

OpenUP Knowledge Base

Users of OpenUP procedure are guided by the OpenUP cognition base which is a set of HTML pages. The pages may be deployed to a undertaking or an organisation intranet or website to be easy accessible for all participants. The cognition base covers all countries of OpenUP procedure ( subjects, functions, artefacts, lifecycle ) and provides one common entree point for it to all participants.

The undermentioned screenshot shows OpenUP cognition base:


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