The Economic Cooperation With China Case Of Cameroon Economics Essay

Cameroon is located in cardinal Africa to the threshold of the Gulf of Guinea, an country of about 480,000 square kilometer and a population of 19.4 million in 2010, first-class geographical location and natural conditions, abundant resources, many nationalities, capturing landscapes, concentration of a assortment of landscapes and clime of the continent Type and cultural individuality. In 2009, Cameroon ‘s GDP of 10 trillion CFA francs ( about U.S. $ 21.8 billion ) , with a per capita GDP of 1,120 U.S. dollars, the rising prices rate was 5.3 % , the existent mean one-year GDP growing rate of 2 % , in 54 African states, centrist. Cameroon, societal stableness, jurisprudence and order, economic, Cameroon and China are extremely complementary, and the high monetary value of industrial finished merchandises, industry and engineering gradient lower than China, combined and China have a profound traditional friendly relationship, really welcome Chinese endeavors to Cameroon investing is an ideal part for Chinese merchandises, equipment, engineering, capital transportation. Therefore, the Chinese-funded endeavors in Cameroon turning, until March 2010, there are 18 Chinese-funded endeavors registered in Cameroon in Cameroon ‘s non-financial new investing of $ 180 million in January 2010-August U.S. dollars, going an of import market for China ‘s exports to Africa.

Overview of the Chinese endeavors to put in Cameroon

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In 1973, China began to take part in the building of large-scale substructure in Cameroon, La Hydropower and Yaounde Conference Centre, despite these major foreign aid activities organized by the authorities is far non the rigorous sense today, foreign direct investing, but Storting proficient and fiscal, already have a simple “ natural ” signifier of foreign investing. The successful execution of these investing steps, to better China ‘s international environment and laid of import international linkages and market substructure, but besides for the subsequent rise of China Gurkha direct investing. In 1982, China Geo-Engineering Corporation and China Water Power Company in Cameroon delving Wellss and route building. In 1995, a big figure of Chinese people began to come in Cameroon, trades in Chinese medical specialty clinics, pharmaceuticss and other unfastened in 2000, Cameroon about every metropolis has a Chinese medical specialty clinics, particularly in Yaounde and Douala up. In add-on, the private sector into more of the industry every bit good as piscaries, forestry, crude oil industry, garment industry, etc. , particularly in piscaries up most of them are concentrated in the metropolis of Douala, are comparatively small-scale, but the equipment is by and large better than local people advanced. 1979 to 2001, China ‘s investing undertakings in Cameroon 15, accounting for 3.3 % of the non-investment undertakings, entire investing of 1,505 10s thousand U.S. dollars, accounting for 2.2 % of the entire non-investment.

In October 2000, the constitution of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum. In 2001, China put frontward “ to the universe ” scheme, China ‘s foreign direct investing showed a rapid growing tendency. In 2002, Cameroon Lions Animal Husbandry Co. opened in grace than this is the first Chinese state-owned endeavors established in Cameroon. In 2003, Cameroon President Paul Bisayan ‘s visit to China to beef up investing cooperation between the two states has laid a good foundation. In 2007, President Hu Jintao paid a province visit to Cameroon, and issued a joint dispatch stressed that the two sides will beef up cooperation in agribusiness, primary merchandises processing, substructure, energy, telecommunications and other Fieldss. Since so, more and more Chinese endeavors to Cameroon, investing, and investing cooperation between the two sides continue to deepen.In March 2010, the Chinese-funded endeavors registered in Cameroon 18, in add-on to many freelance, the flow of progressively diversified, in add-on to traditional Chinese medical specialty, trade, agribusiness, piscaries, mineral development, undertaking catching, increase the existent estate-development, telecommunications, investing to greenfield investing.

Analysis of investing and cooperation between China and Cameroon

Modest investing growing, the entire size is excessively little

As of March 2004, the China-funded endeavors registered in Gurkha 12 March 2009, 16 March 2010, 18 year-on-year growing rate of merely 8.3 % . January 2010 – August, in Cameroon ‘s non-financial new investing of $ 1.8 million. However, in 2008, Africa pull investing flows in China was $ 5.49 billion, relation to 2007, the one-year growing rate of 249 % , in October 2010, in a non-registered foreign-funded endeavors reached 2000, seen in Cameroon in funded endeavors is less than 1 % of the full-funded endeavors in Africa, the proportion is little, is non commensurate with the economic position of Cameroon in Africa. In non-investment of the three largest states, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and China ( both portion of the SSA states ) than in 2008, China ‘s direct investing in South Africa amounted to $ 4.808 billion, $ 214 million in Zambia, Nigeria for $ 163 million. Obviously, the graduated table of Chinese direct investing in Cameroon is besides little.

The investing involves a wider country, but the investing construction is non sensible

From the position of the Chinese-funded endeavors registered in 2010, the country of investing related to agribusiness, piscaries, wellness attention, nutrient, instruction, existent estate, mineral development, communicating, undertaking undertakings, covering a broad scope of fabrication endeavors are non ( a garment enterprises in 2009, after the prostration ) .Also, you can happen that is non consistent with China ‘s investing in Africa as a whole is biased in favour of the resources and energy industries, the focal point of Chinese investing in Cameroon chief undertaking undertaking industry, and chiefly state-owned endeavors to take part in the chief, instead than resource undertakings big merely China Steel Group Corporation 30,000 dozenss of Fe ore geographic expedition rights in Cameroon to widen Cameroon North development keeping company with the Cameroon side of the purple satisfied ( 3862 square kilometres ) and Macari ( 4644 square kilometres ) and two blocks geographic expedition and development of oil two undertakings. This shows that Chinese endeavors investing construction is non sensible to Cameroon, countries and undertakings of investing in substructure and technology catching industry is excessively concentrated.

The extremely competitory, fast-funded endeavors eliminated, but late be given to be comparatively stable

In March 2004, the Chinese-funded endeavors registered in Cameroon 12. March 2009, changed to 16, compared with 2004, an addition of 4, which, in add-on to China YTO agricultural machinery import and export-companies, the king of beasts animate being farming company besides operates outside the remainder of the endeavor, irrespective of bike production or nutrient, garment endeavors or investing publicity centres have all been closed or out of concern, while the new six building companies, two communications companies, an agricultural endeavor and an Fe and steel endeavors, while the original one fishing company three new angling companies alternatively of the original two infirmaries alternatively of a new China-Cameroon joint venture infirmary, the fluctuation scope is rather significant, compete fierce evident. In March 2010, the Chinese-funded endeavors registered in Gurkha 18 of the original 16 companies did non close down one, and add a belongings company and a existent estate development company, seen late improved concern conditions, tend to be comparatively stable.

The consequences of the joint venture in China and Cameroon are non ideal

In 1997, under the support of the Chinese authorities concessional loans tire mill in Gansu Province and Wuhan tractor works in Kribi, Cameroon national investing company, severally, a joint venture to construct a tractor assembly works and Earth tyre redevelopment investing amounting to $ 2,320,000 and $ 2,120,000plant. However, the former because the merchandises have no market ( The company produces 7 horsepower tractors are non suited to local conditions ) , the latter due to the deficiency of natural stuffs, the two companies are shortly forced to close down. In July 2001, Changchun Changling Group Gurkha the side joint venture built a bike assembly line was put into operation in Douala, production and gross revenues were ne’er able to scale, and eventually had to shut. Overall, joint venture, cooperation undertakings in Cameroon has merely begun, merely cooperation angling single points to see the benefits, and the deficiency of a truly nice joint ventures, concerted endeavors, in a joint venture steel works in Cameroon, talked about the big wood processing undertakings 4 -5 old ages, still remain on paper, long rhythm and low efficiency.

Overall, China ‘s investing in Cameroon to better the life conditions of the people of Cameroon ( such as low-priced lodging, Douala H2O supply undertaking ) ; better the degree of wellness of the people of Cameroon ( Cameroon infirmaries ) ; better the degree of substructure in Cameroon ( such as hydropower Mokan ) ; increase local occupations and revenue enhancement grosss ( such as Huawei employees in Cameroon Cameroon brought in more than 200 ) ; advanced experience and production engineering, heighten the friendly relationship between China and Cameroon. Harmonizing to a study of Zhejiang Normal University, Liu Yan ( 2008 ) , up to 78 % of the Cameroon people think China is one of the of import spouses, if you choose to travel abroad to work or analyze, 30 % of people chose China, 2nd merely to in the United States ; while merely 6 % of people choose to travel to France, the Chinese investing Cameroon seen by. Shows that as a large state in a growth, comfortable China to including Cameroon and other African states sent non “ colonialism ” , but instead a assortment of low-cost ; is non a menace but an chance. Menace to Africa, colonial Africa ‘s decidedly non.

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