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In comparison to its neighbors Indonesia and Thailand, Malaysia has to day of the month non taken actions to restrict capital flows. In the medium-term, extra variegation of the economic system towards higher value added sectors like engineering, touristry, and Islamic banking is necessary to cover with increased competition from other states.

This should incorporate a development of the instruction system and the proviso of more inducements for R & A ; D. In add-on to keep high growing rates and pull more FDI, more structural reforms are necessary. This encompass the cleaning-up of the big no of Government Linked Companies by selling bets, and extra reforms of the positive action policy, therefore traveling towards a liberalisation of regulations.

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It was clearly seen that, Malayan companies need to concentrate on R & A ; D activities. Attempts have been made to better efficiency, productiveness, and new merchandise development in the downstream activities to bring forth high value-added and high-technology gum elastic merchandises such as for technology, building, and Marine applications. R & A ; D is besides required to follow with rigorous criterions and ordinances imposed by export markets, peculiarly in the EU.

The future aspiration of Malayan economic system is high as its growing of proficient and the beginnings of the oil and natural gas increases its planetary market value. Investing in the different sort of concern and development state of affairs are try to increase that growing to take state to the top place.

Malaysia is a state on the displacement and has turn out to be an economic system driven by exports, capital-intensive, engineering. The state is intentionally located in the bosom of Southeast Asia and offers a cost-competitive topographic point for investors who want to set up offshore operations for fabricating extremely developed technological merchandises for local and planetary markets.

Why Malaysia Attracts Foreign Investment

Malaya is supported by a market-oriented fiscal system and pro-business authorities policies. It offers investor lively trade milieus with ideal conditions for expansion and net incomes. Malaysia ‘s strengths include strong substructure and hardworking labor force. It is a politically steady state withA a good lawful system and provides reasonably incentive for investors.A


Development in engineering is an of import portion of Malaysia ‘s development as an industrialised state. Malaysia is resolute in part up to day of the month twenty-four hours basicss of moneyman companies based in the state. The state ‘s steady thrust to use modern engineering has proved to be a benefit to manufacturers.A

One of Malaysia ‘s absolute positives is its human resources. The state has youthful skilled and dynamic forces, representative to be one of the top in the country. The authorities ‘s force per unit area on human resource growing makes certain the ceaseless supply of work force to run into the desires of the lifting fabrication and services sectors.A

As an consequence of dedicated approaching, planning and rich resources, Malaysia provides investors a wide assortment of investing chance. The Malayan economic system is established through the state ‘s part in good developed research and development ( R & A ; D ) , electronics fabrication, invention and a extremely automatic fabrication sector. The Government ‘s desire is besides to do Malaysia a hub for other value concatenation activities, like, design and development ( D & A ; D ) , procurance, and marketing.A

Malaysia ‘s international trade experienced incredible growing during the old 3 decennaries. The Malayan authorities welcomed export-oriented industries, shaped a really positive investing environment in the state. The authorities established a few barriers on the importing of goods and services, although it frequently opted for prejudiced engagement and for protecting some sectors of the national economic system.

After the 1997 regional fiscal convulsion, Malaysia practiced economic recession, although this recession was much smaller and less destructive than that in South Korea or in Indonesia. In the yesteryear, the USA has extended been one of Malaysia ‘s biggest trade spouses, its exports to the US making 21.9 % in 1999, and a twelvemonth in which it was the US ‘ 12th chief trading associate. Trade between these 2 states consisted chiefly of assemble electrical goods and manufactured electronic.

As the exporter or the crude oil merchandise state got its much money from that sort of resources. But the beginnings are traveling to stop Oklahoman, state seek to concentrate to acquire more and more concern on the different concern chance, to halt relaying on the natural resources.

State is lifting in the service sector and the agribusiness is really low.

The industrial sector is besides really larger than agribusiness. The rise of the non-traditional work in hence the power of the industry and services.

In economic sciences, an export is any good or service, transported from one state to another in a lawful mode, normally for usage in bash concern. Export goods or services are provided to abroad clients by domestic manufacturers. Export is an of import portion of planetary trade. Export of marketable measures of goods in general requires engagement of the imposts powers that be in both the state of export and of import.


During the early period of economic growing, Malaysia ‘s economic fundamental law was greatly reliant on ware exports, but it has diversified since so over a period of clip. In 1958, Malaysia ‘s main export points were gum elastics, lending about 60 % to the entire export, and Sn, lending about 12 % . After freedom, the Malayan supervising made a strong effort to diversify non merely the agricultural sector but it split out and made great in roads into fabrication.

Rubber ‘s bid at nowadays has been reduced to about 1 % of Malaysia ‘s entire export worth. The cardinal agricultural export thing is palm oil, which contribute about 5 % to its export cost.

In add-on, Malaysia has strong its trust on agricultural exports to acquire foreign net incomes. Manufacturing supplies look as if has overtaken agricultural merchandises as the chief foreign exchange earner. For illustration, Malaysia has become one of the major manufacturers of semiconducting material devices in the world.A

A The switch ab initio was determined by a scheme of import replacing, wherein imports of consumer goods were reduced and natural resource processing was greater than earlier. Afterward, in the early 1970s, policy shifted to a growth-with-equity export way, which was sole to Malaysia ‘s ain socioeconomic and political state of affairs.

Trade policies were promoted with financial inducements, export-processing and free-trade zones were formed to be a focal point for foreign investing in peculiar.


FDI has played a critical function in Malaysia ‘s conversion as an export determined economic system. Some of the initial FDI trade was in the Electronics industries. Major International Brands like Sanyo, Toshiba and Philips put base in Malaysia. There concern activities in bend are driving exports.


Malaysia s export is higher comparison to import as the increasing in the merchandising of its services and the flourishing industrial production.

Malaysia tries to authorise use of the renewable energy beginnings. The execution and focal point is on to utilize big of the renewable energy. The use of fuel addendums to alter the manner of utilizing crude oil merchandises. Increasing of the pollution in the country are try to command by utilizing the adult C emanation fuel.

Government is assisting its people to heighten usage of the renewable energy by different plans and subsidies. Use of the bio and H2O as stuff to run the power works is increased.

Malaysia is increasing the supply and cultivates the palm oil. Addition of the use of palm oil in the nutrient industry and in the creative activity of fat that use in many nutrient merchandises is really large chance. To fabricate the palm oil and to provide the big production of it and expertise in quality is competitory advantage of the state.

Malaysia is large exporter of gum elastic as it ‘s on the top of the universe to bring forth the natural gum elastic and besides the merchandise that made from that. Rubber industry is turning in Malaysia and the authorities besides attempt to heighten and bring forth the more production.

Rubber industry provide big employment and the gross that generated but Malaysia. Consumption of gum elastic increased as the addition in the car sector and other topographic point where gum elastic used.

The Malayan gum elastic merchandises fabricating industry is an model instance of gum elastic industrialisation at its best. Unprecedented rapid enlargement in size, rubber ingestion and exports within two decennaries placed the state in the universe map as the biggest provider of quality medical baseball mitts and a major beginning of catheters, latex yarn and rubbers.

Malaysia has become the planetary leader in natural latex ingestion, fifth largest consumer of natural gum elastic and eight largest consumer of gum elastic. Investment-friendly inducements accorded under assorted economic development and industrialisation policies, research, merchandise development, proficient and market support and fiscal backup augur good to gain the industry its growing success.

The growing of Rapid rubber industrialisation in other gum elastic bring forthing states and shooting regional and bilateral trade liberalisation, deficit of domestic labor, turning dependance on most fabrication inputs, narrow export merchandise base and increasing international market force per unit area on merchandise quality and criterions affects the industry ‘s growing.

The demand for gum elastic merchandises is dependent upon economic growing, as the demand is related to income and life criterions. In add-on, betterments in wellness and medical services will ensue in an addition in the demand for rubber medical merchandises, such as baseball mitts, rubbers, take a breathing bags, buffering or back uping stuffs, prosthetics, implants and catheters.

Although Malaysia is already the universe ‘s prima exporter of latex merchandises, there is a demand to better publicity and stigmatization schemes to retain its place in the export market. In the industrial and general gum elastic merchandises subsector, which is more domestic market oriented, there is a demand to keep its sustainability in the domestic market by upgrading and bettering bing merchandises, every bit good as presenting new merchandises.

To guarantee that Malaysia continues to be the major planetary leader in selected gum elastic merchandises, steps need to be undertaken to heighten merchandise quality, upgrade fabrication procedures, broaden R & A ; D activities and escalate market publicities.

Timber concern of Malaysia besides supply good sum to state. The rain woods that are in state give really much lumber.the export of timber of different sort besides give growing chance.

Malaya has the greatest resources as the wood and agribusiness are. The clime for palm oil production. There is really good plus of the natural resources that can be used in the medical specialty and vaccinum. The medical cognition and use of herb tea is from really old times in Malaysia. Pharmacy and the enlargement of cognition of same are increased by govt support.

Malaya has the biggest portion in its geographics as the wood and it ‘s besides still cultivated at that place. The bio diverseness is really different and that gives benefit to its development of natural concern.

Malaysia is really rich of natural resources. Main natural resources are forest, H2O, and land. Forest ecosystem has a major function in the planetary C rhythm.

Forests besides play of import function in H2O ordinance and inundation direction in river basins. They are major beginning of lumber merchandises ; it gives income to the rural population every bit good as place to local peoples.

56 % of entire country of Malaysia is forested and it is really rich in species. It included lasting modesty woods ( PRFs ) , province land woods, national Parkss, wildlife and bird sanctuaries.

Malaysia ‘s economic growing and sustainability could be credited to its comparatively rich one-year rainfall, seasonably be aftering and executing of H2O resources development and direction undertakings. As like other states that rely on glaciers really big and continuously fluxing rivers, Malaysia ‘s H2O resources are extremely dependent on rainfall.

Rainfall gives the really utile H2O that can be used in plantation and human uses. The flow is continues and its erstwhile do flood state of affairs. Malaysia receives about 990 billion three-dimensional meters of H2O from rainfall yearly. From this, 566 billion three-dimensional meters flows overland as surface flood, 360 billion three-dimensional meters returns to the ambiance through vaporization and 64 billion three-dimensional meters seep into to groundwater. Rivers and reservoirs provide 97 % of the state ‘s H2O demands. Role of woods as H2O catchment countries is hence critical in guaranting a sustainable beginning of H2O.

Malaysia is blessed with immense sedimentations of oil and is one of the largest non-OPEC oil exporters in the universe. Malaysia ‘s state-owned energy massive, PETRONAS Gas Berhad ( 6033.KL ) , is so profitable that its royalties provided 44 % of the authorities ‘s entire grosss last twelvemonth.

Of the six basic main base metals – Sn, Cu, Fe, lead, Zn, and lead – Sn increased the most last twelvemonth lifting by 59 % to every bit much as $ 27,500 per metric ton. It is expected to hit $ 40,000 on turning demand within the following five old ages.

A renewable natural resource includes chiefly hydro power, solar power, air current energy, H2O flow, palm oil, gum elastic and lumber. Malaysia is rich with natural resource like H2O, land, forest so these renewable natural resources can be used really easy. Hydro power ‘s portion is around 5-10 in but it is expected to increase 35 % during 2030.

In the sector of biodiversity Malaysia has ranked 12th in the universe ‘s mega divorce states. It is consider in the tropical rain forests which extend from coastal fields to mountain countries,

which include the inland Waterss like lakes and rivers. Marine biodiversity is besides found in island, Marine and coastal ecosystems such coral reefs and sea grasses.

Biodiversity benefitted for the nutrient security, environmental stableness, scientific stableness, instruction stability.biodiverity helps in supplying economic benefit in lumber and non-timber production. Malaysia is besides in the race of pharmaceuticals industries like India and China. The orange asli is the ingridiance which is utile in the health care in Malaysia.

The province authorities of Sarawak has in recent times announced programs to develop several big hydroelectric undertakings under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy. The development spanning over a period of 22 old ages has the possible to bring forth 28,000 MW of electricity when it is to the full developed.

In Malaysia most of the solar power is used in domestic degree merely and big graduated table commercial usage is non considerable yet.

In Malaysia most of the solar power is used in domestic degree merely and big graduated table commercial usage is non considerable yet. Solar power is known as exposure divinatory system in Malaysia and which is four times the universes fossil fuel resource is four times. The 5-year Malayan Building Integrated Photovoltaic Technology Application Project ( MBIPV ) , the green energy office undertaking ( GEO ) , SURIA-1000 are such undertaking which are applied by the authorities to ease the house clasp and commercial usage as energy in Malaysia.

Wind energy is less utile in Malaysia. Wind energy in Malaysia is non appropriate to bring forth electricity commercially or weave is non on the whole good in Malaysia as compared to the different states, but in island like Prevention has high potency of power particularly when air current turbine is equipped with solar panels-which Malaysia is rich in.

Hydrogen ( H2 ) has been recognized as one of the most executable and long term renewable options. The fuel cell is an electrochemical cell ; it produces electricity straight from H and air ( O ) . Generally fuel cell operates like a normal battery, but it does non run out nor requires bear downing every bit long as fuel is supplied to it.

Palm oil may non wish a really of import natural resource, but it is the chief cookery oil used in Asiatic states. Malaysia provides majorly thenar oil in the universe. Malayan scientists are developing adept ways of change overing palm oil into biofuel.

Malaysia ‘s palm biodiesel programme includes development of production engineering to change over palm oil into methyl esters, pilot works survey of palm biodiesel production every bit good as complete rating of palm biodiesel as Diesel replacement in conventional Diesel engines locally and overseas.

With regard of biodiversity Malaysia is considered as one of the universe ‘s mega-diverse states harmonizing to the National Biodiversity Index. Malaysia has an estimated 15,000 species of vascular workss, 229 species of mammals, 742 species of birds, 242 species of amphibious vehicles, 567 species of reptilians, over 290 species of fresh water fish, and more than 500 species of marine fish.

Biodiversity of Malaysia is situated in the tropical rain forests that extend from coastal fields to mountain countries, it besides including inland lakes and rivers. Marine biodiversity is found among island, Marine and coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs and sea grasses.

This all resources provide economic benefits, nutrient security, environmental stableness every bit good as scientific, educational and recreational values. It provides direct economic benefits through lumber and non-timber green goods, nutrient and industrial harvests. It besides provides the possible beginning of stuffs for biotechnology that helps in harvest betterment, and pharmaceutical merchandises.

Biodiversity besides provides the proviso of many ecological services which gives environmental stableness. These services are of import for the betterment of air and H2O quality, O coevals etc.

This all resources provide economic benefits, nutrient security, environmental stableness every bit good as scientific, educational and recreational values. It provides direct economic benefits through lumber and non-timber green goods, nutrient and industrial harvests. It besides provides the possible beginning of stuffs for biotechnology that helps in harvest betterment, and pharmaceutical merchandises.

Biodiversity besides provides the proviso of many ecological services which gives environmental stableness. These services are of import for the betterment of air and H2O quality, O coevals etc.

Rain forests of Malaysia are among the oldest in the. 100 old ages ago, rain forests covered about all country of modern Malaysia but human activity has reduced the size of rain forest ecosystems at 50 % , due to rapid economic development. Rubber and palm plantations, along with other harvests, were established in former vale woods suited for agribusiness.

Malayan people use medicative workss for their day-to-day health care demands. Majority of the literature on medicative works usage in Malaysia has emerged merely in the last century.

Now yearss many universities in Malaysia are concentrating on active research plans on medicative workss, including vegetation, chemical science, pharmacological medicine, pharmacognosy, and other facets of health care. Now support has been provided for research by the Malayan authorities through its Intensified Research in Priority Areas ( IRPA ) plan.

Research chiefly focuses on disease-based medicative works rating utilizing research on biological, pharmacological, and toxicological activities, clinical tests, and herbal merchandise development. They have besides developed cardinal strategic international confederations with major medicative works research groups in other states.

Malaysia is state with the big beginning of crude oil merchandise. The state promotes the plans to happen more and more topographic point where the crude oil merchandises are available. The purpose of govt is to hold the big capacity and provide the really immense sum of gas and crude oil merchandise. In the South China Sea the Malaysian portion give it the immense chance to happen and sell its crude oil beginning inside from the sea.

As the use of the crude oil merchandise rise in the state itself the production capacity must be increased within state and the beginning can be used with full capacity. The development of engineering and techniques to raise the production is really utile in it to hold maximal input in state to be self-reliable on its ain production.

As the lifting production but addition in the place demand state ‘s export are declined in recent old ages.

Addition in the production of the natural gas and the really big topographic point of natural gas are giving competitory advantage to Malaysia to hold the capacity to give the different state the gas supply. The substructure to fall in the other state by grapevine and to provide the natural gas is in demand and undertaking is making on this grapevines.

Malaysia ‘s mineral production gives it really good sum in raising GDP growing. This minerals are barite, bauxite, clays, coal, Cu, gold, limonite, Fe ore, monazite, natural gas, crude oil, silicon oxide Ag, struve rite ( Ta ) , Sn, and zircon. out of them such minerals like heavy spar, bauxite, Cu, limonite, Fe ore, and Sn are estimated lessening significantly The concern of export of the mineral resources is on rapid growing. Several states in south Asia are acquiring their demand of minerals in different industry are satisfied by Malaysia s minerals.

Aluminium beginning are founded and the supply of it in big portion will be done in close hereafter as the investing in this is turning. As the Cu is lower in production it needs to be imported from other state. Gold is available in state but as the resources are traveling to stop in future it besides be needed to be imported.

Business of Fe ore is really expected return many participants are at that place from minor degree to major degree of investing. Magnesium is besides available in state and its production is raised by many companies. And the export is besides increased. Tin is mined from really long clip and now the resource is traveling down in handiness.

Coal is really much used inside the state and the enlargement of this besides needed by state. The resources used in the house and the power coevals demand more and more coal. The coal production is really rapid growing in state as the govt seek more power generated by this resource.

We could analysed from the study that Economists have predicted that there will be a progressive addition in NR ingestion with demand surpassing supply from 7 % in 2005 and 20 % by 2010. The addition in demand is likely to be in the lordotic gum elastic goods sector

which caters to medical forces managing serious disease eruptions such as those experienced in the last 5 old ages.

This will, in bend, fuel an upward tendency in monetary values and it is now forecast that NR monetary values are likely to stay high for at least another decennary, therefore supplying a bright hereafter for this trade good.

Malaysia is universe ‘s largest beginning of the natural gum elastic. As the planetary demand of the gum elastic increased this concern besides have rapid growing. The traditional production is converted by the modern engineering to acquire the more end product and Varity of the merchandise.

The Malayan gum elastic industries manufacture Surs and related merchandises, latex merchandises, and general gum elastic merchandises. There are more than 500 makers in this trade. The cardinal natural gum elastic devouring industries, comprised gum elastic baseball mitts, gum elastic yarn, and Surs and tubes industries. The entire ingestion of these 3 industries comprises 88.6 % of the full family ingestion of natural gum elastic. The speedy growing of the industry has made Malaysia the largest client of natural gum elastic latex in the universe.

The latex merchandises sub-sector is the premier sub-sector in the gum elastic industry and holding more than 160 maker bring forthing surgical, family and industrial baseball mitts, latex togss, balloons. The state continues to prolong its place as the universe ‘s first manufacturer and exporter of latex.

Selling of gum elastic in the export market acquire the big gross for state as the user of it can non develop itself and there is no replacement for the gum elastic merchandise.

Rubber production is necessitating really long clip of old ages and the cultivation of works is necessitating much attention. From tree to acquire gum elastic is really higher forbearance and really expertise people who can work on this concern good.

A The industrial gum elastic merchandises sector includes 194 companies fabricating an broad assortment of gum elastic merchandises like hosieries, climbs, beltings, tubing, seals, and sheeting for the electrical & A ; electronics, machinery, automotive & A ; equipment and building industries, chiefly for the domestic market.

In Malaysia, it is necessary for the gum elastic industry to develop farther, emphasizing on high value-added and high equipment gum elastic merchandises, like merchandises for building, Marine, technology, and. More R & A ; D tries needs to be embarked upon in merchandise enlargement and down-stream activities.

Rubber production is really large plantation in wood. The portion of the gum elastic tree is really big in the agribusiness.

The policy in the gum elastic industry is non good for acquiring the entire advantage of it. Restriction in the investing is large inquiry in the industry. The increasing use of the man-made gum elastic gives them another chance in industry. The local manufacturer besides faces the limitation and their degree of profitableness is declined. Still the resource is at that place and the export will must done but the policies must be changed to hike the industry.

The export of gum elastic is in whole universe that provide the biggest gross from other state. The concern is providing natural gum elastic to the manufacturer of the rubber portion and the maker of the gum elastic composings.

Export and the use of gum elastic increased as the natural gum elastic have much advantage over man-made gum elastic and to make the quality rubber merchandise it must incorporate natural rubber the exports really high in degree of production.

The gum elastic wood production is besides on growing. The use of the gum elastic wood in the furniture and the other industrial usage besides increased. The really good sum of handiness gives really good growing and the handiness of stuff.

Growth of the industries of gum elastic and other production is giving encouragement to the research and development. As the cognition of the traditional manner and expertness increased to make better and better merchandise big degree of research done to make the different merchandise and use or the gum elastic.

Environmental job are impacting the industry.As the gum elastic corner necessitate much clip of old ages to develop. The inundation and other catastrophe are deriving the jobs and the state has to develop more and more solution to maintain the state s natural resources steady.

The use of gum elastic with different genetically techno the development make the tree with pharmaceutics usage. This besides has rapid growing.

The production of the gum elastic merchandise is raised in the state as the resource variableness at that place. Rubber merchandise maker are excessively many in the state and the industry has rapid growing. The export of merchandise is raised as the development of demand in planetary scenario. The investing from planetary giant that usage gum elastic is besides raised. The return are attract many participants in this industry. Govt besides support the industry really good as it ‘s the chief concern in state.


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