The Economic Relationship Between China And Africa Economics Essay

July 2, 2017 July 11th, 2017 Economics


Trade relation mentioned the political, legal and institutional facets among the states, it is about the relationship among the economic and political state of affairs of states, particularly as the developing states addition quickly and fast in the international markets, therefore the economic challenges are so complicated and will incorporate long term international cooperation to follow on it. As the WTO occurred in the international markets, it offered the importation and exporting all around the universe, which needed states to collaborate each other in order to derive more net incomes and goods in the hereafter.

Nowadays, there are competitions between Asiatic drivers and African drivers in the international selling ; it is the fact that there is competition bing in the international markets, as the figure of Asiatic drivers increased, the African drivers barely found the occupations in order to last. For illustration, there are the competition between Asiatic workers and African workers, because China got immense sum of workers, as the Chinese workers entered into the NZ markets, in order that, African workers could non happen the occupations, because so many Chinese workers obtained the occupations. Many people thought the South-South cooperation will convey approximately many benefits and net incomes to the both states, China and SSA, they could both acquire benefits from importing and exporting goods and services, which could promote the whole universe ‘s economic conditions and concern state of affairss. For illustration, China exporting the vesture, nutrient and fabric to Africa, and so Africa could acquire benefits from importation, because Africa is deficiency of nutrient and resources. And in the interim, Africa exporting oil and fuels to China, and China could utilize those oil and fuel for the hereafter development and operations. Therefore, both parties could acquire benefits from each other. However, many people held the different positions and sentiments, South-South cooperation could convey about negative impact on SSA, because the people in SSA could non happen the suited occupations because the goods and service which are all importing from China.

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At in conclusion, in this essay, the two different positions and issues were discussed and talked about in the two following sectors: which are benefits and injuries of South-South cooperation.


It is the controversial topical on whether the China and Sub-Sahara Africa cooperation is competitory or complementary, if the China imported the fuel and oil from SSA at the cheaper monetary value, it may derive more and more net incomes from China, and so China exported goods, such as cheaper nutrient and merchandises to Africa, so SSA could buy goods and merchandises at the cheaper monetary value, therefore their relationship is complementary, because two parts could profit each other and both parties could derive net incomes through trade dealingss. However, when China exported cheaper goods to SSA, it could do competition for the local manufacturer of SSA, and so their relationship between China and SSA is so competitory, and China gained net incomes and in the interim the SSA lost net incomes.

It is obvious that China becomes the stronger in the current international market, nowadays China generated ripple effects in the universe economic system, and it remained the strongest state in the economic, political and legal state of affairs. China is the abundant in resource ; therefore it had the trade relation with other states, such as India, America and Japan. For illustration, China imported lumber, oil and metal from Africa, the local manufacturer of Africa gained net incomes and the GDP of Africa went up higher than old old ages, nevertheless, the China exported lower cost texitile to Africa, hence the clients consumed Chinese texitile because of cheaper monetary value, the local manufacturer of texitile got the threaten because their texitile monetary value were higher than importing texitile from China. Therefore, China brought about the negative effects to good administration and macroecnomics direction in Africa because of the possible Dutch disease deductions of trade good roars, the position has been supported in the work of zafar ( 2007 ) .

The rapid growing between China and SSA is a important beginning of impact, trade values increase to $ 10 billion in 2002 to more than 40 $ billion in 2005 and reached to 50 $ billion by 2006, the position has been supported in the work of zafar ( 2007 ) . And China has become a celebrated and major exporter of industries in the full universe. In the interim, SSA ‘s imports from China had reached to over 8 per cent by 2006, nevertheless, compared to exporting, imports from China have been increased easy than exporting, and so SSA ‘s trade balance with China to turn from Negative to positive ( Zafar,2007 ) .

Therefore, the relationship between China and SSA is a great concern and jobs, which brought the negative consequence on future production, SSA consumers lightly, brought local goods from their ain states, and hence there are of import and inauspicious long-run deductions for SSA industrialisation ( Kaplinsky and Morris 2008 ) . Therefore, this complex relationship got the indirect impact and direct impact, because China itself is a immense resource state and it itself impact planetary monetary values, China got cheaper labour monetary value and goods, hence SSA clients wanted to buy cheaper goods, therefore it got important impacts on SSA.

Trade-related income proverty and distribution impacts can be important ( McCulloch, Winters and CIRERA ( 2002 ) . As the importation of China is increasing, it could convey about the benefits to take down income consumers. In many states, the primary supplanting consequence is on imports of industries from other, non-SSA economic systems, with jobbers and retail merchants exchanging their sourcing to cheap Chinese providers ( Jenkins and Edwards 2006 ) .

The addition in trade good production accompanies with both with capital-intensive engineerings, and even many soft trade goods, such as tea, java, cotton, hence, the figure of exporting of China is increasing non merely give a negative impact on the large jobber of SSA, non merely the little mill and shops.

The trade between China and SSA non merely brought about the direct impact on the planetary markets, but besides it could convey about the negative impact, indirect impact occurred as a effect of China ‘s dealingss with undeveloped states. For illustration, China got high demanding for trade goods, which may increase the planetary monetary value at a higher degree, and even though Ethiopia did non desire to export carnal provenders to China ( direct relationship ) , and it chose to sell carnal provenders into the planetary markets, nevertheless, the monetary value could be influenced by China ‘s turning imports ( indirect impact ) ( Kaplinsky and Morris 2008 ) .

Therefore, it should be focused on the impact of indirect trade links, the addition of merchandise monetary value should be higher mentioned, and there is the indirect consequence of China ‘s trade on Africa ( Kaplinsky and Santos-Paulino 2006 ) . Exporting and importing goods and services in WTO regulations involves the remotion of all quota and duty. The authorities removes the duty and quota for exporting and importation, which encouraged the international trade, nevertheless, the negative impact of the remotion of revenue enhancement from China in 3rd state markets on poorness and support is immense and unpredictable. For illustration, China is abundant in the labour and resources, there are a great figure of dressing fabricating mills in the south metropolis of China, those mills could fabricate the beautiful apparels and trade goods in really lower monetary value. And so, those mills focused on the exporting vesture to 3rd universe states. In a consequence, the vesture importation impacted the SSA vesture industry, because those dressing importation of China enhanced the ingestion power of consumers in SSA. The addition of exporting vesture from China to SSA could convey about the negative impact on the mill and shop in SSA, because the consumers in SSA preferred to purchase importing vesture, because of the manner or the monetary value. And so some local vesture mills in SSA lost the net incomes, and so the local mills in SSA shut down their concern due to competition. Therefore, the consequence could convey about non merely the grade of occupation loss and even more earnestly the consequence of the nature of the occupation loss. If the mills stop to make the concern, the workers in the SSA could lose their plants. And particularly, most workers are adult females, if the adult females lost their occupations, which could convey about the impact on their households. The issue of loss employment could go serious and terrible, and so the employment diminution has become the deduction of major belongings. And secondly, if the workers in the SSA could non happen the occupations, because of the fiscal crisis and destroyed the employment state of affairs, those people even lived in the poorness, the rate of felon would increase, SSA ‘s economic status went to go much more worse. Third, another states could be impacted indirectly, for illustration, if the consumers in SSA merely accepted the vesture from China, other importing states found it hard to go competitory in the SSA markets, so importing to SSA would worsen, even more earnestly, which could do negative influence on planetary economic state of affairss. At in conclusion, the rapid importing goods from China to SSA could harm SSA industry and economic conditions.

At the 3rd phase, the China wanted to advance the assistance to SSA, and the formal assistance between China and SSA go back to October 2000, it is called China-Africa Cooperation forum, the meeting was held in Beijing, it was set up the fiscal establishment between China and Africa. China are willing to cut down Africa ‘s debts load, and advance investing in SSA ( Muekalia 2004 ) . In the item of those establishments in this meeting are utile, such as debt alleviation are utile and helpful for the current state of affairs of SSA, because the state is developing and it needed the strong fiscal support and endorse up. However, some establishments are non utile in this meeting, such as the duty freedom, tariff freedom should be based on the state which got immense resources and capitals, for the SSA, the state itself was less in resources and capital. And besides China was criticized for some scope of issues, such constructing the bowl and authorities office edifice, and China suggested SSA to hold human rights, good administration and societal justness. Those issues are good issue and suggestions, nevertheless, China less stress on the current state of affairs of SSA, those planning and inside informations could non do SSA go strong in the short term, and in the long term the establishment will less become true.

At in conclusion, there is negative effect of Chinese trade on income distribution. There are many menaces and chances in the international trade, particularly the relationship between China and SSA. The income distribution in SSA is imbalanced, and international trade between China and SSA could do SSA ‘s income spread wider and wider, for illustration, the establishment of international trade will do SSA poorness more and more poorer, and unemployment rate is increasing and rapid growing in trade between SSA and China posed a major policy challenge to SSA economic. Furthermore, SSA exported difficult trade goods, peculiarly basic metal and oil, which could do SSA resource much less and less and it would do negative impacts on the Africa ‘s economic conditions. And China and SSA got the different cultural backgrounds and cognition, therefore it was hard for them to pass on and collaborate, policy and capableness development will be undermined and may be misdirected, for illustration, China is abundant in resources and populations, it was labour intensive and trade goods intensive, nevertheless, SSA is the poorer states in the full universe, it got lower income distribution and abundant poorness. Therefore, the challenges and menaces bing between China and SSA should non be overlooked.

On the other side, it is no uncertainty that the cooperation between China and SSA encouraged the overall degrees of productiveness and invention in the economic system. South-South cooperation developed a great figure of chances between China and SSA. The cooperation consisted of three sectors ; there are political sector, economic sector and proficient sector. Therefore, if the China and SSA cooperated with each other, we should believe about the benefits and injuries in the three sectors. And the cooperation besides included the exchange of cognition, accomplishments and proficient accomplishments between China and SSA, and SSA could acquire benefits from the foreign assistance, because compared to China, SSA is poorer states, hence, the assistance and fiscal support encouraged Africa ‘s capableness to cover with the jobs of states, such as poorness, hapless substructure. And during the cooperation with China, SSA could cover with some issues and jobs, such as nutrient, energy, fiscal and economic crisis.

This menace to fabricating exports potentially has big effect for industrial development and competiveness as it has been found that exporting houses have significantly higher productiveness than non-exporting houses in Africa ( Mengistae and Patillo, 2004 ) . The exporting houses in the Africa could acquire benefits from the exportation, because the China got higher demanding of difficult trade goods, such as oil and fuel. Therefore, the exportation of oil and fuel to China could convey about a great figure of benefits to SSA, because the SSA exporting company could derive more and more net incomes through exporting goods and services.

A batch of positions and sentiments stated that the competition has been so terrible that even traditional merchandises that had been manufactured in Africa for several centuries, are now displaced by China ( Idun-Arkust,2008 ) . However, the position got another side of issue, the competition entered into the local markets in SSA, which could convey about the menaces and challenges to SSA local markets, but, it could do the local manufacturers and makers got the position that they should promote their concern development and Reconstruction. The local makers got the force per unit area from competition ; hence, they got the chances to believe about their selling schemes and concern direction, and spread outing their concern to the international concern.

And there is the obvious that addition in ware trade in Africa, the general GDP in SSA increased because of addition in the ware trade. The local ware mills could acquire tonss of benefits from the international trade with China, hence, when the local companies wanted to spread out their concern, they need more and more local workers, and which could cover with SSA unemployment jobs, more and more unemployment people found the chances to acquire the occupations, and they could back up their households, hence, the whole household could acquire benefits from the international trade with China.

And the international assistance and fiscal support could convey about the aid to the SSA, SSA is the hapless state in the full universe, they need aid and they are less in resources and capital. Harmonizing to the trade status between China and SSA, there held conference in Beijing, this meeting helped the China and SSA to stay the good relationship in the international trade. China authorities donated goods and services in order to assist SSA, such as China donated money on the instruction of SSA, which helped the SSA kids to hold the good instruction chances. The establishment helped the import and export to take duties and quotas, which helped both parties, could acquire the benefits from the remotion of the revenue enhancements and duties. For illustration, if the duty removed, the exporter and importer of SSA could acquire net incomes.

South-south cooperation could profit the SSA touristry industry ; Africa state is celebrated in the nature resource and broad animate beings. The international trade could assist SSA touristry industry acquire net incomes and get celebrated in the full universe. The exchange of cognition and accomplishments between SSA and China will assist Chinese travellers to better cognize the nature resources in Africa state, and this could pull Chinese travellers to come into state and pass the money into SSA. And the touristry industry in SSA could profit the whole SSA industry and encouraged the planetary economic conditions.

And exchange and cooperation of China and SSA helped SSA authorities better cognize the status of SSA, the authorities will larn some experiences and cognition from China, and in order for them to larn and make some patterns. For illustration, for the SSA authorities establishments, the SSA authorities reconsiderations their ordinances and establishments compared with China, and so SSA tried to pass money on the family and public service. And the authorities encouraged the exportation and importation in SSA, which could promote the SSA economic construction and conditions, and in order to go better endurance in the competitory markets.

In the political parts, the both states were good friends a long clip ago, when the China was rebuilt in 1949, China got tonss of support from African states. We all know the western states got the brotherhood and they cooperated with each other to develop and promote with each others. For the development states, such as China, Africa and India, they got good relationship as a squad, they worked together to protect themselves from western states. For illustration, if some political issue occurred in some clip, the Japan and China history issue occurred, the America will assist Japan to cover with the issue, and so the Africa became the biggest support for China to cover with those sensitive issues. And another illustration is that, when the SSA got the destroy in nature ; China became the first state to donate money and goods for SSA to last for the troubles.

And the cooperation of South and South encouraged the exchange of cognition and China, because the both states got different civilizations, backgrounds and history, therefore which could helped the people in both states to larn cognition and accomplishments from each others. And now there are many African surveies studied in Beijing or ShangHai Universities, they came here and exhausted money in China, which could do Chinese authorities addition instruction money. And on the other side, the African pupils studied China, if they found some interesting in China, they would remain in China, and China provided tonss of occupation chances in Africa and so China besides could acquire foreign workers, and hence the both parties could profit from the exchange of accomplishments and cognition.

For the investing, nowadays there are tonss of Chinese business communities came Africa to put money and capital in the SSA, for illustration, some people had interested in gold and metal in Africa, and so they held the mills in Africa, and they needed batch of workers to work their mills, those investings helped the SSA to cover with unemployment issues and jobs. Therefore, the investing encouraged the local aureate and metal manufacturers every bit good, the local manufacturers wanted to collaborate with the investors, and they could set concern together and manufactured gold and metal together, and so they could sell the gold and metal into the international markets, and so the both concern parties could gain the money and acquire net incomes.

For the economic conditions in SSA and China, the cooperation would give the both parties chances to develop each others. The whole economic in SSA could acquire many benefits, for the exchange of goods and services, the general GDP in SSA could increase quickly and fast.

The cooperation non merely profit the touristry industry, but besides the cooperation could convey about the benefits to the importation and exporting industry. The family could pass less money to purchase the goods and services from China, for illustration, SSA clients would purchase the tea, vesture from the China exportation. Compared with the local monetary value, SSA found it cheaper to purchase vesture from China, and those sorts of manners are stylish and beautiful. And on the other side, SSA exporting oil and fuel to China, China got the higher demand for oil and fuel, because they got immense population, and so the concern got benefits from exporting and importing. Therefore, the both exporting and importing could profit SSA and China, they two could do net incomes and money from importing and exporting goods and services, we found that the exchange of goods and service is good and just, and the both parties should collaborate with each other.


The South-South cooperation brought about the alteration in the construction of universe economic system and status in China or SSA. It brought the challenges and menaces to the both parties, and but besides it brought about tonss of benefits from South-South cooperation. At first, those South-South cooperation helped SSA ware trade to increase. South-South cooperation helped to advance trade and investing activities in Africa, and China and Africa used their export-import Bankss as Channel for supplying finance and advancing commercial involvement in trade and investing. And furthermore, China is the biggest fiscal support and endorse up for Africa in the substructure and production sectors. And China helped SSA to cover with fiscal crisis and donated money and goods to Africa. There has been an addition in international investing understandings between China and SSA, the remotion of duty and quotas will helped the exportation and importing industry to acquire revenue enhancements and the exportation and importation concern could acquire tonss of benefits from the international investing understandings. The exchange and communicating between SSA and China ‘s accomplishments and cognition helped the states to break cognize each other and maintain the good relationship with each other. However, the South-South cooperation between SSA and China could do the state of affairs non complementary but competitory, it is obvious that China is abundant in resources and capital, it exported the soft trade goods, such as tea, nutrient and vesture to Africa, which could do Chinese economic system remain the successful state of affairs, and importing providers could do the immense money from exporting goods and services from SSA, and so China imported oil, fabric and fuel from SSA, those energy are utile in China economic system and state of affairs. However, importing goods and service from China will do the addition of unemployment rate ; tonss of workers in Africa will non happen the occupation and lost the nature of occupations. Therefore, from my point of position, South-South Cooperation non merely made the SSA acquire richer and richer, but besides it could do the Africa people got poorer and poorer, and South-South cooperation will convey about the negative impact on Africa.


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