The Effect of Simple Sentences in Book Thief Essay

October 17, 2017 History

In the novel. The Book Thief. Mark Zusak has Death. the storyteller. retells a narrative that extends over old ages every bit good as many linking events that affect each other. As a consequence. he uses simple sentences to unwrap events that happened without lucubrating on them. The simple sentences create an consequence that balances the elaborate account of each character’s internal struggle. along with demoing the speedy gait of the narrative. The writer uses simple sentences to demo the speedy patterned advance of events in the novel.

As the storyteller recalls the chief character’s childhood. he uses simple sentences to demo the progressive province of World War II. For illustration. Death provinces. “1. World War Two begins” ( Zusak 73 ) . This reveals a historical event that takes topographic point at the clip. He so reveals that “The universe talked it over. ” and “Newspaper headlines reveled in it. ” ( Zusak 73 ) . The writer used back-to-back. disconnected sentences to expose events without lucubrating on the particulars of it. Furthermore. this technique of succinct. uninterrupted sentences allows the writer to concentrate on how each character is internally and externally affected by this event. Additionally. the short sentences contribute to the speedy gait of the major events and add accent on how they uncontrollably happen. WWII. a annihilating war. with its blood soaked streets that had Death begrudgingly tread behind to roll up an eternal sum of hungering psyches. The author’s progressive sentences cause the audience to sympathise with the characters’ inability to halt. or even postpone. the awful events that affect their lives. This usage of simple sentences is once more repeated with Death narrates. “Again. clip passed. The war expanded. ” ( Zusak 196 ) . The strong feelings of understanding for the characters are once more reinforced with the progressive short sentences. Along with progressivity. the uninterrupted sentences besides provide a peaceful to suspenseful temper displacement.

In the novel. the author’s utilizations of progressive sentences provide dynamic temper alterations throughout the book. For illustration. Death narrates that “A few hebdomads passed. Soccer on Himmel Street. Another benign visit to the mayor’s house. ” ( Zusak 133 ) . The listing of the fiddling day-to-day occurrences on Himmel Street
provides a peaceable and quieting temper. Calming but anticipant. Due to WWII’s ill-famed history. the dramatic sarcasm is that the readers are to the full cognizant of the awful events that shall come to go through in the characters’ lives. This deficiency of cognition on precisely when it will go on creates suspense. These short trivial sentences imply that times moves on. even when calamities happen. This is particularly true in Liesel’s experience. her coppice with decease after lasting the bombardment of Himmel Street. Despite the peaceableness. the temper necessarily shifts when Death narrates. “You don’t ever acquire what you wish for. Especially in Nazi Germany. ” ( Zusak 196 ) These simple sentences shift the temper from peaceable and anticipant to about an at hand day of reckoning. The simple sentences show the speedy gait of action as the book advancement. This action. along with the suspense. provided by simple sentences implies a tragic. nevertheless decided. destiny of the characters. Each character’s internal battle on his or her inability to halt the tragic events that happen plays a outstanding function in the story’s struggle.

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Throughout the patterned advance of the novel. there is frequent usage of back-to-back simple sentences. These sentences retell the historical events that mar the characters’ peaceable times. Their consecutiveness adds an inevitable temper to the narrative ; a displacement from the earlier peaceable temper that they had provided earlier on. Additionally. the simple sentences besides reflect the state of affairs of the characters. Their sequence shows the nonstop advancement of the events in the novel. good or bad. They’re indispensable to doing this novel what is it. a affecting. relatable narrative that underlines credence of calamities that happen in your life.


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