The Effects of Noise on Communication Essay

July 21, 2017 Communication

Noise is an unpleasant sound that causes perturbations in any environment. Many surveies have been conducted and how it affects communicating. Noise shackles this exchange of thoughts from one individual to another in a figure of ways and sometimes even ends up holding such terrible effects that noise pollution has been made a precedence by any authorities. Noise hindered proper communicating between Fleming and Simmons. Fleming could non properly joint what she wanted. in this instance. to go forth. She merely got up and left thought that Simmons would understand. Such debasement of information happens when noise is present. Fleming left without giving precise information and assumed that Simmons would make full in the spaces for herself which was non the instance. It is clear that Fleming has some senior status over Simmons hence felt no demand to inform her that the organic structure was still in the room.

The noise she experienced hampered her ability to do good determinations like go forthing really rapidly go forthing Simmons in charge. wholly blind siding her. This led to a series of events as a consequence. Simmons holding been informed by Fleming that the room was free assumed it was so because being her senior. she had good ground to believe her. Noise has been known to compromise the safety of human life. Because of Fleming and Simmons’ premise and deficiency of following proper process. a serious error was committed. Noise has many negative effects particularly at the workplace and in peculiar between Fleming and Simmons. Fleming being disturbed by the noise will go on doing hapless determinations even more so because she is in a senior place. She will do a determination that will dribble down and hapless determinations ever have hapless consequences.

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