The effects of oil sands in McMurray, Alberta Essay

August 5, 2017 Business

The theory of the presence of the rich resources in Alberta is interesting to cognize and Alberta could be considered blessed for holding the oil sands in its country. It is said that light rough oil from southern Alberta migrated north and east with the same force per unit areas that formed the bouldery mountains ( Oil Sands. 2008 ) . Through clip. these light petroleum oils transformed into a bitumen through the actions of H2O and bacterium ( Oil Sands. 2008 ) . Bitumen is a black. oily. barbarous stuff that is naturally- happening organic by-product of decomposed organic stuffs and is besides known as asphalt or pitch ( About.

com. 2008 ) . In fact. bitumens were recognized as “Canada’s greatest buried energy treasure” ( Oil Sands. 2008 ) . Furthermore. these oil saturated sand sedimentations were believed to be from ancient rivers such as Peace River. Cold Lake and Athabasca ( Oil Sands. 2008 ) . After its find. the potency of oil was seen as a beginning of energy and is now considered as. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte’s article. the 2nd to Saudi Arabia as largest in oil sedimentations.

The authorities has welcomed investors and developers to mine the oil littorals and at present the extraction of these oil littorals is go oning and is being maximized. These oil littorals are doing the uncontrolable roar of Alberta’s economic system. Harmonizing to Abraham Lustgarten’s article. international corporations. investors and enterprisers fluxed to Alberta. all seeking for a interest in Canada’s dining industry. The oil littorals in Fort McMurray. Alberta has contributed to the singular economic advancement of the topographic point.

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In fact. it is the major factor of the city’s economic growing because it is the industry where the authorities is concentrating. Furthermore. harmonizing to the research presented by Joey Podlubny. the advancement in Alberta is considered the highest rate of economic growing in Canada and experts predicts that Alberta will be one of Canada’s top executing economic system in the hereafter ( Podlubny. 2008. p. 17 ) . Another positive consequence that the oil sands has contributed to McMurray is the decrease of unemployment in the topographic point.

The excavation. geographic expedition. and development of oil littorals has opened 1000s of occupation chances in the metropolis. In add-on. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte’s article. the occupation chances has invited 100s of labourers from foreign states such as Indonesia. Venezuela and others. Furthermore. unemployment has the lowest rate in Canada ( Podlubny. 2008. p. 17 ) . The geographic expedition of oil littorals has caused the major factor in urbanising Fort McMurray. Alberta which was. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte’s article. is a former fur- trading outpost closer to the Arctic Circle.

than to the northern boundary line of U. S. Due to the inflow of investors. business communities. and labourers in the metropolis. edifices and infastractures like school. infirmaries. eating houses. roads and the similar were established to function the demand of the people in the metropolis. Population growing is besides another consequence of the sand oil geographic expeditions in the metropolis. Harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte’s article. there were on 1. 100 occupants in the country in 1961.

Furthermore. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgaret’s article. the popultion increased to 36. 000 in 1996 and grew more up to 61. 000 in 2005 and it is expected to turn more because of the enlargement being planned by the investors in the following old ages to come. However. the sand oil has brought adverse effects in the metropolis. The really common is the environmental menace that it poses. Oil littorals are known to hold chemicals in it and the procedure of pull outing oil from the bitumen is non merely expensive but besides. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte’s artilce. is environmentally barbarous.

Furthermore. the Environmental Defense revealed in their study that 90 % of the fresh H2O used in the procedure ends up in the pool. Eventualy. these pools are toxicated doing the pool useless and unsafe. The study of Environmental Defese besides revealed that a singel barrel of oil green goodss three times more nursery gas emanations. Furthermore. in Abrahm Lustgarte’s article. the companies spew important measures of risky chemicals such as benzine. carcinogen and lead.

Notably. harmonizing to Abrahm Lustgarte. Canada is one among the states that ratified the Kyoto Protocol. wherein the state is obliged to cut down nursery emanations to 6 % below its 1990 degree. or 560 million metric dozenss. by 2012. However. with the complicated procedure of researching oil littorals. the state might happen it difficult to run into its committedness. Another inauspicious consequence of the geographic expedition of oil littorals is the increasing lodging installations and increasing population of the metropolis. When the inflow continues. the metropolis is likely to be popoluated of people of different races.

Furthermore. it the event that the state be occupied by many people. it goes with it the menace to security because of many offenses that may be committed in the metropolis and the differences would bring on racism among the dwellers. In the study of CBC News. the metropolis council proposed extra lodging for workers but the proposal was strongly opposed by people and business communities because of fright that it could increase offense in the metropolis. Oil littorals. therefore. has a singular consequence on the metropolis. on the people and on the environment.

These positive and negative effects should be balanced and the menaces it poses shall be addressed consequently so that these buried reources will non destroy the metropolis but will give more lucks to its dwellers.


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