The Effects Of Reciprocal Teaching On English Language Education

By February 8, 2019 English Language

The Effects Of Reciprocal Teaching On English Language Education Essay
This review of the literature is separated into sections starting with reciprocal teaching and the current research. The studies for reciprocal teaching are reviewed according to their research design (e.g., meta-analysis, group designs, qualitative designs, and single-subject designs). Part of this section includes a review of the reciprocal teaching monitoring strategy as it relates to current studies. Subsequently there is a summary of the oral language development in English Language Learners (ELLs).
With a growing number of immigrants from various countries, Miami Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is a melting pot of ELLs. M-DCPS is also the second-largest minority public school district in the country. These students are expected to perform at the same levels as their peers on the Standardized Achievement Test, Tenth Edition (SAT-10) regardless of their grasp of the English language. With the current move into accountability and student achievement, teachers are obliged to find strategies to assist the ELLs in increasing not only vocabulary, but also reading comprehension.
ELL students need to understand the reading strategies not only to pass the SAT-10 and advance to the next grade level but also to interpret text in the real world. In order for students to effectively use the reading strategies, they must be actively engaged in the activities that are represented to them. The teacher must provide a vast amount of opportunities across all subject matter and bring in example from their daily lives as well. If the student continues to manipulate the various passages/text, then their comprehension skills will increase and in turn will achieve higher scores in the SAT-10.


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