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November 11, 2017 Management

Background and Literature Overview There has been large scale growth into the Islamic banking in Muslim countries and around the world during the last twenty years as the performance growth is influenced by factors including the introduction of broad macroeconomic and structural reforms in financial systems, the liberalization of capital movements, privatization, the global integration of financial markets, and the introduction of innovative and new Islamic products. Islamic finance is now reaching new levels of sophistication.

However, there has been presence of Islamic financial system with its identifiable instruments and markets is still very much at an early stage of evolution. Many problems and challenges relating to Islamic instruments, financial markets, and regulations must be addressed and resolved. In Islamic banking rules apply which differ from those in traditional banking as there consequences of Islamic banking for financial operations as there goes in examining in several Islamic procedures as being introduced by Pakistan’s banking sector ever since the year 1985.

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Considering the drastic change in procedures, (Cornelisse and Steffelaar, 2008 p. 687) the effect of Islamization on the banking sector performance has been moderate. One reason for the reality, is that banks in Pakistan have consistently opted for financial instruments closely resembling interest based finance aside, certain behavior did have determined within large extent by the fact that these banking sectors are owned by the state of Pakistan (Cornelisse and Steffelaar, 2008 p. 687). Objectives

The need to provide comprehensive comparative review of the literature on the Islamic banking sector in Pakistan, to discuss basic features of Islamic finance and banking, there is a need to introduce Islamic financial instruments in order to compare such to existing Western financial instruments and discuss the legal problems that investors in Pakistan can encounter. Indeed, there is importance of having in empirical assessment of performance of Islamic banking in Pakistan which there will highlight regulations, challenges and problems in the Islamic banking market.

Thus, the main objectives is to review the growth of the Islamic banking on global basis, assess its performance based on latest financial data available, discuss its salient products/services, evaluate for departures from traditional Islamic principles, to offer suggestions for improvement based on the experience of the authors and evidence provided by literature studies in research area.

Furthermore, the need to integrate several performance of Islamic banking in Pakistan, recognizing in certain banks in Pakistan, the assuming performance of the banking sector, the linking of reliable literature information towards banking performance will be imperative in this research denoting to research questions as well as hypothesis Questions 1. What is performance? What constitutes Islamic banking performance? 2. What is an Islamic bank? How is organization of the bank formed according to framework/structure? 3.

Any aspects of Islamic bank in Pakistan that implies to positive and or negative performance? 4. How is performance manifested in terms of management and control assumptions? Discuss Hypothesis H1: There is positive performance of Islamic banking in Pakistan H2: There is negative performance of Islamic banking in Pakistan Methodology For the research method, the need for the study to demonstrate understanding of performance factors linked in the banking sectors of Pakistan, regarding organization and facts towards Islamic banking operations through the esearch process of collating cases from within Pakistan context as there may imply to performance measures and analysis in determining study factors that influence performance involvement of banks. The methodology will be in utilization of certain case study analysis allowing statistical variation of performance analysis of Islamic banks as well as the using of several secondary resources, the study endeavors to the application of awareness of stable financial performance of such Islamic banks and how methods assimilation is useful into the research practice.

The Islamic banks will persist in taking the easy and risk adverse route and avoid profit and loss sharing contracts as the desire to withhold information must be negligible and systems must be put in place which allows efficient and open profit and loss share instruments to develop and be able to create suggestions as to how venture capital can be developed into Pakistan setting, without fear of banking operations collapsing or being restricted in the performance development.

Reference Cornelisse, P. and Steffelaar, W. (2008). Islamic Banking in Practice: the Case of Pakistan. Development and Change Volume 26 Issue 4, Pages 687 – 699 Published Online: 22 Oct 2008, 2009 Institute of Social Studies


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