The Effects of Tourism and Its Impact in the Philippines Essay

October 18, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Tourism

Is the proliferation of mega promenades in the Philippines good to the state? Why?

For me. the rapid growing of mega promenades in the PH is non that good to the state because it takes off the chances for other little clip investors to bring forth and to construct new concerns. There will be less chance for others who want to construct their ain concern because of the monopoly they are making and the centre of market. Having the tagline “We’ve got it all for you” . it would merely hold bad effects for other concerns because many of the consumers will hold a mentality of non to travel to other shops they will merely merely travel to these mega promenades and it would be a great lost for other stores outside it. So for me. these mega promenades should be regulated and the authorities must put bounds for them. Discourse the impacts of touristry finish to a state and associate the positive and negative impacts of touristry.

There are many impacts of touristry to a state. It may be economically or environmentally. Based on hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tandtpublishing. co. uk the positive impacts of touristry on the economic system of a state are: • Increased domestic income and foreign currency net incomes

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• Economic multiplier consequence
• Increased employment
• Improved substructure

While it’s negative impacts on the economic system are:

• A escape occurs in touristry when money is lost from a finish country. This could be because the hotels are owned by companies that operate in other states and the pro?ts are taken off from the local country. • Decline of traditional employment and seasonal unemployment. •Increased life costs.

Tourism has a big impact on the environment. because for me it destroys the natural beauty and impressiveness of a certain topographic point if non taken attention and if the authorities fails to protect its natural beauty.

Do you believe planetary fiscal crisis affected the air hose industry ( explain ) ?


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