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February 11, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Information Technology

The essential significance of Big Data lies in its capacity to enhance productivity with regards to utilizing a substantial volume of information, of different sorts. On the off chance that Big Data is portrayed successfully and utilized in like manner, organizations can have a superior perspective of their issues. For example, it enables organizations to enhance administration execution and help them to encourage the evaluation of their different administrations. Enormous Data is critical in light of the fact that it enables organizations to wind up more effective as far as item change, consumer loyalty and deals development. To additionally outline the significance of Big Data, Elena et al. (2012), said that Big Data can be used effectively in different areas of business. For starters, it could be used in information technology as a way to improve security by analyzing styles in current newspapers as well as it can be used to better prevent and cure illnesses. In addition to that, Big Data is also important in the area of customer satisfaction by simplifying the research market according to their needs. For example, it guides businesses in customer support by using the data obtained from customer’s phones calls or from the data they recorded on them based on their social media content. The data obtained will enable the businesses to get to know their customer, what they like, what they dislike, the choices customers can make, and their preferences in terms of products and services innovations and finally in helping them anticipating customers’ needs and behaviors. .
Besides that, Big Data improve buyer satisfaction through customization of services. The company can thus regulate its products to be able to deal with a larger part of the population. Continuing along this path, Elena et al. (2012) stated that Big Data plays a vital role “in detecting fraud in online transactions for all sectors” as well as “in risk assessment by analyzing information from financial market transactions” Elena et al. (2012). To incorporate Big Data into commercial gain, businesses need to evaluate how they manipulate data. In light of this, the data must be used taking into account the objectives of the company. Another advantage of using Big Data is that it allows businesses to gain a competitive advantage while understanding the use of data and anticipating the evolution of future actions to be undertaken on the database by businesses.
Businesses are also using Big Data to support and guide their approach to maximize their profits and support their decision-making approaches. For example, cellular community operators (ORMs) can predict a customer’s ability to leave them to their rival using data. By checking the nominative data, an MNO (mobile network operators) may also want to know the exact customer who will be leaving them in two months periods. Leaders can also take steps to win back customers or leave them in case the effort does not appear valuable (Doruk et al. 2016). The importance of Big Data is enormous if it is adopted by businesses because as it drives them to correctly evaluate the voluminous information combined with correct correlations, which can contribute to innovation, to a better productivity and to the profitability of the companies Doruk et al. (2016).
In 2015, another study undertaken by Shen and Okyay found that the most important results expected from the use of massive information are those focused on the consumer. The study revealed that Big Data is very important because it would allow companies to use and apply information collected in various ways and in a bureaucratic way for customer analysis; recognize the desires of customers, anticipate the behavior of their destiny and, for this reason, offer them a better service. However, new services such as proactive maintenance can be provided by means of which preventive measures are put in place before a failure occurs. In this way, Big Data can be used to improve the products and services of a company. The study concluded that the main objectives and importance of respondents use of Big Data were as follows: “client-centered results 49%, operational optimization 18%, risk management / financial management 15%, new business model 14% and employee collaboration 4%” (Shen and Okyay, 2015).
With the above explanation, the benefits of using Big Data for businesses are as follows: its gives businesses considerable costs benefits , its faster and better their decision making process , its allow them to invent new products and services for their customers, help in identifying new opportunities and finally its makes the new product proposal much simpler and gives them a competitive edge overs rivals that did not yet implement Big data technology within their business. In light of this, an example of the benefits of using big data is the case of the American company and Amazon. “The American company “Harrah’s” has made progress in sales of 8–10% by analyzing customer segmentation data, while Amazon stated that 30% of its turnover came from its engine’s analytical recommendations” (Soraya, 2018).


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