The Enhancement Of Public Transport Management Information Technology Essay

With the increasing figure of people in Cities, already bing job is hapless transit services have grown to an extent. Due to non-availability of anterior information about the coachs arrival agenda, people have to wait longer on coach Michigans. The coachs are overloaded for most of the times which frequently consequences in some sort of mistake happening in coachs and people get late further. Harmonizing to a study study issued by Lahore Regional Transport Authority in twelvemonth 2001, the available place capacity on public conveyance to population in Lahore is 1:38 as compared to Delhi 1:7, which shows the lack in capacity of public transit. The dissatisfaction with the degree and quality of public transit service has lead those people who can afford it to turn to private manners of transit like motor rhythms, motor autos ect. Owing to hapless substructure of roads in state, the one-year growing rate of vehicles has created jobs in commanding the traffic flow ensuing in traffic congestion on roads. Besides with the increased figure of vehicles, the content of C mono-oxide and particulates matter concentration is found to be 10 times higher than World Health Organization ( WHO ) in cardinal parts of metropolis thereby deteriorating the environment and doing lung diseases. To cut down the figure of private vehicles and better the public manners of transit is to present a engineering based transit direction system that will assist the riders in acquiring informed about the exact agenda of coachs and direct recommendation study after executing first-come-first-serve statistical analysis on per stop footing to the conveyance section for modulating the conveyance services. In this paper, a transit direction system is developed for heightening public transit services based on integrating of GPS and GSM. GPS is used as a placement device while GSM is used as communicating link between different faculties. These faculties include In-Bus Module and BASE Station Module BUS Stop Module. The microcontroller based In-BUS Module dwelling chiefly of a GPS receiving system and GSM modem which transmits its location, figure of riders and the coach figure to BASE Station Module and BUS halt faculty. Base Station Module contains a GSM engine interfaced to PC which shops the coach figure, no of riders and the location of the coach. information of that coach. The coachs location informations from BASE Station is sent to each coach halt. BUS Stop Module after having coachs location informations through GSM engine shows it on LCD show installed at each coach halt. By the installing of this system the common people can acquire the better transit system and this will be more helpful for the conveyance direction to keep the coachs so that it will besides work economically.

In-BUS Module is installed indoors every coach and consists of a GPS receiving system, a GSM modem and infrared detectors, all interfaced to 8085 microcontroller shown in fig.1. This faculty starts conveying coach location to the BASE Station. There is IR detectors for numbering the no. Of riders, two IR detectors are used IR sensor 1 and IR sensor 2 these detectors are placed in the entryway of the coach and the numeration is done, when the IR detector 1 interrupts 1st and IR sensor 2 interrupts 2nd so the count of the rider is incremented and when the IR detector 2 interrupts 1st and IR sensor 2 interrupts 2nd so the count is decremented and the no. Of rider is calculated. This count value on per stop footing is transmitted to the BASE Station. And this faculty transmits the no. Of riders, location of the coach and the coach no. To the base station and so from the base station the collected information is sent to the coach halt faculty.

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This faculty is the cardinal portion of this work shown in fig.2. It accepts location information of coachs through several GSM modems. It besides receives the figure of riders come ining and go forthing the coach on per stop footing from In-BUS Module for statistical analysis. And the information base is created based on the location, no. Of riders and for several coach figure. From this base station sends the above information to all the coach halt i.e. to the coach halt faculty. The user can besides do a petition to the base station via samariums so that he can have the several coach information to his Mobile.

In this paper, design and development of a low cost transit direction system based on integrating of GPS and GSM informations is described. The system comprises of assorted faculties which are wirelessly linked with GSM modems. Cost effectual SMS service of GSM web is used for the transportation of informations between the faculties. A new service, to ease the people who use public conveyance for traveling, is introduced inside the metropolis. The service provides the user with current location information of desired coachs based on which the user can set his agenda consequently. The service hence vanishes the demand of waiting at the coach halt therefore salvaging a batch of clip. The system is besides efficient in managing the exigency state of affairss e.g. , in instance some sort of proficient mistake occurred in coach, the operator at base station can come to cognize that the job had occurred in the coach. The chief thing is that it reduces the clip of the riders who all waiting in the coach halt.

This system can be farther improved by doing the voice proclamation of the information inside the coach so that the physically challenged riders can use this system expeditiously and so automatic coach menu system can be implemented so that the transit can be made easier. This system can besides be implemented to the railroad system.



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